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  1. Salvete, Amici! Phew ... some time since I wrote that last time ... haha! Well then: Time to feel the might of the Roman Legion, the breast best army of ancient Europe! I planned to be abscent from painting for some time more, but it happened that I got a more or less good reason to start again. A friend of mine who I have known for quite some time now - he is one of the master minds behind some of the Gallia to Arms builds - I decided to make a little present for him. Anyway ... this guy is a great fan of the Roman legion and he even has an 28mm Roman army. He is creating his army a bit in the style of an Asterix Roman army, having bought some of the characters and using them in his force. But he still misses a force commander - and that is where I come into play. On the last Tactica wargaming event, I got a female Roman centurion from the Hot&Dangerous brand and I immediately thought what a great force commander she would make. Alea iacta est! I don't know what would be a better fit - his birthday or christmas - but I can decide that when I am as far as I want to be. But I will not only give the figure to him. Nah - I think this is a great opportunity for me to get back into painting. So I used my social skills to ask about some of his concepts and I think now I have got a good idea of what I have to do. And now it is time to MAKE A GREAT PRESENT AGAIN! Those are all the parts I have got. The lady can either use a mirror or her helmet to check her hair. Really now? I mean ... use one or the other? Nah. Not with me. She will use the mirror, but I will put the helmet in front of her and cut away her arm, so that all parts are on the base. And now for some basing! Valete!
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    Let's make a present ... female Roman Centurion

    Well, It can't be helped. I have to start. Well then. Let's whip out the airbrush and do the thing. For the time being, I plan to go with a look like Livia/Eve from the Xena franchise. Though I know that Adrienne Wilkinson has a more caucasic skin, I will try to do a more bronze style skin. Like romans. So I choose a slightly overexposed picture for reference so all the colours will pop out more. And as I will start with the skin, my colours of choice will be: Game Color Tan als Shadows Model Colour Salmon Rose as base And Game colour Off White, mixed with Salmon Rose for the highlights. Any further thoughts?
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    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    The bar is opened. If yo wish to join me, please do so. I will be there in around 15 minutes.
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    77178, Fire Giant Warrior

    Then his bone-chilling, unearthly voice roars from deep down his throat: "Oh, Boy! Look what I got! Can you believe that? It was on sale! just a couple of silver coins! That's what I call cheap!" And you know he is right. Bren, the weaponsmith, always had the best summer sales in Neverland ...
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    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    After a quite successful session talking to myself, I will be off now.
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    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Gotta rearrange my colours, so you will find me at the hangout for the next two or so hours. Join me if you like
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    Happy Birthday djizomdjinn

    I completely missed to congratulate you. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Djinn!
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    Reaper Radio

    Here's some music for epic painting: Hitoshi Sakimoto - The Eastern Front (Main theme of Valkyria Chronicles 4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZSo_QZVYCI
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    R.I.P. Douglas Rain ( HAL)

    I'm afraid I've got to go now, Dave ... When I first watched them movie, that voice really creeped me out ... and inspired me when I was looking for a great A.I. character for one of my stories.
  10. SisterMaryNapalm

    Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Back from Tokyo, which means ... yay ... I've got a lot of stuff. So, let's have a look. I got me some materials. At that time it was pretty cheap in comparison to some stuff I can get in Germany, so I had to get it. And, of course ... some miniatures. This time emphasis was laid on the KanColle miniatures. I don't like the game, but I like the minis. The rest was some random stuff I liked. (Of course some Valkyria Chronicles) And now that we have got all the references, there are, of course, some kits for self assembly and painting ... Seeing @Auberonpainting his garage kit made me think of getting some cheap models myself for trying some new airbrush techniques. Which brings me to the greatest catch I made. A 1/350 scale model of battleship Yamato. Normally you can get it in Germany for like 150 Euro. I got it for the equivalent of 25. Just because it was second hand and the manual was missing. Checked before I bought ... looked okay to me. So I bought it and downloaded the manual. Perfect. What else have we got? Some random stuff like sleeping masks ... A new poster for my room And when I came back I noticed that in the meantime some packages had assembled at my room, containing ... some really cheap second hand kingdom death miniatures and some buildings for Infinity. Which leaves only one problem ... I need space.
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    Plastic Model Kits

    So, from what my friend told me, he never painted any joints or movable parts. He mostly painted around them and "hid" them by weathering all the other parts and focussing the attention of the viewer away from those parts. Nonetheless he said that if you want to paint the joints, the best way to go is to paint all the parts by airbrush before assembly and seal them using some coat. He further suggests to check youtube tutorials for assembly and painting of gundams. I haven't had the time to check yet, but if you want me to, I can have a look if I find something regarding the painting of the joints. His experience with those Gundam markers was bad until now, but he said the fineliners are pretty good.
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    Happy Birthday Buglips*the*Goblin

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, lieber Buglips!
  13. SisterMaryNapalm

    Plastic Model Kits

    I don't build gundams, but I know some people who do. I'll try to find an answer for you. Gimme a few hours
  14. SisterMaryNapalm

    Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    She's great! I really like the outcome!
  15. SisterMaryNapalm

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    Okay. That settles it. Guys, give me some time. I have first to assemble all the stuff and slowly get back into my life, but over the rest of November I will get all the stuff and send it to you.
  16. SisterMaryNapalm

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    Hey, thats perfectly fine. We can also do it at the midst or the end of december. For me it is only important to know WHO is now my partner(s). Schedules and stuff can be adjusted accordingly.
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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You are my champion, my friend :-D Okay. That came out wrong. Good to be back.
  18. SisterMaryNapalm

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Thanks, but ... that's a weird ... ah - clown? I prefer Freddy Mercury instead. Or an anime loli robot killer maid. From the future. And armoured.
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    Swamp Witch Sophie AKA Sophie 2017 WIP

    Another wonderful work so far. I am eager to see how it turns out!
  20. SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Birthday OneBoot

    When I came back I read you left the mod-team, which made me sad at first. Then I thought: Wow - what a great present she made (herself) Okay, that was mean. Though you won't be an anchor for those who need it anymore (at least an official one), and I don't know if you will reduce your presence here - may the upcoming year be a year of health, happiness and covered in a whole bunch of miniatures for you. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (nachträglich)
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    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am back from Japan - which means: I will more frequently be online again. At least for the time being.
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    Happy Birthday Green Eyed Monster (GEM)

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
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    Happy Birthday torrenofamber

    Und alles Gute zum Geburtstag (Yeah, I am late)
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    Happy Birthday canuckotter

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
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    Happy Birthday ttuckerman

    Alles Gute ^^