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  1. Granite or not granite - that is a question I cannot answer. I am not into stones. Maybe you make it a camouflage scheme. Then I can give you an definitive answer. I just can tell you that it works for me. I mean you need contrast to have the figure stand out. And it does. She'll have somewhat dirty feet after climbing down but for what you are trying to achieve I think it works perfectly. If you add some more contrast by adding some bones or so this is the best colour to go with. Everything else would unbalance the whole piece, making it too dark or not dark enough.
  2. Was it easy for you? Are you satisfied with it?
  3. And may the upcoming year be a year of Chao... ah, no. No. May the upcoming year be of joy and happiness. Ah-woooooo.
  4. Well then - getting prepared for work. Grabbed the weekend shift. Not all too bad, I think. I will have time for myself and as long as nothing happens that needs my utmost attention, I will have got some time to paint one or the other miniature. Yay. I mean ... I've got enough unfinished projects I should be working on ...
  5. I've been following your WIP thread - more or less closely - and they outcome is really wonderful! It is just great to see how all those parts fit together and as I already wrote, I figure your shield design to be perfectly balanced. In addition to @Cyradis comment I would like to add that from my perspective the eyebrows look a bit off. I mean - at least for me they are hard to see. I miss some depth in it, that would make them match to the haircolor more. But apart from that - stunning. Simply stunning.
  6. And once again a wonderful story told by the figures. I absolutely love the guy in the back. Haha. That's how you ruin someone elses selfie ^^
  7. We will see ;-D Wanted to do some stuff today but unfortunately I had to do some preparations for work, so I had no time. I have to catch up with it during the next days.
  8. Oi - no progress? Hm. I've gotta fix this. So - while my female tank commanders are drying from cleaning and are missing some details I have to take care of first, let's continue with the tank riders. Who knows my Roza Shanina Show Off - Have a look here ->Let's present ... Roza Shanina<- - already is aware that I am doing some conversions on my Russian girls. I want them to fit a winter style scenario, so ... I have to make Bad Squiddos Soviet tank riders into Soviet tank riders (winter). Let's start ... So - how to make sommer uniforms into this? Right. First off - cut away all the buttons, pockets and so on - that also means I have to flatten the ladies. But no worries. We will fix that. I mean - I like well endowed characters - and I cannot field a number of awesome Soviet russian ladies without showing my opponents what they've got. So - after cutting away all the stuff we don't need, let's continue making the snow camo. First off body parts, then arms, then lower body parts and legs. Thos two ladies still are at the beginning of their conversion. Talking of well endowed ... gni-hihihi. Those two are already far into the progress: To be able to distinguish between them later on I will be making one of each pair with open hoods and one with a put on hood. That will be great.
  9. Quite impressive, if I might say so! Thank you for sharing it with us.
  10. Really great work. I've got an angel standing here somewhere, too. I should do some work on her. Thanks for the inspiration!
  11. Well then, looking forward to seeing how it progresses
  12. Stumpman looks like that kind of guy I would hang out with. And I guess noone would notice, as a couple of nightshifts make me look exactly the same. Great work again.
  13. "Hey, bud." "Who? me?" "Shhhhh." "Who? Me?" "Riiiiight. Do you want to buy an ... O?" Once again wonderful work!
  14. No fear, Cyr! Her arms are always near to her and she can call them whenever she needs them. // I absolutely love what you did on this bust so far. Great work!
  15. Absoluetly true! You did a great job and I think it does both the bust and the design justice.