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  1. justcallmej

    Citadel Fortress Kickstarter for 3D Printing

    Guess the prices dropped since I last got it, time to buy another one :)
  2. justcallmej

    Citadel Fortress Kickstarter for 3D Printing

    I can second that @knightofthedinnertable I have a couple anycubic and they are great. I can second that the ender3's are very popular. You can usually find an anycubic for 350 with shipping and I think sometimes you can get an ender for $100 less than that on sales. Though the anycubics are such tanks I don't know that it is worth it. I'm guess I have to just get an ender3 to see what the fuss is about.
  3. Citadel for 3D Printing on Kickstarter Review with test prints at Haldane Creations Funded and many stretchgoals Open
  4. 5 Days Left. Several OpenLOCK sets have been added to the stretch goals, Most are open!
  5. Reconstructed and redesigned in response to your input, Stronghold on the Borderlands has been reimagined as a MASSIVE digital, infinite fort design for 3dprinting. This Design will offer more than SIX TIMES the digital content for the SAME PRICE as our initial launch! Original resin options will also remain with many NEW add-on options.