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  1. SisterMaryNapalm

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    And once more, I love her skin! Keep it up (Try some more blending on her skirt!)
  2. SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Pi day!

    A long, long time ago, I can still remember How mathematics used to make me smile. And I knew that if I had my chance I could make those numbers dance And maybe my teacher's happy for a while ... // I wanted to use American Pie now, but found that one and figured it to be better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJkwlnN7VII
  3. SisterMaryNapalm

    The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    I didn't realize I wrote in German. Haha - sorry for that. Oh, I didn't want to make it that obvious. Haha. I had thought about writing something about a haircut, but then I left it like that.
  4. SisterMaryNapalm

    The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

    Ach ja - Danke für die wunderbaren neuen Pilze. Ganz tolle Arbeit! Vote for president!
  5. SisterMaryNapalm

    The Flower Knight

    Just give it a try. Do some more! It would absolutely fit your work!
  6. SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Birthday Sophie was taken

    Yay! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  7. SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Birthday 72moonglum

    Und alles Gute für's neue Lebensjahr!
  8. SisterMaryNapalm

    The Flower Knight

    Hi aku-chan, I think you can be absolutely pleased with him ... errr ... her ... errr ... it. The miniature came out pretty great! I like the colorful presentation and especially how all the colors come together and create an outstanding overall effect. I think though that some improvements would be possible. From my point of view - maybe it's my screen, maybe my eyes - it looks like her cape ... dress ... whatever ... is just a single color of purple. I would absolutely LOVE to see some shading, like blending or something on the fabric. Like some blended in of shadows or highlights. That would give such an area way more definition and add to the effect the rest of the figure creates. Then again: If you did that and it's only not visible because of my bad view, never mind what I said.
  9. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am off now. Good night!
  10. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am online now.
  11. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    @buglips*the*goblinWhat did I tell you about working on halftracks? Wait until I am there. You will hurt yourself! Unfortunately I was sick in bed the last days and don't feel well currently, so maybe somewhen this week. I'll leave you a note. I would love to hear that. If I remember correctly, talking to a dead frog is number 99721 on the list of things every man should have done in his life. I never thought I would get that far. Get better soon.
  12. SisterMaryNapalm

    R.I.P. Jan-Michael Vincent ( Airwolf)

    He's not dead - He and Dominic Santini took Airwolf to a different location.
  13. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Sorry - too early for me. Work has just started
  14. SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Birthday Morihalda

    Und alles Gute für's neue Lebensjahr!
  15. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Okay. I am off now. Had an annoying evening full of headache and now I have to go to sleep before life gets a grip on my tomorrow again. Yay. Have a good evening everyone. Until next time.