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  1. Ah, cool :) There is some heroes on KS 3 and 4 that I will love to have both as bones and metal. Thanks!
  2. I contributed to the very first Reaper Bones but to be honest, I lost track of the line since very recently, with Bones 4. So I'm totally ignorant about how some things work. I'm gonna go for the 100$ again, because I love bones as miniatures to play with on D&D and similars... not so much as miniatures just to paint and collect and keep safe on showcase. So, I prefer metal always. And I realized some of the miniatures that were released as bones later were aviable metal cast. As an example, some of the heroes of "Dragons don't share" (I dont know if all of them). I thought that only worked the other side; is frecuent that bone cast originals are later released as metal cast?
  3. Purchased yesterday: "Saviour - 40 years" from Kingdom Death miniatures. I love the looks of many of their works, I hate their "limited edition" politics. The first time the "Saviour - 40 years" was aviable it eluded me, so when they announced a second edition there was no need to say I bought it without second thoughts. I think she looks stunning ^^ Since I'm such a nerd, I like to give a personality, create a character for each of my miniatures... or associate each one to a well known fantasy character. Here I see a sorceress who I can see as The Simbul, my favourite female mighty character on the setting.
  4. Apparently I'm the only one from Spain ^^
  5. Just discovered this post right now, when I had been lurking the forums for about a week or two. Albert here, from Barcelona. I've been painting for a few years, but the hobby has really grown on me over the last twelve months or so. Before that I used to paint on a conservative manner; I'm a collector, so I bought many figures from GW, Confrontation, Reaper, AoW but never dared to paint my favourite ones. My talent was not enough to give them the looks I want them to have, so I commissioned the painting. On CMON there is many of the works other people painted for me, and some are stunning. Now I still think my talent is not enough but at least I'm pushing it painting this miniatures myself, and improving slowly. I'll never be a Golden Demon winner, but I think I can become a decent painter. A few details about my D&D preferences; favourite race, elves; favourite class, wizard; favourite alignment, CN. Besides painting miniatures (different studios, but always 28 to 35mm scale, and always fantasy themed) I'm a big nerd into manga, anime, "american" comicbooks (Marvel, DC, Image & Dark Horse) & european ones. I'm also into literature, that's actually my biggest passion, particularly genre literature: Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction. A devoted fan of Tolkien, Lovecraft, Miéville, Vance, Hodgson, Poe, Matheson, Peake and Ashton Smith, to list a few. Also very into horror movies, TV series, figure & merchandising collectionism and writing. Have my own blog about my many interest (in spanish, sadly :d). Glad to be here, I'm learning a lot, and getting constantly inspired ^^ P.S. Also a good way to improve my english :d
  6. Looooove this one. I have painted him time ago, and I bought another one just to see if I can paint it better :d I really like the sculpt, Gargamel vibes, an amazing figure. And really nice job. Nice color for the ropes :)
  7. Lol actually you changed my mind about it. I was preparing a "huge" order (I'm on Barcelona, shippment costs are high, so I only buy stuff from time to time) but I now think that, if I will receive four or so 25th anniverary free minis I would rather wait for another one than Elanter. I agree on the face, I'm not convinced on the shape of his clothing particularly around his chest, and his hands look huge. A shame, because elves are my favourite fantasy race :d So... the only thing better than an elven lost price is an elven lost archmage ^^ (hope one of the future 25th is)
  8. Thanks to all, it is beeing really helpful. The thing is, I tend to be very narrow minded with some stuff; If I wanted blonde hair, I went with yellow mixed with brown, highlighted with yellow, highlighted with yellow-white. The result was frecuently unnatural. When I had to highlighten black hair, I used grey. Thanks to this forum with one of my latest works I used blue to highlight black hair for the first time, and I think it worked really good. Now my issue was with blonde, and I see that the trick seems to be to work with very complexe palettes rather than go to the obvious blond = yellow. An example of two other blondes I'm working with. Those are blonds built my old way. On Harrix is mainly brown highlighted with an ochre yellow. It's not finished, but I was gonna highligt it more with pale yellow. And Hirekya (a figure on which I'm totally stuck right now btw) Its almost pure yellow.
  9. Then you think it works the color I'm using for the highlights? I was worried the hair will look too similar in color to her skin. Although I didn't even started working with the skin here, it will be paler...
  10. I have an issue with blond hair; it's hard to highlight realisticly. I tried with Almaran, and I was mildly satisfied with the result... but it still was too yellow to be credible. Here (despite the ones I announced on Work on progress) I'm also working on the winter witch. I want to give her a pale blond hair. So far I used a mix of light brown and ochre as a base, a light skin tone as highlight, yellow-brownish wash with citadel's Seraphim Sepia, and highlightning again with the same pale flesh tone, to avoid using white. Here the results. But I'm not entirely ok with it. I'm not sure if give it another seraphim wash, or what to do with it exactly... any tips?
  11. I said it, it's a matter of personal taste. To me the problem is precisely that, that he "looks fine" instead of looking great. It was a great concept, original, something different than the classic noble/knight/duelist we are used to. Lots of potencial. Overall the sculpt, to me, misses the point, and where we could have one of Reaper's greatest on the likes of Kristianna, Almaran, Andowyn, Willow or Dragoth, all of them with lots of personality, we have a cavalier that its fine instead of great. That's ok, I like it anyway, enough to buy and paint it. It's just it could have been so much better.
  12. It's Rivani, Iconic Psychic :)