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  1. Live

    ugh... the only problem is.. to paint him as a roc or as a pheonix... hmmm rocs are my favorite beasts but pheonixs have alot more flavour to them and regeneration is always nice for a recurring beastie
  2. Live

    annnnndddd added to my pledge
  3. Live

    I would love to see if the two dragons could be based and used as regular dragons then work into a story where you be friend a silver,gold,copper dragon that says it will help you fight a red,black etc and at the table actually pull out the stone and attach the dragons for the final fight
  4. Live

    Well with the popularity of stranger things a demogorgon would be a cool sculpt to draw people in.
  5. Live

    Dont worry you have until july of next year, pledge as much as you can without it hurting then up your pledge in the manager as you are able too. 11 months is a long time even 20 bucks a month and you can get alot of great minis
  6. Live

    I would just call it a diseased ancient and drop its stats and cr to let my group fight it early
  7. Live

    Well heres hoping we hit another goal before morning
  8. Live

    I dunno a lot of versatility going on in the core, but yeah would love some more unique beasties thrown in to get some pledgers to get both, Im sure with inclusion of another few well sculpted beasts/demons/dragons will get the core set a few more pledges
  9. Live

    6 more kobold leaders for the core set
  10. Live

    Less than a thousand for the next goal
  11. Live

    I wonder if any mouslings will make their appearance this go around, I know I would love to set up an encounter with the Rocky dragons vs an adventuring party of Mouslings
  12. Live

    yeah thats pretty close, but could always use more Japanese tentacle monsters!
  13. Live

    Personal wishlist: Tier 1 Lamia, Pegasus, Couatl, Unicorn maybe a cool looking banshee Tier 2 Bulette, Otyugh, maybe a Glabrezu or slaad Tier 3 Erinyes, Beholder, Havent seen a Nalfeshnee in awhile either would love to Tier 4ish Goristro , Empyrean, Solar currently 152 in so far and wanting to get up to my 300 dollar cap ;p
  14. Live

    more importantly we are up to 101 minis in the core set now so we are down to .99 cents per mini
  15. Live

    Hoping for another big set piece soon to bring the numbers back up for the weekend, need to post this KS to a few dnd forums to get more buzz for the core set ;p