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  1. Just woke up from the rain hammering on my window. Checked my laptop which was still running, playing the instrumental version of Popolas theme from the NieR game. Apparently I wrote 10 pages of summary and background yesterday night, putting an awesome conclusion to my story. How did I do that? I cannot remember. But well - don't think about how you did it, just be happy that you did it. Gotta get some food. After that ... get out my airbrush, do some stuff and then continue writing, cleaning up some stuff and correct the order of events.
  2. Really great tutorial. I'll put it to my list of stuff I've got to try! Thank you for sharing it with us!
  3. One thing: Muscle Boy
  4. Currently sitting here, working on my novel and having some kind of a thought blockade. Gnaaar.
  5. Once again quite beautiful work. I don't know what to say else! Clean lines, all elements fitting together, colours matching. I really like it!
  6. Max Headroom! No, seriously! He looks a bit awkward, but ... as before I just can say: Very clean and beautiful paintjob!
  7. "My service years in the Imperial Guard provided me with all the necessary knowledge and skills to make my fortune in the real world." I really love him. Great work! You did a very good job on the face!
  8. Okay, I will try to mark it, but I won't promise anything.
  9. Well, unfortunately I need it as they indeed are used or lend to people, so I've got no other option. But it is weird. I used it on another project the same day and it worked. So what was different here? I don't know. Anyway - back to square one already, primed her and here we go again. As I know where I want to go it should be a bit faster now.
  10. Do you know this moment you messed up beyong repair? Well I put her to dry, left her for a few hours and when I returned to miniature the super-fine-airbrush-applied mat laquer had turned out to be not so super-fine. Okay. I cannot repair that. Well - looks like the reason for a repaint. At least I can correct the stuff that went wrong with her face beforehand. Hm. Still ... someone ... please hold me. Well then ... back to the painting table, strip her and start again. Let's make her great again ... and beautiful!
  11. Now that you mention it - maybe she is of Chinese origin?
  12. Me too :-D I am so sorry I couldn't live up to your expectations, but I had some stuff to do over the weekend and it was near to impossible for me to continue. I will, I promise. Maybe we could match our timetables so I will continue on another weekend when you can't paint?
  13. Let's continue. Painted the rest of the figure - hope I didn't forget anything important. Next up is sealing the figure and then making the base. A friend suggested going for a "Snow in Autumn" scenario, using autumn colours for flowers and some stuff and then put on first elements of snow - like the "House of Flying Dagger" movie ending scene. Well then - off we go!
  14. A friend of our family blew off his hand when creating selfmade fireworks for New Years Eve like 20 years or so ago. Couldn't live with it, commited suicide soon after. It took his family over ten years to get over it - and his mom never recovered. Feel hugged. I am so sorry to hear that. It breaks one's heart, especially when you took so much effort in getting someone "back to life".
  15. Beautiful work! I love the eyes and the work on the gems. It looks a bit like Trails in the Sky.