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  1. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Unless you are medical personnel
  2. Dreadmere Begins...

    Awesome! I really like to watch the progress you are making.
  3. Happy Birthday SGHawkins09 !!!

    Was?! Und das sagt sie mir nicht? Toll - hätt ich dir gleich ein Geschenk schicken können. Auf jeden Fall alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Lass dich feiern!
  4. 03322 Effreet Emir

    Ah! The enemy of muscle wizard. He encourages violence! Great work! May I ask: is the base supposed to stay like that? It looks a bit colorless to me
  5. 03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

    Muscle wizards cast FIST! Great work!
  6. Pingo paints 02551: Monique Denoir

    Oh, I am looking forward to seeing this one making progress.
  7. This will be the Terrain build-up thread for the Valkyria Chronicles scenario I am creating here: Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! A 20mm Valkyria Chronicles Scenario I wanted to create a double effect with the terrain. On one hand, my goal was to recreate the atmosphere that Valkyria Chronicles radiates, this special kind of game and anime combination that made the game's artstyle so unique. On the other hand I was aware that there is some difference between the view the player in VC has on the units and terrain and the view a player has on a board game. So I decided to mix the overall design with the art style of the original Blitzkrieg strategy game. Well then - gehen wir's an!
  8. Yoon - 60200

    Wow. Great work. Ahh - it somehow makes me want to watch or play Silence again. The basing, the figure - everything works perfectly together. Thank you for sharing it with us!
  9. "Welcome to the Shop" Bombshell Miniatures Diorama

    Came out pretty decent. I think I said it in the WIP thread, but once again - I would absolutely buy it and put it in my showcase. That said - I still think Maelee misses the dollar signs in her eyes.
  10. Happy Birthday Paradoxical Mouse

    Und alles Gute für das neue Lebensjahr!
  11. The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    i am surely amazed. Where do you have got all the space to store your wonderful creations?!
  12. When my uncle died, among the few things he left behind, there were some small trees from his scale train. So I decided to give them a little place in my project. Based them and did some colour overhaul ... I think they fit perfectly. And it is better then selling them to someone else ... Don't they say that memories live in trees? How true, how true.
  13. The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    So that means we can look forward to another wonderful piece of your work^^
  14. The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    Everybody was mushroom fighting ... *insert Chinese music here* And I love the witch ... but - what is the tree looking at? Is there something we don't see? NSFW? I need to know more!
  15. Desert Ranger: Dark Sword Female Ranger

    She is from Italy, therefore darker skin and not much .... errr ... pink. But afar from that, I second Cyradis thoughts. Great work on the highlighting and absolutely a piece to be proud of. P.S.: Well - I think her eyebrows are a big thick.
  16. Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! A 20mm Valkyria Chronicles Scenario

    And some update on the Gallia project. I took some time to assemble the figure. Time to fill some gaps and then basecoating the figure.
  17. Hello everyone, I’ve been asking myself if this is the right place, but as this project has been the one that kept me busy for most of my recent time and is very dear to me, I would like to present it to you. The whole idea to this was born during the time when I nearly stopped painting miniatures and doing wargaming. I had some pretty bad experiences with some guys and communities in Germany and my overall motivation to do some painting and building stuff was down to almost none. I even stopped writing which normally is my preferred method of relaxing. In short: A midlife miniature crisis. Read some more about the background over here: Gallia to Arms - original blog entry During that time a friend of mine bought the miniature kit of the Edelweiß tank that became available just then and later also purchased the kit of the Shamrock tank. That was the moment I decided to also make a small miniature project within the world of Valkyria Chronicles which I had known and liked since I first came to know the original game (or rather … its soundtrack). I had a lot of 20mm figures left and some 1/72 scale tanks, which I figured to be perfect for my plan to recreate the equipment and figures of the game in small scale. They don’t need much space, are easily convertible and they don’t cost as much as 28mm figures and vehicles. As some of my friends continued to do wargaming on WWII and I had so much stuff left, I soon decided to create a small force of Gallian troops for WWII skirmish games. Unfortunately it turned out that the game rules they were using rendered the Valkyria Chronicles scenario almost useless (due to balancing issues). So I continued creating models just for fun, using the whole anime scenario to set up the amusing story of a guy doing weird stuff. It somehow got out of hand … My little builds caught the attention of some guys organizing an annual local tabletop event called “Do or Dice” – and they asked me if I’d like to present some of my miniatures. I thought – wow – what an honor – but … it’s a tabletop event, not a miniature showcase event. So … hm. What to do? Right! Create an own scenario. Luckily I had acquired some left-over scale train terrain from my late uncle – and there were two grass mats measuring 100cm x 70cm. Perfect for a small skirmish game. Reason enough for me to tackle that challenge. Fortunately I’ve like 8 month or so left. Well then – Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! Creating a scenario set in the Valkyria Chronicles universe requires certain elements. As I plan to use this thread as the main thread and create threads for the single elements of the game – Gallian Forces, Imperial Forces and Terrain – consider this as some kind of register for the different threads. I will frequently update the different sections, so stay tuned. What do we need? Gallian Forces Gallian Army WIP Thread Imperial Forces Terrain Terrain WIP Game rules and scenario setup Game supplies Well then Let’s make this: Into this: Or at least something that looks like it …
  18. Make it so! Sisters (more or less) speed builds

    Some time ago, a rather large 28mm Chinese army arrived from Watchful I Studios. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting ... assembling miniatures like lightning. A number of figures has already been assembled and is now drying. More stuff with the next update // Then I was given a WWII Fallschirmjäger Company for the Flames of War Ruleset and have to assemble and paint them as well ... After I repacked them to have more space at my room left (haha) ... ... I started to clean and assemble them ... Then it was time to continue with the StuG. It was a rather easy assembly. // In Japan I got me a number of Andrea Miniatures's Fantasy figures to make some ... err ... Fantasy figures out of them ... // And then I got a number of ... hm ... I don't know what kind of figures those were or from which manufacturer, but them will also become Fantasy figures. I did some headswaps, as I didn't like the original heads. Now they look a bit small, but maybe I will be able to make some capes in order to make them look more ... impressive. That will be an interesting weekend for me :-D
  19. This thread is something ... different from other works I have been done. I guess it's not entirely in accordance to the board rules, so you may forgive me and accept my humble bundle of roses, choclate and other stuff that will easy your severely upset minds. When I am in the mood, I am doing so many speed builds up to the point of painting (means assembly, basing and priming), that making them all into different threads I would flood the forum with an unnecessary number of threads. So I will keep this limited to the building process of my different tabletop figures, armies and stuff and transfer the finished figures to their respective painting threads. What's on the table at the moment? Watchful I Studios 28mm Chinese Army Deal (around 100 figures and equipment) Warlord Games 16 German Fallschirmjäger 56 Soviet Russians (winter) (making M into F) Creature Caster 1x Tree Walker Flames of War Fallschirmjäger-Kompanie + Support Weapons 4x Battlefront StuG 3G 1x Plastic Soldier Company StuG 3G Andrea Miniatures 1x Female Paladin 1x Naga Warrior 1x Female Warrior (upgrading her to be a Chinese Warrior Woman) What's done and ready to be painted? Warlord Games - 2 German Fallschirmjäger - 10 German Panzergrenadiere Mantic Games: Kings of War Succubi Regiment (20 Succubi) CP Models: Diana
  20. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am happy to help. I'll be off again then, have to get rid of some stuff. Talk to you later ;-D
  21. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I#ll be on in a moment
  22. WIP 03098: Astrid by Cyr. Destressing Project

    Yeah. You're right. I give up. Use whatever you want to use. But please. Don't let it be pink!
  23. Thanks, Glitterwolf! We will see how it turns out in the end ;-D
  24. WIP 03098: Astrid by Cyr. Destressing Project

    I can only tell what I feel. It is absolutely okay if that is the world you guys are playing in, but for me it is too bright and too green. It doesn't fit the overall paintjob. For me that is like painting the best mini I have ever painted and then put her in a pink playsuit. But then again. That is MY opinion and I am just trying to pack it into a short and humorous comment that somehow fits a certain meme, picture or idea that the figure has given me.
  25. WIP 03098: Astrid by Cyr. Destressing Project

    I read "chest" and was immediately interested. Okay, afar from this really tasteful joke - I like her. Really great face and eyes. I can absolutely imagine her looking at whoever is standing in front of her saying: "This is my lute. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My lute is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my lute is useless. Without my lute, I am useless. I must play upon my lute. I must play louder than my rival who ist trying to play his harp. I must play over him before he plays over me." And then ... I can imagine how she continues: "And I do NOT like the green. In my opinion, it doesn't fit my character. Too bright. Too ... green. It is like a greenish version of Beatrix Kiddo. I don't like Beatrix Kiddo. She is brutal and mean. She is like steam. Steam is angry water. It makes my face hurt. And also ale." The end. (that was quite a number of references - wow. I am so proud of myself)