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  1. I cannot explain why, but I cannot stop humming the McGyver opening melody. MecGyver
  2. You'll make it! I am sure :-D
  3. Another thing you can do is using sand and mix it with quite wet paint. I used that a couple of times and it worked, though it may not be exactly the outcome you're aiming at.
  4. And have a wonderful and enjoyable upcoming year!
  5. And may the upcoming year be one of joy and happiness!
  6. The force is strong with (insert gender here) great work. I love how the miniature turned out so far.
  7. As I said: If you say you have got a solution, I will wait for further.
  8. The problem I have got with this whole wall is that it looks more like a concrete wall than a metal one. But if you say you have got a solution for it, then I'll be waiting for your next steps.
  9. "Hey, how ya doin'?" "Cool. Killin' stuff, having a bud." "True. True." Nothing else to say, I guess ;-D
  10. Yes! Awesome!
  11. I have fallen back on commenting this one so badly, I will never be able to catch up to this Let's see ... I am looking forward to seeing the window finished. But I am not buying that rusty (?) exterior wall. For me the colour of the wall doesn't look like it supports rust. It looks more like a normal house wall, so for me using rust on it doesn't work. The mechanic ... hm. I told you that before, but here I go again: I guess I put away my brushes, darken my room and cry for the rest of my life. This is the fourth week in a row a cannot paint and as of now that will continue until early January - and what do I see? You launch such a beautiful girl. Man, if it wasn't so sad for my ego, I would cheer to you. Well - I do. This is awesome and I totally look forward to seeing her with all those other miniatures. So continue and get her done!
  12. Works pretty well!
  13. Yes. Definitively worth the effort.
  14. It's more a reference to the Sisters Of Battle and their preferred choice of weaponry. But haha. Elephant. Reminds me of something I've got to do.
  15. Got a new storm announced yesterday. Medium size. Rained all day yesterday and today. Therefore no problem. At 10:00 local time they announed an "fully grown" storm building up in our area. At around 14:00 local time Hamburg FD announced a warning that people should NOT be outside. Around that time the windstorm hit our neighbourhood with full force. Lasted around one hour. After that there was sun as if nothing had happened. Remember the last windstorm that cracked our pavilion? Well ... it turned out that this one easily beat it. It was even strong enough to push the rain THROUGH my window sealing ... wow. Luckily our garden pavilion was mostly untouched this time. Well, I think the place I live is getting interesting...