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About Me

Miniature painter, hobby author, traveller lost in translation and Yiggdist,

I wander around the world, always accompanied by my travel companion

To seek new ideas, inspiration or just to see the world through the eyes

of a child, caught in awe and fascination. I love to dream away my life

sometimes and just enjoy the fact that I am to recharge my energy

before I once again head out to boldly go where I haven't gone before.

(And to collect anime figures in Japan!)






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Do you want to see what I currently work on? Check it out!


Make it so! Sisters (more or less) speed builds

And Winter came – a 15mm WWII winter project (Sister's trying to airbrush)

Let's make ... Soviet Russian Female Battalion for Bolt Action

Let's make ... 28mm WWII Winter Terrain for Bolt Action

Painting female Soviet tank commanders and tank riders

Let's make ... Five Times Unlucky Or Not KD:M Minis Into NieR Automata Style Figures


Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! A 20mm Valkyria Chronicles Scenario

Let's make ... Gallian forces for Gallia to Arms!

Let's make ... Terrain for Gallia to Arms!


Let's ... errrr ... try ... airbrushing a garage kit

Let's make a present ... female Roman Centurion

Let's paint ... 01442: Troll Slayer Sophie

Hail to the Crimson Empress – Creating a Fantasy/SciFi fraction

Let's paint ... Phoenicia, Arcane Spellcaster




Do you want to see what's already finished? Check it out!


Let's Present ... Soviet Russian Female Battalion for Bolt Action

Let's present ... Roza Shanina


Let's present ... Gallian Forces for Gallia to Arms


Let's present ... some Infinity figures

Let's present ... Sáthach

Let's present ... 20mm Qin Dynasty sword fighter

Let's present ... 20mm Bundeswehr soldiers for desert and woodland areas


Let's present a present ... Selfmade 3d Print "Friends"

Let's present ... a present: Hanseatic League Sea Traffic Control Center

Let's present ... a present: Combat divers on the beach

Let's present a ... present! Owl Mage