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  1. Atypical Hobby Behavior

    Nothing to be ashamed off. I did that before. At first it felt like a small sting in my heart, but then it became suprisingly easy to get rid of my stuff and finally I understood the reason for it. The money I made I could use for new stuff, which I bought and then sold a few month later ... But that is a different story.
  2. Ral Partha/Hackmaster Gnome Fighter

    I second that! Really great work!
  3. Make it so! Sisters (more or less) speed builds

    Thank you for clarification!
  4. This thread is something ... different from other works I have been done. I guess it's not entirely in accordance to the board rules, so you may forgive me and accept my humble bundle of roses, choclate and other stuff that will easy your severely upset minds. When I am in the mood, I am doing so many speed builds up to the point of painting (means assembly, basing and priming), that making them all into different threads I would flood the forum with an unnecessary number of threads. So I will keep this limited to the building process of my different tabletop figures, armies and stuff and transfer the finished figures to their respective painting threads. What's on the table at the moment? Warlord Games 16 German Fallschirmjäger 56 Soviet Russians (winter) (making M into F) Creature Caster 1x Tree Walker What's done and ready to be painted? Warlord Games - 2 German Fallschirmjäger - 10 German Panzergrenadiere Mantic Games: Kings of War Succubi Regiment (20 Succubi) CP Models: Diana
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Hi all. Just arrived at Tokyo Haneda. We are tired but happy. It is sunny though partially cloudy. 12 degrees. Will meet my host mum again. Looking forward to it. Pics later of you want me to present some. Rhini-kun already hooked up two stewardesses and a guy at the customs(!) Man. Forget about all that teddy bear stuff. Next time I'm reborn I need to become a plush rhino.
  6. R.I.P. John Hillerman

    How sad. I just read that John Hillerman has passed away. I watched him regularly on the the awesome TV show Magnum P.I. where he played the overly british (no offense) caretaker Higgins. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41940675
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Naaaah! I don't believe it! All four engines have failed! Just kidding. We are fine and Oscar Mike at Frankfurt airport. Some heavy weather and the tormac is all but dry but we will manage. Hihi. My travel companion rhino just changed his name to the artist name rhini-kun. Helps with the ladies over in Japan. Well then. 12 hours of flight. Let's go.
  8. Veterans Day 2017

    And always a happy return to the ones you love
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Having had the weirdest of the weird things happen in the past, I first lift off towards Tokyo and will report success once I landed there in one piece (or dropped via parachute or whatever). Every other a priori assumption of success will finally lead to a natural 1 roll on the dice of fate.
  10. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    In Mafia 2 there is an NPC conversation that makes Nolan North talk to Nolan North.
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    A few hours left before my plane takes off towards Tokyo. While I am perfectly calm, packing the last few things and will soon prepare my last dish of this month in Germany, my Travel Companion Rhino eagerly awaits the moment we will close the main door behind us and set off to Hamburg airport.
  12. Let's make a present ... Selfmade 3d Print "Friends"

    Thanks, Glitter. And we are done! Unfortunately no pictures as of yet, as I had to already give them away, but if everything goes according to plan, the figures will be photographed in their respective environment soon. Yay.
  13. Hello everyone, So this is something special. Not only that 2 days ago I thought I wouldn't be able to paint over the rest of the year, but this is also some kind of a very personal present. But from the beginning - 2 days ago I got a short text message from my friend (you know the one I am always barbecuing with). He asked me if I was at home and if we could meet. I said yes. A few minutes later a big rescue vehicle appeared in our road, so I was a bit worried, then remembered ... well, he in fact is paramedic, so I took it lightly, while some people on the road were looking for something that had happened and so on ... you know that story. Long story short: The friend of his mum is a big fan of LGB (Lemann Groß Bahn model scale train in 1/43 scale or so) and he always wanted to have a personalized miniature for his displays. Partnering with a fellow scale train fan, they had found someone who made a 3d print sculpt of them. Unfortunately those miniatures didn't come in color so my friend took them and some reference photos and asked me if I could ... do the magic of colours on the figures and return them in time for the birthday of his mums friend, which is shortly before my travel to Japan in 2 weeks. I didn't know if that would be possible, but then I got a call informing me that I had been selected for readiness duty overnight before my last shift week, which means that I would sit here and do nothing for 3 days. Hell yeah - why not. Gimme dat! So I took the figures and said yes. I think this is an awesome, very personal present and knowing that I was asked to make some black figures into coloured ones makes me happy. I contribut to someones birthday present. Haha. I did that before, but not on such delicate figures. No pressure, Sis. No pressure. Well then - Lets go: The figures arrived like this: After I cleaned them using soap water and then water, I used my trusty Mr. Primer to get a base coat on them. That needs to dry now. More updates later. I think if I don't loose my patience and willingness to do everything in one run, I should be done on wednesday or thursday. We will see!
  14. Happy Birthday, Buglips!

    Alles gute zum Geburtstag, alles gute für dich. Alles Gute, lieber Buglips! Alles Gute ZUM GEBURTSTAG!!
  15. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Yay. That's me!
  16. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    My pleasure!
  17. The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    At the German forum I am in someone made a witch house that looks like it comes from a Disney movie. And that made me think how perfectly fitting your projects were if you'd put them into an animated movie.
  18. Make it so! Sisters (more or less) speed builds

    Thanks. Yeah. They are great. We will see how the look when finished
  19. Sister Mary's Garden Mushrooms: DONE!

    Haha, That is one awesome groop indeed!
  20. Let's make a present ... Selfmade 3d Print "Friends"

    Not as much progress as I hoped, but we're getting there. Current state after repainting them - I am much more happy with the outcome so far. Next are the eyes, the hair and then everything else.
  21. Make it so! Sisters (more or less) speed builds

    Argh - work got a grip on me earlier than I expected, so I had to pause for a moment. Got the possibility to finish the first few miniatures yesterday. Unfortunately I ran out of bases, so I wasn't able to finish the whole force. But for now we've got all 9 Grenadiere ... 2 Fallschirmjäger ... ... Devola ... ... and all 20 Succubi ... ... ready for painting. And our tree woman is making good progress: Tree Woman - May not be safe for work, though it is just a tree. But a very good looking tree, I might say so. New bases have already been ordered, so we will see some progress, maybe already soon.
  22. 03337 Terezinzya - Goth Sorceress

    Great work. That is coming along really nicely!