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  1. NyarlaBcn

    Terrain items

    I'm terrible at sculpting; I would like to know if there is any company making terrain elements - mainly vegetation -, plastic or resin, like those from GW https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Barbed-Bracken-2017 I prefer that kind of stuff since I can paint it the way I need, better than, let's say, Army Painter's tufts. It could be anything from small twisted trees like some Reaper has on its catalogue to jungle plants. Any advice?
  2. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Yes! Had the creature in mind but couldn't remember the species. When I finished the blues, I was almost set on not painting the greenish-black spots pattern; afraid of ruining it. Thats what I meant, I usually have a clear idea of what I want to do, and while doing it, lots of second thoughts. It looked great only with the blue: could it be a mistake to draw the spots? It may seem worth the risk, but sometimes a mini can look "overcooked" if you keep working on it past a certain point. Haha yep he's tripping on himself xd About the bone: what brand do you use? I only use citadel. Later on I can give you the exact recipe. Its a mix of two colors for the base + ink washing diluted with mixer + one of the previous two as a first highlight + final highlights with a ceramic white. If I'm not forgetting any step. sorry for the lack of precision, not at home right now. I'll give you the names of the paints (& photo so you can see the tone) later
  3. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Right? I was about to use gloss on all its skin; many selvatic frogs are... well, glossy, due to sticky/wet skin. But in doing so I would have ruined that special touch the eyes have, now I think they pop out much more.
  4. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Haha thank you so much ^^ I had so many second thoughts about the colors while painting it.... I wonder how it must feel to paint a mini without hesitation and moments of regret...
  5. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Here my Mudcroack. Love the mini. Recently we have been playing the Tomb of Annihilation D&D campaign, based on the jungles of Chult, and we found many of these adorable frogmen creatures, Grungs. That motivated me to start working with Mudcroack despite having almost all the new GW goblins waiting. Well, frogs are usually green, jungles too, and it was all kinda repetitive; so I decided to use as little green as possible. For the basing I chose a resin scenic base that I adapted, and the "barbed bracken" plants from GW. Any feedback welcome, and if you want, please follow me on instagram at @albertnyarla
  6. NyarlaBcn

    Barbarian Family

    No, I can't sculpt at all :( the mini was just like that. Not alternate heads neither. Could it be that you are confusing it with that other one? And... thank you all for your comments! ^^
  7. NyarlaBcn

    Barbarian Family

    Here my project for this past week. A family of barbarians ready for adventure. All the minis are from Hasslefree, and I went with the same scheme for all of them to reinforce the familiarity. Any feedback welcome ^^ here or on instagram, @albertnyarla
  8. NyarlaBcn

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    Thanks! I'm following you now too ^^ P.S. Love your ravens
  9. NyarlaBcn

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    I received this amazing mini from a friend as a birthday gift, so I was extra motivated to give it a lot of work. That's the Patrick Keith version, bigger than Chaz Elliot's one: a great wingspan, somber looking. I've seen several paint jobs here to get some inspiration. Many people decided to go full with the spectral theme; blue lights, blue eyes. IMO, although it looked great, the overall impression wasn't enough that of an angel of the depths made with driftwood, but something newer and too colorful for what I was thinking. So instead I went with a very dry palette: just black, brown, grey and rusty metals. I wanted to convey it as if its driftwood dried for days in the sun of some beach, just to be driven back to the seas, and to the beach again, on a neverending cycle. Worn wood, sundried, rotten, thorn; old wood, tired, greyish thanks to the salt and the wind. I couldn't capture it on the photos but the only spark of color is on its eyes: a ghoulish green reminiscent of its spectral nature. Overall it actually looks pretty basic, simpler than these other works you can find on google, but... I'm happy with the outcome. BTW lately I've been invested on my instagram account: it's only for miniature painting works. I would love if you people give me a follow, and feedback :D it's @albertnyarla
  10. NyarlaBcn

    Freebooter Succubus: Sophie's older sister

    Thanks! Indeed, done ^^
  11. One of my favourite works: freebooter miniatures succubus. Used a "slannesh" palette, mainly purple. I'm happy with the outcome. To give it a little more impact I tried a freehand on the wings. A pretty simple one, I think it looks cool, but it could be better if I dared to try to shadow/highlight it instead of using a plain color. There is more contrast on her skin & wings; here on this photo it doesn't look good because it was a pretty intense white light and it makes it all look the same... I like to name my miniatures but I wasn't feeling creative here, so I just named her Lillith... Btw lately I've been invested on my instagram account: it's only for miniature painting works. I would love if you people give me a follow, and feedback :D it's @albertnyarla
  12. NyarlaBcn

    August bunch 1: Darksword's Sorceress

    Thanks! the base is a bit meh, but I couldn't think of anything that could fit there.
  13. Here the second of my august bunch: Reaper's 60161 "Ilnerik Sinvanshin", a vampire from Pathfinder setting. On my setting, though, he's Faude Carfilhiot, a perfect homunculus created by the archalchemist Pandelume. A wizard, alchemist, dangerous figure with a taste for cruelty. Here, yet again, I used that frightening black & white palette, with - I think - moderate success: I could still have been a bit smoother on the black highlights. It's a very delicate figure, small details everywhere, lots of texture changes on the clothing. I tried (again) to convey an albino look. I cut off the metal strip to use that resin mosaic textured base, which I painted with the same black & white palette.
  14. I've had a lot of fun this august painting a bunch of miniatures. The first of them is that gorgeous sculpt from Darksword miniatures. Their figures have that old school fantasy look that it's really enjoyable, and a pleasure to paint. I love the character Medea, from Greek Mythology: my first idea was to copy the Medea on "Medea and Jason" from Pre-Raphaelite artist John William Waterhouse: but then I realized I've been using a red palette too much lately, so I changed to an orange-yellow one I've been wanting to try since I painted Ariel's wings. Since I've also abandoned the freehand arabesque I planned to paint and gived her a tan, the resemblance to what had to be is near to zero right now... Ultimately I'm happy with it, although I may have overhighlighted it. P.S. Thanks to the photo I realize now I painted her strabic....
  15. NyarlaBcn

    Neutralizing Gloss Varnish?

    Oh, good to know! thank you so much :) The issue is, that wasn't even a work for me: it was for a friend, I'm painting his "Gloomhaven" miniatures, and I intend to give the best result possible...