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    03903: The Dark Maiden

    I received this amazing mini from a friend as a birthday gift, so I was extra motivated to give it a lot of work. That's the Patrick Keith version, bigger than Chaz Elliot's one: a great wingspan, somber looking. I've seen several paint jobs here to get some inspiration. Many people decided to go full with the spectral theme; blue lights, blue eyes. IMO, although it looked great, the overall impression wasn't enough that of an angel of the depths made with driftwood, but something newer and too colorful for what I was thinking. So instead I went with a very dry palette: just black, brown, grey and rusty metals. I wanted to convey it as if its driftwood dried for days in the sun of some beach, just to be driven back to the seas, and to the beach again, on a neverending cycle. Worn wood, sundried, rotten, thorn; old wood, tired, greyish thanks to the salt and the wind. I couldn't capture it on the photos but the only spark of color is on its eyes: a ghoulish green reminiscent of its spectral nature. Overall it actually looks pretty basic, simpler than these other works you can find on google, but... I'm happy with the outcome. BTW lately I've been invested on my instagram account: it's only for miniature painting works. I would love if you people give me a follow, and feedback :D it's @albertnyarla
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    03903: The Dark Maiden

    Thanks! I'm following you now too ^^ P.S. Love your ravens
  3. One of my favourite works: freebooter miniatures succubus. Used a "slannesh" palette, mainly purple. I'm happy with the outcome. To give it a little more impact I tried a freehand on the wings. A pretty simple one, I think it looks cool, but it could be better if I dared to try to shadow/highlight it instead of using a plain color. There is more contrast on her skin & wings; here on this photo it doesn't look good because it was a pretty intense white light and it makes it all look the same... I like to name my miniatures but I wasn't feeling creative here, so I just named her Lillith... Btw lately I've been invested on my instagram account: it's only for miniature painting works. I would love if you people give me a follow, and feedback :D it's @albertnyarla
  4. NyarlaBcn

    Freebooter Succubus: Sophie's older sister

    Thanks! Indeed, done ^^
  5. Here the second of my august bunch: Reaper's 60161 "Ilnerik Sinvanshin", a vampire from Pathfinder setting. On my setting, though, he's Faude Carfilhiot, a perfect homunculus created by the archalchemist Pandelume. A wizard, alchemist, dangerous figure with a taste for cruelty. Here, yet again, I used that frightening black & white palette, with - I think - moderate success: I could still have been a bit smoother on the black highlights. It's a very delicate figure, small details everywhere, lots of texture changes on the clothing. I tried (again) to convey an albino look. I cut off the metal strip to use that resin mosaic textured base, which I painted with the same black & white palette.
  6. I've had a lot of fun this august painting a bunch of miniatures. The first of them is that gorgeous sculpt from Darksword miniatures. Their figures have that old school fantasy look that it's really enjoyable, and a pleasure to paint. I love the character Medea, from Greek Mythology: my first idea was to copy the Medea on "Medea and Jason" from Pre-Raphaelite artist John William Waterhouse: but then I realized I've been using a red palette too much lately, so I changed to an orange-yellow one I've been wanting to try since I painted Ariel's wings. Since I've also abandoned the freehand arabesque I planned to paint and gived her a tan, the resemblance to what had to be is near to zero right now... Ultimately I'm happy with it, although I may have overhighlighted it. P.S. Thanks to the photo I realize now I painted her strabic....
  7. NyarlaBcn

    August bunch 1: Darksword's Sorceress

    Thanks! the base is a bit meh, but I couldn't think of anything that could fit there.
  8. I had just finished a miniature, one I was kinda happy with, and decided to varnish since I was gonna use it on tabletop. Once I had it varnished I realized... I used the wrong one. Instead of Vallejo Matt Varnish, Citadel's 'ardcoat, which is a glossy barnish. Now I have a shiny miniature. Is there anything I could do to either diminish the gloss or remove it completely? Is there any very specific remover to dissolve varnish without harming the paint job? If there isn't I guess my only choice will be to remove it all completely with paint stripper and start again..... :(
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    Neutralizing Gloss Varnish?

    Oh, good to know! thank you so much :) The issue is, that wasn't even a work for me: it was for a friend, I'm painting his "Gloomhaven" miniatures, and I intend to give the best result possible...
  10. I'm about to start working on my first small diorama. I don't really have enough space to display big ones, as much as it pains me: so I never tried, but I've seen this one on Reaper's catalogue and since it's not too big, monster base size, I will give it a try. My idea is to pay hommage to my all time favourite Disney movie, "The sword in the stone". The miniatures themselves as Reaper sells them are just perfect to represent a "live image" versions of Merlin and Arthur, on Merlin's laboratory. I also bought one of the familiar packs to have an owl to represent Archimedes. Initially I just wanted to work with these items, from this amazing set http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wizard/price/03186 + the owl. Then I get a bit too excited and I added an open book & a wizard staff leaning on the table. So, two questions: Is it too much? do you think it will look too busy? Is the base not big enough for all of that? And the other question... I have to create a stone floor to level the miniatures with the base. I've never done such thing on that scale. I was gonna use that putty, wait till it was a bit solid and mold the floor's texture. Will anyone recommend another method? Part of the reason why I want a big book open on the floor is just to hide how badly will probably look lol
  11. NyarlaBcn

    Help & advise with a diorama

    XDD I will have all that in account, thanks! I doubt thought that I remove the base. I don't have access to that kind of tools, fitting as I do the stereotype of an indoors bookworm nerd lol Right now, since on my local hobby store didn't had the supplies you people pointed, I tried to make it work with white & green putty, stuff that I already had home. The white putty I have is a bit more liquid, so I pressed the miniatures against it to mark their placements; and when it dried, I added some green putty till I had the required thickness, enough to level the minis base. It's not finished yet, and it looks really really... rough, but I feel I can make it work
  12. NyarlaBcn

    Help & advise with a diorama

    I see, I definetely need to think carefully about what to do then. I was playing with that idea of completely removint the miniatures own metal base because yesterday I found a beautiful stone textured mosaic resin base on sale on my local hobby shop. But even if I could manage to completely remove their metal base, I'm not sure it will look cool. That base's pattern is too fancy for that vignette, maybe...
  13. NyarlaBcn

    Help & advise with a diorama

    Wow thanks to all! Good advise! there is a lot that I haven't actually thought about at all. I think I will keep that square base after all, but I won't use the staff or the book on the floor atm. Maybe if I had a pile of smaller books, it could look more natural and occupy less space, but that open book is too much. Now I'm thorn between trying to remove those figure's bases or to level the floor around them. If I decide to remove their base, how do you advise to do it? With Arthur will probably be easy; the only union point is one of his feet. But with the wizard and the stand there is a lot more metal to get off
  14. NyarlaBcn

    Help & advise with a diorama

    I see what you mean... right now it's a piece on each corner: Merlin, Arthur, Table, Owl. So it's like each angle is equally important, when it should be as you say, with the table as peripheral. Idk, I will see if I can find a bigger base. I must have some meant for GW chariots, rectangular, about double the size of that one.
  15. NyarlaBcn

    Warhammer: Demon Prince Be’lakor

    Here my latest work. I keep trying and trying with black: highliting black. I tried with blue for a while till I was quite happy with it, and now I’m trying with grey which is more difficult... it does show here, since it completely reads as grey skin but oh well, it’s still a job I’m happy with. That’s Be’lakor, one of the finest demon figures ever made by any manufacturer. First chaos everchosen, first mortal to ascend to demonhood, blessed and cursed, the lord of the dark...
  16. NyarlaBcn

    Warhammer: Demon Prince Be’lakor

    Thanks! Yes, I guess it helps evoque that part of his bio :)
  17. The project I've been working on for the past two weeks: Ariel and Orion, queen and King of the wood elves from Warhammer fantasy setting. Their background is quite simple actually, clearly inspired on Titania & Oberon of the fey people. Ariel is a mage, Oberon is the hunter. I decided to paint them with opposite schemes: Ariel with an autumn palette (the flow of her dress made me regret it many times: it could have looked great in blue) and Orion with an spring one. Both are classic characters from Warhammer. Both metal models. Ariel's is really old: probably around 4th-5th edition; there was also an Orion model back then, but mine is the rework from 8th edition. While Ariel's original model shows its era aesthetics but it's still appealing, I thought Orion's original model was outdated and not that good. While painting them, Orion took a lot more time (a lot more), since it has a lot more detail.
  18. NyarlaBcn

    Warhammer's Royal Couple: Ariel & Orion

    haha now you say it, I would love to do something with summer & winter... but I just don't know (yet, at least) with which miniatures. These two are demigods on Warhammer setting, and their size is bigger than that of a regular elf: I think they must be equivalent to a 54mm scale figure. There is not other elven characters that scale that I know... Thank you! For the Lady's dress I used "Dryad Bark" as a base, then lighten it with "Karak stone", and finally highlighted with "Karak Stone". All washed a couple times with "Agrax Earthshade". All of them are Citadel. Dryad Bark is a deep kinda greyish brown, and Karak Stone... I don't know how to describe it xd Believe me, I wasn't sure about painting it that way till it was almost done. I think one of my strong suits is that I have - Or I think I have - a good eye for color, and combining color... and that usually saves it for what I lack on technique. And thank you for what you say about the bases ^^ Basing is not my strong suit, and I can rarely work on improve it just because I don't have space for escenic bases...
  19. Well, and yet another of Reaper’s 25th anniversary miniatures. The second one: Domur. There’s really nothing original here, tried to copy their scheme. I only added a cat, so Darius’s rat has someone to play with.
  20. NyarlaBcn

    "Darius the blue", 25th anniversary

    I actually started a WIP for this miniature: but the idea was to show how I tried to copy the blue mosaic on the clothing that reaper did. I couldn't. That's the story of a failure. So I finally just painted him on a slightly different color scheme, and here we have the results... That's my Darius the blue and his cute rat familiar, Kyorli.
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    25th Anniversary "Darius the blue" WIP

    I'm afraid this will be the story of a failure... I tried the spotted pattern: I can't make it work. It just looks awful. And that was probably the main point of that WIP, so yes, kinda failure... Anyway, I kept going highlighting a bit more and drawing some freehands over the blue clothing, highlighting the green inner clothes and the purple cape.
  22. I have all the 25th anniversary minis and now it's Darius turn. It's one of my favourites; and while frecuently the "official" painting scheme wasn't for me, because many of them were too colorful (let's say Ametrine or Dain) and I painted them somber, I like the scheme on Darius. The issue is... I never tried to replicate such an ambitious pattern: that blue mosaic. I'm not great with freehands, and to cover his entire clothing with it looks almost scary. So I decided to start the project sharing it here. First things first, I primed Darius Black. On second thoughts I should probably used white primer, but well, it's done now... Then based him. White putty to fit his base to the plastic base. Then I decided to try a few colors, and to do that I used another mini I'm not really interested on right now. As you can see on the pic, I tried three different blues for the base color. They all look darker than they should because before I start with the mosaic I will highlight them: the idea is choose one, paint the entire clothing with highlights. I'm still not sure which one. I'm inclined to the one I'm pointing with the brush; but on photo it looks slightly different... I will try other mixes to see if I can find something a bit more turquoise. Now on photo I think that there is too much contrast between the two blues; and when I'm working with Darius, the pattern will be also more neat, small and precise. Now it's a bit rough because it's just all about color. I'm also undecided about the mosaic. I will highlight it too, once applied. I'm using a pale blue, which will be paler when I highlight it. Any advice so welcomed because that's totally new to me...
  23. NyarlaBcn

    25th Anniversary "Darius the blue" WIP

    Well, I went to sleep with these first coats; but today I wake up and changed my mind. I can't make this yellowish-browns work on the inner clothes: I don't like either how they combine with the blue. So I changed them to that sea-weed green that I will highlight a lot more. Right now I'm done highlighting the blue: just superficially, because it will all be covered by the mosaic. Also first coats on skin and beard; on the beard, a light wash of black.
  24. NyarlaBcn

    Vordakai Cyclops Lich 60082

    I've painted him too! it's on "show off" ^^ I love your purples, it's a color that somehow always works with lichs :d looking great so far!
  25. NyarlaBcn

    25th Anniversary "Darius the blue" WIP

    Ok, first coats done on Darius. I decided on a turquoise blue. Just a couple coats, a wash and another coat. With citadel paints: - Blue: Ahriman blue, wash of Drakenhoff nightshade, ahriman blue again - Purple: Naggaroth night + khorne red + screamer pink, wash of carroburg crimson - Yellowish/browns: Balor brown + doombull brown, wash of agrax earthshade