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  1. Loved the update, lots of amazing looking sculpts. Have to ask though because I didn't see it explained and it's driving me crazy not noticing a rhyme or reason, but why are there 'randomly' placed black bases for some of the minis?
  2. COGobs

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    Same. I'm getting me that dwarf mini.
  3. COGobs

    Goremaw in Previews

    This is one of those models I've been anxiously waiting for
  4. First KS I was actually able to be a part of, as is I'm still chomping at the bit waiting for Goremaw and a few others to be available... Ended up with: 2017 Core Set Dreadmere Expansion Darkreach Expansion Lost Valley Expansion Fan Favorites Monsters Dire Beasts Villagers Demons & Devils Kobolds Snake Cultists Goblins Ghost Pirates Zombie Dragon Hill Giants Dragon Turtle Wraiths Fire Giant Huntsman Skeletal Monsters x2 Mossbeard, Treeman Baba Yaga's Hut Rocky Trolls Dance of Death Skeletal Dragon Narglauth Living Statue Spartan x2 Living Statue Amazon x2 Tree of Despair Hill Giant Huntsman Paint Set A Paint Set B We Will Roc You! x2 King of the Jungle King Cobra Agramon Frost Giant Raiders Blacksting, Wyvern Rulers of Hell Thunderfoot Behemoth Blacktooth Terror x2 Fantasy Scenics Stygian Barge Nyarlathotep Argent x2 Rauthuros 74065 74066 Luckily I was able to keep it just shy of 20$ for my first attempt >.>; now only to talk the missus into planning a road trip next Labor Day weekend.
  5. COGobs

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    I missed out on the previous two kickstarters (saving for those gorgeous Minotaurs to be more widely released) but going to be all over this one. I love the old school high fantasy feel. You had me at the dwarf.
  6. COGobs

    Minis we would like to see

    I love the new Iron Golem sculpt, would there ever be a chance for it to be scaled down for some size 'Large' or 'Medium' minis for multiple uses?