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  1. I've been following your WIP thread - more or less closely - and they outcome is really wonderful! It is just great to see how all those parts fit together and as I already wrote, I figure your shield design to be perfectly balanced. In addition to @Cyradis comment I would like to add that from my perspective the eyebrows look a bit off. I mean - at least for me they are hard to see. I miss some depth in it, that would make them match to the haircolor more. But apart from that - stunning. Simply stunning.
  2. And once again a wonderful story told by the figures. I absolutely love the guy in the back. Haha. That's how you ruin someone elses selfie ^^
  3. We will see ;-D Wanted to do some stuff today but unfortunately I had to do some preparations for work, so I had no time. I have to catch up with it during the next days.
  4. Hello everyone, So this is my first project ever posted in this forum - yay. I am so excited. Anyway - I have to admit I am not the best miniature painter - I am far away from that. I can't understand color theory, keep forgetting important steps and in those moments where I should be patient, I can't wait and ruin everything. Haha - nevertheless I try to become better and therefore I started this project. Some time ago I came up with the idea to create an all-female soviet infantry battalion for the Bolt Action wargame. If you want to know more, please check out this link: Strike Witches - All-Female Soviet Infantry Platoon (Warlord Games Forum) It soon became apparent to me that the use of infantry alone wouldn't make any sense, so I decided to get me some tanks and personnel to man them - tank riders and officers to command the vehicles. My army itself is painted in a merely tabletop standard, but as I am always flashed by what a good painter can achieve, I want to take the chance and try to enhance my skills by reading and watching tutorials on how to improve certain aspects of my painting and as the tanks will be standing out of the masses of infantry, I want their commanders to stand out, too. That said, I started painting the three ladies using i.e. Corporeas face painting tutorial, didn't like the outcome, stripped them (*chuckles*) of all the paint, started painting again, ruined the job once more, stripped them again, painted once more, liked the face, ruined the leather, stripped them again and so on - I guess a plastic kit would be molten by now. After a longer time without having the ability to paint, I returned to the painting table just to figure out I had forgotten almost everybit of knowledge I aquired regarding painting. So I went back here, but unfortunately Corporeas Tutorial was not "illustrated" anymore, thanks to photobucket. So I decided to join the forum to inspire myself how to paint and to make some steps forward in painting miniatures. Let's go. The original figure I got looked like this: Due to some ... breast issues in the wargaming forum I was present at that time ("Well, we like to play armies who in reality commited mass murder, but - oh my good - did you attach boobs to this figure?! How dare you?!" and so on) I decided to fuel the fire - and I really like the outcome. It reminds me a bit of anime figures. Haha. She looked like this: But as I wrote, I then totally screwed up the paintjob like a complete idiot and now I am back to square one. Well then ... here we go again. I had to correct some scratches in the Greenstuff, so that should be dry by tomorrow, then I'll base coat her and will start painting. Slowly and steady. One step after the other - and we will see where this ends. See you next time!
  5. Oi - no progress? Hm. I've gotta fix this. So - while my female tank commanders are drying from cleaning and are missing some details I have to take care of first, let's continue with the tank riders. Who knows my Roza Shanina Show Off - Have a look here ->Let's present ... Roza Shanina<- - already is aware that I am doing some conversions on my Russian girls. I want them to fit a winter style scenario, so ... I have to make Bad Squiddos Soviet tank riders into Soviet tank riders (winter). Let's start ... So - how to make sommer uniforms into this? Right. First off - cut away all the buttons, pockets and so on - that also means I have to flatten the ladies. But no worries. We will fix that. I mean - I like well endowed characters - and I cannot field a number of awesome Soviet russian ladies without showing my opponents what they've got. So - after cutting away all the stuff we don't need, let's continue making the snow camo. First off body parts, then arms, then lower body parts and legs. Thos two ladies still are at the beginning of their conversion. Talking of well endowed ... gni-hihihi. Those two are already far into the progress: To be able to distinguish between them later on I will be making one of each pair with open hoods and one with a put on hood. That will be great.
  6. Quite impressive, if I might say so! Thank you for sharing it with us.
  7. Really great work. I've got an angel standing here somewhere, too. I should do some work on her. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Well then, looking forward to seeing how it progresses
  9. Stumpman looks like that kind of guy I would hang out with. And I guess noone would notice, as a couple of nightshifts make me look exactly the same. Great work again.
  10. "Hey, bud." "Who? me?" "Shhhhh." "Who? Me?" "Riiiiight. Do you want to buy an ... O?" Once again wonderful work!
  11. No fear, Cyr! Her arms are always near to her and she can call them whenever she needs them. // I absolutely love what you did on this bust so far. Great work!
  12. Absoluetly true! You did a great job and I think it does both the bust and the design justice.
  13. Ahh, I really like it! You painted your nails in a camo scheme! Flecktarn, I suppose? Oh, yeah - and the snake is also nice ;-)
  14. looks good, works for me. I am happy you chose to "repair" some of the elements of the design. Really looks the way I would have imagined it!
  15. Oh, I thought the woman leading the armies in Britain was Boudica. Well, I guess that's just the trauma left from my time in the Roman Legion. Gwen - yeah, that's not bad. Wendy? errr ... no way ... sorry to all Wendys here. Lynn - oh, yeah. I could accept that - Lynn was an awesome shocktrooper in Valkyria Chronicles, she was a Darcsen and she was married to Karl.
  16. Looking forward to seeing it finished
  17. Gwendolynn sounds like a music instrument to me. But who am I to talk. My name was used for a variety of insults during my school time. One being Dominatrix. I normally don't wear any leather clothes, but that name stuck. Like Dominator. One of the customers of my father was so into cars he renamed himself from Ottokar to Autocar. He wanted to name his daughter Fuel-Kiss but they forbid it.
  18. I am sorry to hear that - gosh. I have got no words to discribe how I hate people who behave like that. In THAT case, I guess there is no debating about it. There is no meaning in attending any memorial service that has a huge chance of ending like this
  19. Absolutely amazing work. It is stunning how great that looks, and if I understand correctly, all in one try. Wow. I have to say though: I would have preferred the unweathered design (or just slightly weathered). I just figure that dragon/snake-thing to be too awesome to chip so much away. I mean - it surely fits to a warrior, like a bloody axe and weathered clothes and all that stuff - still. You pulled off such a feat on painting that dragon eating his tail, that in my opinion it would have deserved to be visible much more. I did reenactment years ago, being part of a Roman legion and from that - and from the historian who was part of our group - I know that warriors in those times did constantly overhaul their weapons and equipment, so having such an important part of your identity - I mean that sign stands for something - deteriorate so much without even trying to repaint it partially is hard for me to believe. Then again: that is you project and you have come so far that it doesn't make any sense to redo it all over again. My opinion might be as it as - important is what you like and what you believe to be the right thing about your project.
  20. Well - considering Serial Experiments Lain is one of the anime series I watched most (right after Lucky Star, Nichijou, Angel Heart and City Hunter) and that Ghost in the Shell is top two on my list of best anime movies (right after Spirited Away) - I guess we are on similar tracks there ;-D I haven't read the thoughts everyone else here has about it, so I can only speak from my perspective: It depends on how you feel. If you just go out of seeing him as "he was part of the family" and weren't close to him, don't want to see his widow and so on, then maybe it is not the best reason to attend the memorial service. On the other hand - it was the last 10-15 years, so that sounds like you were closer to him earlier in life. I mean, every moment you share with someone more or less close to you in life is precious, and attending the memorial service is some kind of closing that story and store it in the bookshelf of your memories. It has something official, different from just saying goodbye for yourself. At least that's what I felt when we buried my dad years ago. I wasn't very close to him, either - also for reasons that don't matter here. So - everything I wanted to point out using this somehow weird connection to books and shelves is the question, what you want to "achieve" with or without your attendence - for you, for your uncle and the things between you and him.
  21. For me it felt more like this:
  22. Ah, sh*. That sounds pretty messy. Hope that it won't be too expensive! // Damage Assessment on the garden pavilion: Minor damage to the roof and interior, medium damage to the overall structure - everything is slightly bent and winded - and major damage to one of the roof mountings - totally ripped apart. Grrrr - I guess I need to tape that. To get it fully repaired, I would need to dismantle the whole construction and get an entirely new mounting with everything that is attached to it - for that money I could buy an entirely new pavilion. No sir, not yet. // And there we are again! It's getting dark, raindrops are falling on my head ... I love rain and heavy weather ... but only when it leaves my property undamaged. Feel bad, bad weather!
  23. Uneven levels fit perfectly to Fantasy settings, so don't worry. And every bit you progress will improve your skills, so just keep going ;-D
  24. Hm. It seems I fell back on following this thread. I really like the outcome of the shield so far. You chose a nice design, and I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
  25. Well then ... our pavilion survived barely. Bend metal, broken bolts ... errr. That will need some repairs. I need to make a total damage assessment tomorrow. Grrr.