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  1. The Old Fathers Harvest WIP

    The pig is awesome! Haha! "I have a quest for you adventurers!"
  2. RIP Sudan, the Rhino

    Yeah, but Daleks also don't feel for others. So I still find comfort in being a human. Through my brother I got into the topic of rhinos and I really have a strong feeling about this, but I think that there are enough people who are capable and willing to bring this species back. Better than trying to make Jurassic Park real. A few weeks ago, there was a very great comic picture on a German website titled "Rhinos on Tinder", where a very angry rhinoceros looked on his cell phone exclaiming: "What?! There are only two matches?!" And I cannot stop thinking about it. Who knows? Maybe - one day - this will be a human being.
  3. New Avatar, Again, Sorry

    I know what you mean ...
  4. I really love Meyando, Pingo. She has unbelievably human but also inhuman eyes. I immediately think of the term "Uncanny Valley". Great work!
  5. And some progress again. This time it is no own progress, but a very motivating assistance by @Peithetairos. Being well known in another forum I am in for his awesome terrain building skills, I decided to outsource one part of the Valkyria Chronicles project to him. Hills. I had a specific type of hill in mind, one that I wasn't able to recreate. So I asked him a few month ago if it would be possible to create a number of hills for me. Thereafter we didn't have contact for quite some time, but at the Tactica, he presented to me three hills, which did not only look awesome, but are also able to support magnetized trees. Wonderful! Thank you very much!
  6. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    I really love the little fighters. Did you make them? (Did I miss something?!) And the "tree house" is also quite impressive! Wow!
  7. Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    Who knows? I mean ... the've seen things we people wouldn't believe. All the best memories are hers.
  8. 77084 Townsfolk Innkeeper Bones

    He looks like your typcial D&D NPC innkeeper ;-D. Fun to see what you created, but it is double the fun to imagine him being voice by Matt Mercer ;-D Great work!
  9. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    Okay. Good to know.
  10. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    If you guys were in Germany, I would absolutely make such a game scenario and I am sure, you guys would win the day at Hamburg Tactica Wargaming Convention. But I guess .... I first need to finish the Gallia project ... haha.
  11. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    I know. No further questions. There is a giant mess in my head. And this mess just created a wonderful cartoon/anime-esque intro movie, using some of the characters shown here and the Red Hot Chili Pipers' "The Pig Jigs" song as BGM. Haha. Couldn't end a day better ;-D
  12. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    You know. You and @Silvervaneshould team up and create a little tabletop roleplay scenario for the next Reapercon or so. You guys would so absolutely rock the show, I am sure!
  13. The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    Howly! Owl my god. This will be owlsome. "Sis - leave it!" Owlkay // But afar from that. Once more great work.
  14. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    I need the fighting girlfriend - just because of my female Russians. Haha. Chibi not-2b and not-9s - were they available already? A friend found them somewhere and printed them for me (or at least Chibi figures that look stunnigly similar). Now they are standing on my shelf waiting to be painted.
  15. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    "Who are you?" "Me? Ah - don't mind me. I am just an obscure bystander." "You are? You look like a big talking mushroom." "Yeah ... I mean ... what a nice axe you've got there. It's pretty sharp, isn't it?" "It is. You can chop a guy in half. That's not something you can do every day!" "Sounds like your favorite 80's action film." "What's that?" "Never mind. My name is Fungal Spire." "Barbaria Cutthem." Cutthem and Spire - the new show on Netflix