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  1. Recently I finished painting the latest version of Gotrek GW created years ago as a limited edition. I thought it could be interesting to post it here next to the very first miniature I painted, a plastic dwarf slayer who wasn't officially Gotrek, but I used him as so. It's funny how in photo you see many details that are wrong and you never realized with naked eye. The pattern on his trousers for example, is not as neat as it should be. Nor the hair or skin blending, but well, it's what it is :d Btw I really like what they did whith him on this version, pretty dinamic, better sculpted than previous ones. I think I'm improving with photos, but they are still not as good as should be either. I will keep trying the best ways to apply the advice many of you had given me about :)
  2. Great paintjob, I love the palette. I also have Nolevniss, but since its one of my favourite Reaper elfs, and not a particularly easy to paint one, I'm kind of blocked with him. I can't decide on a color scheme. To me the familiar and the staff tell a different story than the clothing and traveling wizard items. The first suggest a powerfull spellcaster on the evil side, a leader, owner of his own tower; more an imposing NPC than an adventurer. Clothing and traveling items suggest the opposite, a traveling wizard, and I always associate "traveling wizards" with "improvement in progess" if you know what I mean. So... brilliant, high quality clothes with some freehand, that suggest wealth and power? Or discrete, comfortable ones on the practical side? your scheme gived me ideas to conciliate both, so... many thanks! Great job ^^
  3. It's been a while since I posted any work. I've just finished the Temple Dragon by Julie Guthrie, and I'm quite happy with it... so let's show it. The sculpt here is amazing, the creature has an unusual look and it's pretty small for a dragon but it has been a lot of work. I decided I wanted a "jungle" palette so I used different greens for body, scales and wings, with lots of highlight. Then I decided to paint the wing spines with that black-reddish color, with some orange; with the almost radioactive green, it looks poisonous to me and that's what I wanted. And it catches the eye better than the usual black, or bone white talons. How do you think it looks? Finally on the base I used a couple of the new Citadel's "barbed bracken" to reinforce the exotic looks with a color palette that I think both combines good with the dragon and also screams "poison!" and I finished with some skulls from unfortunate adventurers. Sadly, it's also unfortunate that I hadn't been able to improve my photos yet. I bought a "white box" for stock photography, but I wasn't happy with the results. The next step will be to buy a compact camera with a decent macro. Sorry because the photos are really amateur but it's the only way I can get a good view of the miniature right now...
  4. I've seen your comment on another post, it's ebonwrath isn't it? His wings are enormeous. Its indeed a lot of work!
  5. Ebonwrath is probably my favourite between Reaper's classic dragons :) I've painted him too when I started. I love what you did with the wings, makes me wish to be able to work with airbrush!
  6. Thanks to all! It was an endless work to blend all the scales almost one by one.... I didn't want to use dry brush with this
  7. That's the metal version :)
  8. - "Epic line" miniatures * - More elven mages - Crone ** * Miniatures to use as NPC's or as very powerful characters. Different races/classes. Ex.: Elven Archmage, Human Archmage. Dwarf Lord. Accomplished individuals who are far from their days of adventuring and now lead their own kingdoms, travel through the outer planes following the requests of their god, fund magic schools or just stay on their towers experimenting with advanced magic. We can sumarize it describing them as "over the top". That may require more complements, imposing sculpts, bigger bases to include extravagant familiars or intrincate weapons/armours. Good to play with but also a challenge for the painters. ** European style old witch crone, not necessarily following the archetypical aesthetics of pointed hat
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    I pledged 338$ initially. Then, a friend wanted a set of the mini heroes, so before the end of the KS I increased my plege by 6$ to a total amount of 344$. KS finished, and now I also updated the pledge calculator with that extra set. What I forget was an increase on shipping costs. Now my pledge is for 344$, but I owe 344,73$. How can I can add 0,73$ to my pledge? Or I have way to do so and it's better if I just cancel the extra set?
  10. Funded

    Ok! all understood now :) Now let's just wait and see if the core keeps growing :d
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    yeah, I did that, but it doesn't show on my pledge on Kickstarter. Is it normal? Sorry, I know it has been explained many times... english is not my first language and I suspect lots of info gets lost in translation....
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    Ok, a rookie question; I pledged only the core (100) and right now I upgraded my pledge to core + the extras I want for a total amount of 338$ shipping included. But unlike I thought, it doesnt ask me which ones I want. How does it work? It is normal that I don't have to describe it now? ah, and the shipping according to the pledge manager, it has to be included to the pledge amount isn't it?
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    Wait, there was dance of death, it was 30$ at 2.380.000 but I dont see it now. it was a mistake? Is my mind playing with me?
  14. That's a good point. I guess I tend to see paladins with a cynical eye. Kind of "I'm working for the greater good, don't you see? don't you see my shining armour? the tokens of my faith? I'm one of the good ones, can't you see I'm wearing white and gold? I shine with the purity of my faith, and if I'm golden, is because I must represent the greatness of my god" That or as "human billboards" of a certain church. I can see Almaran, for example, as the golden boy from a temple full of old (and rich) old priests who wanted to make sure everyone Almaran saves sees the trinkets and icons he wears and understands "ah, I've been saved by an agent of the church of X, I'll make sure to make them a donation". And when it's about epic paladins, I guess it could just be a matter of magic items. Which are usually very colorful. A sacred magic armour & shield for example.
  15. I kind of agree... I used that photo because he is, well, over the top. And that was my point, over the top characters. And totally agree with old lady minis of all classes. But since it's my main interest, sorceresses. There is a few but most are very old style or not very well sculpted (to my taste). One of the best, I posted my work with her on "show off" is Estra, but it's not enough... Also, I know its a cliche but I would love a nicely sculpted crone in the likes of Totenkinder from Fables or Granny Weatherwax from Discworld.
  16. Mmm well, is not as much to re-inforce my point of view as to recommend some examples of miniatures I think fit your criteria; but I do think there is many of those. I love Elquin for example, for the reasons you mention. On a similar fashion we have Trathus Varr, all of the Gandalf-like ones like Amathor, Galladon or Loras. The different incarnations of Domur, Trista and Darius. Andriessa, Aran Ravin, Anirion, Nolevniss, Khalib, Dramorion, Alaznist... or on the evil side, Callus, Jos, Vulthus. Or the pathfinder iconic ones: Enora, Balasar, Estra, Rivani... Not all of them carry all of what you would expect from a traveling wizard, its true; but actually to carry wands, many scrolls, etc is to be already of a certain level pr experience particularly if we use the plural. To me all of the listed above are adventuring wizards, some more discreet than others, some fit better on your description (Trathus, Vulthus, Callus) others not so much. But no one of them carries a sword. And (to me) none of them says "archmage".
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    I'm pretty sure these are cardboard, and I guess it has to do with their alliance with Fat Dragon Games. I bet one of the future unlocks will be the maps itselves. Edit. Sorry lol it's true, if supply unpainted they must be plastic
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    Tiles. Quite unexpected....
  19. Funded

    I can't believe the new map. It seems so ridiculously big and, right now, empty... And it's only 52 hours till its end. My pledges so far: - Core - Tree of dispair - Zombie Dragon - Rulers of hell - Frost giant riders - King of the jungle - Darkreach - possibly an extra set of the chibi heroes - Dance of death ¿? Eventually, I guess...
  20. Yeah. I think that if you put something like the blacksting wyvern on the tabletop, sure, your psj will be astonished, frightened. Thrilled by the perspective of an epic battle. That's for sure. Number can also be a good way to recreate that feeling. But isn't it good when we can do the same with a single, human sized individual? Someone who's looks say "don't even try". Someone who has been there, done that, so many times he is now so much better than you. Now he plays on a different level. And you, dear player, are just a pawn on his scheme. He can be good and fair but don't test his patience. Or evil and demanding, prone to cruel punishments if you fail. Or he/she is what awaits on the end of the road. Now it seems impossible to beat. Will you be able to reach the level? So, something it can fit the role of the sage or the lord, the archnemesis or the deus est machina; but it can also be something I like on my games. A misterious figure. Obviously powerful. Obviously carrying a big loot. it will interact briefly sometimes on an incomprehensible manner. Will the group dare to test its strenght? Finally, the players themselves. I personally when I play I'm almost always a wizard. Not driven by good intentions or a desire to help. Just power thirsty. Wouldn't it be cool to have a miniature to fit that kind of character when finally has real power? I don't feel that right now we have many options for that kind of character. And I do think it could be a good line not only to fit the needs I described, but as a perfect way for painters to show their best works, on particularly detailed imposing miniatures.
  21. I would like to see an entire line of heroes/villains labeled as "epic"; now we have the iconics from Pathfinder, something like that, but focused to represent epic level characters, playable or npc. Most of what we have in Reaper's catalogue fits in what I see as "adventuring" characters; I would like "upgrades". For example Almaran; you can look at Almaran and say "he is op". Personalized armour with a theme, extravagantly carved shield, flaming sword: he doesn't just look as a "Paladin", but as a really powerful one. Well, that's something I would like to see: over the top characters. If a wizard, not yet another pointy hat Gandalf. More detail, more accesories, if needed bigger bases that can fit an unusual familiar. Just looking on pinterest two examples:
  22. Funded

    I feel like if servers keep behaving like that, we will miss part of the fun you people say the last hours of the ks is
  23. Funded

    Yep, me too. The last map stil missing, same with the core set. Guess it could just be they are editing them, but I think it's the first time I see it taking that long (except with yesterday's issues)
  24. Funded

    I can't see the map, hope it's just a moment and not like yesterday, now we had momentum again...
  25. I love them so much I can only give them the very best :d and you don't get better than Larloch when it's about to Liches ^^ lol