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  1. Dr Boom

    Dark Sword Jon Snow

    Spoilers !
  2. Dr Boom

    Gourls paints a Frost giant

    Nice understated palette there
  3. Dr Boom

    Maledrakh's Grindgear the Corroded Clockwork Dragon

    No problems there - that's an amazing effect. My Wyrmgear's still in its box, along with the Cthulu from KS1.
  4. Dr Boom

    Faceless horror

    Nice work. I'm amazed you got so many done. I did one and was seeing eyes in random surfaces for days afterwards.
  5. Dr Boom

    77344: Ice Troll sculpted by Ben Siens

    That's a great colour palette there, and the blending on the indigo skin tones is beautifully smooth. Darker than I would have chosen for an ice troll, but it totally works.
  6. Dr Boom

    Asian Necromancer playing with fire by Glitterwolf

    Nice! That expression with the white soulless eyes really makes this mini.
  7. Dr Boom

    Rock Troll

    The black skin tone is great. I love the subtle cobweb "crazing".
  8. Dr Boom

    77469 - Brand Oathblood - Cicciopiu try NMM

    I think that was time well spent
  9. Dr Boom

    77094: Trista, the White Wolf

    That face is superb - so much personality!
  10. Dr Boom

    DSM8113, Siamese Cat Wizard with Staff

    Seconded on the opals - they're a detail that makes this one extra special
  11. Dr Boom

    Wyrd - Malifaux Ophelia Crew (image-heavy)

    Nice smooth greenskin tones there. I'm glad to hear the painting helped you
  12. Dr Boom

    Shambling Playground

    As I was scrolling down through the pic I thought at first the pipe cleaners were a sloth hanging off the branch. Great job on a pair of nice miniatures.
  13. Dr Boom

    Nighthaunt Commission (Games Workshop)

    Fantastic! I think the person you're painting these for is going to be very pleased.
  14. Dr Boom

    Dreadblade Harrows (Games Workshop)

    Excellent work. I have six of these lined up in the under coated queue who will be standing in for skeletal nightmares (I'm making the riders removable). Yours will definitely serve as my inspiration picture.
  15. Dr Boom

    77492: Behir

    The shifty paint does a nice job of making his flanks look iridescent. Nice contrasting colours on the base too. A nice crisp and cleanly painted mini. A worthy challenge to do a mini per month.
  16. Dr Boom

    77281: Succubus - Speed Paint

    Those wings are superb
  17. Dr Boom

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    That eye is something else. Good call on leaving the gloss to just the eye.
  18. Dr Boom

    Ninjas of Iga, Warlord Games (photo heavy)

    You can never have too many ninjas. Great work with the black - I can never get it just right without making it look grey. Nice use of red as contrast as well.
  19. Dr Boom

    Xiloxoch, Naga as a statue, Reaper Bones by Julie Guthrie

    Nice. Great work with the eye and "ear" gems.
  20. Dr Boom

    G Paints: 77076 - Lysette, Female Elf

    That's a really steady hand she has there. Xcellent work and nice colour choice.
  21. That's fantastic - the sheerness of the dress over the legs is a great effect. It makes the dress look almost translucent
  22. Dr Boom

    77343 The Goroloth (aka the Blue Meanie)

    Thanks for that! The rock on the base is a fragment of an aquarium decoration I bought because I needed an anemone. All I needed to do was fill in the hole with some spakfilla and paint it my favourite shade of pale khaki, which is almost a direct match for the colour of the rock as bought (if you look carefully, you can see a patch of the filled area running down to the right of the pectoral fin in the second image). The red fronts are individual leaves from some plastic weed that came attached to the rock. For a last minute thrown together base out of my bits box, I'm pretty happy with it.
  23. Well this one went in directions I wasn't expecting . . . I used the image of Onthooth from the the cover of the Ruins of Azlant adventure "The Flooded Cathedral" (https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/The_Flooded_Cathedral) as inspiration for this one. I like the tropical nudibranch appearance. Once I'd done all the stripes, it was starting to look a little clownish (particularly those tentacles), however still within the bounds of multicoloured molluscs. It wasn't until I painted the red eyes that the whole "Blue Meanie" thing leapt out at me - perfect for battling parties with a yellow submarine Apparatus of the Crab. For the meantime, however, he'll be taking the role of "Space Squid #2" alongside my metal Goroloth in my friend's Starfinder adventure.