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    Minis we would like to see

    Hello everyone, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm looking for a set of medieval common life men and women minis to be used for quickly filling any populace center with life. Something I can grab quickly out of a bag in big handfuls to spill out on the table. Currently my game group uses "Bag-O-Zombies" for this purpose but it really doesn't work as well as I would like. The bones villagers here on Reaper are excellent but not exactly cost effective and a bit too specific. Sculpts I'm looking for would be of the bones plastic and follow three precepts... 1. Generic enough for either rural or urban settings. 2. Unique enough so they are easily identified by the social class they represent. 3. Bland enough so important NPCs and Player Minis stand out. For example, a boxed set of 100 common life figures would include Peasant Class: 30 Male and 30 Female 6 unique sculpts: 3 Male and 3 Female each with 10 standing, 10 walking, 10 working Description: Simple generic clothing with no detailing, rope belts and walking sticks Clergy Class: 15 Men and 15 Women 6 unique sculpts: 3 Male and 3 Female each with 5 standing, 5 walking, 5 preaching Description: Simple hooded robes and habits with minor detailing Gentry Class: 5 Men and 5 Women 4 unique sculpts: 2 Male and 2 Female each with 3 standing, 2 walking Sculpt theme: Simple upper class work clothes with minor detailing like hoods, hats, knife on a belt etc Thanks for reading.