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  1. Then I suspect its Arnise. It will make sense. It's a sculpt with lots of personality, she does have a sword, and recently she partied with some companions & comrades on Reaper Bones IV... :d If its Arnise I will love it. If not, probably I will love it too... because let's be honest, so far all 11 miniatures had been great (with the exception of Elanter maybe)
  2. That's so intriguing :d Another clue? :D
  3. What do you people think about December's figure. It will be the last one... something Reaper's releated like the first, let's say a very special ed. Sophie or Mr. Bones? Or (and I prefer it that way) another classic miniature updated? If so... there is any you hope for? I still pray for a Lich, like Aserlis... or an evil wizard like Callus Darklore (just like domur or Darius, Callus also has at least two versions right now)
  4. Lately I've been trying as many advised to highlight black with blue instead of doing so with grey... since I lack perspective I'm not sure if what I've done with this vampire is too much or what. Does it read as black or as blue? It is normal? it's overdone? It requires work yet, it's not finished; gems, facial work, the sword, the blending is not good on the cloack/wings, it's mainly to know your opinion on the blues.
  5. 77077 - Finari, Female Paladin

    Lovely. I've painted her too recently, the metal version. My scheme was more like "anti-paladin". Love how precise the eyes and eyebrows are. About the snow, it's not a critique because looks great and 100% realistic, but I recommend "Valhallan Blizzard" from Citadel; it's kind of a paste that you can apply easy, and when it dries and solidifies, it looks like a pretty decent snow. It saves a lot of time!
  6. 03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

    Wow. I'm with @Cyradis, two tone cloak is something new to me, I'll try to work on something similar! And I love the tartan and freehand, impressive. It's all so neat! I painted this mini too, some time ago, and I also tried a freehand on the shield.
  7. Mythos Expansion: The Monsters

    Loooove it. I'm working on a "Witch coven" scenario (it's a long shot, because the "Tree of despair" from Bones IV will be part of it) but a piece like that as something the witches summoned will look cool. Could you give me an idea about it's size?
  8. Thank you for your advice! I will def apply it. My issue is that I'm a total lunatic: I have a huge (huge) amount of minis to paint, so when I'm at that point where what I'm painting feels wrong, feels like it's gonna be a disaster... I stop and start another one. It has it's positive side: after a while, I re-take the work I've stopped and usually it's with a better mood and disposition. But I think it may show the disconection between the different painting periods... and it's not really good in order to keep learning. I also started a WIP thread: but again, the same problem! I'm inconsistent. I decide to paint let's say two minis, and I take a photo, and start a WIP thread. Then I see something on TV or reading that reminds me of another mini I have... and I go and paint it despite the theoretical WIP. I will def try to stick to my WIP, post them (even I didn't solved the photo issue yet) and apply the advice.
  9. 01608: Diva, The Blessed (warning: beginner paint job)

    I assure you, my first works weren't as good as this by far! I'm not sure If I can give you any kind of advice because I don't even know what I'm doing most of the time, when painting XD Maybe with the eyes; you seem to have used pure white, I don't ever do that: the contrast is too heavy and (to me) looks unnatural. I tend to use a beige-white (In citadel paints, Ushabti bone, so let's say an "old bone" white). If you mix your own palette, I will try white with a little bit of light brown or an ochre yellow.
  10. Wow. I kind of hate you xd how can you be so good with blending, layering?
  11. Dark Young not Nyarlathotep

    Omg I love all your work with all those Lovecraftian horrors :d
  12. Loooove the new Lysette! The previous model was already great but that one is even better ^^ for sure I’ll have a couple
  13. New Minis in Previews

    Oh, ok :( Then I guess I will have to either buy them from ebay or try to find someone to buy a couple for me.
  14. New Minis in Previews

    Ok, here someone who is a world away from Reapercon. Will these miniatures be aviable on retail? I like the three of them, Sophie, Scarecrow and Werewolf. Although I'm surprised, because I was sure the October 25th anniversary was gonna be precisely an scarecrow, with halloween so close.
  15. First and last Gotrek

    Recently I finished painting the latest version of Gotrek GW created years ago as a limited edition. I thought it could be interesting to post it here next to the very first miniature I painted, a plastic dwarf slayer who wasn't officially Gotrek, but I used him as so. It's funny how in photo you see many details that are wrong and you never realized with naked eye. The pattern on his trousers for example, is not as neat as it should be. Nor the hair or skin blending, but well, it's what it is :d Btw I really like what they did whith him on this version, pretty dinamic, better sculpted than previous ones. I think I'm improving with photos, but they are still not as good as should be either. I will keep trying the best ways to apply the advice many of you had given me about :)
  16. Repear Mini 60162 Nolevniss Azrinae - Elf Magi

    Great paintjob, I love the palette. I also have Nolevniss, but since its one of my favourite Reaper elfs, and not a particularly easy to paint one, I'm kind of blocked with him. I can't decide on a color scheme. To me the familiar and the staff tell a different story than the clothing and traveling wizard items. The first suggest a powerfull spellcaster on the evil side, a leader, owner of his own tower; more an imposing NPC than an adventurer. Clothing and traveling items suggest the opposite, a traveling wizard, and I always associate "traveling wizards" with "improvement in progess" if you know what I mean. So... brilliant, high quality clothes with some freehand, that suggest wealth and power? Or discrete, comfortable ones on the practical side? your scheme gived me ideas to conciliate both, so... many thanks! Great job ^^
  17. Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    It's been a while since I posted any work. I've just finished the Temple Dragon by Julie Guthrie, and I'm quite happy with it... so let's show it. The sculpt here is amazing, the creature has an unusual look and it's pretty small for a dragon but it has been a lot of work. I decided I wanted a "jungle" palette so I used different greens for body, scales and wings, with lots of highlight. Then I decided to paint the wing spines with that black-reddish color, with some orange; with the almost radioactive green, it looks poisonous to me and that's what I wanted. And it catches the eye better than the usual black, or bone white talons. How do you think it looks? Finally on the base I used a couple of the new Citadel's "barbed bracken" to reinforce the exotic looks with a color palette that I think both combines good with the dragon and also screams "poison!" and I finished with some skulls from unfortunate adventurers. Sadly, it's also unfortunate that I hadn't been able to improve my photos yet. I bought a "white box" for stock photography, but I wasn't happy with the results. The next step will be to buy a compact camera with a decent macro. Sorry because the photos are really amateur but it's the only way I can get a good view of the miniature right now...
  18. Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    I've seen your comment on another post, it's ebonwrath isn't it? His wings are enormeous. Its indeed a lot of work!
  19. Ebonwrath, Black Dragon - Bones

    Ebonwrath is probably my favourite between Reaper's classic dragons :) I've painted him too when I started. I love what you did with the wings, makes me wish to be able to work with airbrush!
  20. Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    Thanks to all! It was an endless work to blend all the scales almost one by one.... I didn't want to use dry brush with this
  21. Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    That's the metal version :)
  22. Minis we would like to see

    - "Epic line" miniatures * - More elven mages - Crone ** * Miniatures to use as NPC's or as very powerful characters. Different races/classes. Ex.: Elven Archmage, Human Archmage. Dwarf Lord. Accomplished individuals who are far from their days of adventuring and now lead their own kingdoms, travel through the outer planes following the requests of their god, fund magic schools or just stay on their towers experimenting with advanced magic. We can sumarize it describing them as "over the top". That may require more complements, imposing sculpts, bigger bases to include extravagant familiars or intrincate weapons/armours. Good to play with but also a challenge for the painters. ** European style old witch crone, not necessarily following the archetypical aesthetics of pointed hat
  23. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    I pledged 338$ initially. Then, a friend wanted a set of the mini heroes, so before the end of the KS I increased my plege by 6$ to a total amount of 344$. KS finished, and now I also updated the pledge calculator with that extra set. What I forget was an increase on shipping costs. Now my pledge is for 344$, but I owe 344,73$. How can I can add 0,73$ to my pledge? Or I have way to do so and it's better if I just cancel the extra set?
  24. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ok! all understood now :) Now let's just wait and see if the core keeps growing :d
  25. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    yeah, I did that, but it doesn't show on my pledge on Kickstarter. Is it normal? Sorry, I know it has been explained many times... english is not my first language and I suspect lots of info gets lost in translation....