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  1. Wellan Dowd

    Minis we would like to see

    1. Catfolk 2. Dogfolk-something like the Egyptian god Anubis 3. Lizardfolk with armor that can be used as player characters 4. Dragonborn adventurers for all classes 5. Hellspawn adventures for all classes 6. Human and elf male bards 7. Draegloth 8. Warforged And to go with the Barge and dreadmere expansion from bones 4 ks 9. Murlocs or Koa toa 10. Sea elves in the bones material 11. Merfolk 12. Sahuagin 13. And a Giant Liviathan
  2. In no particular order: Yuan-ti Umber Hulk Large Eye Beast Purple Worm Lizard men Dragon born Teiflings Terrain (piles of treasure, treasure chest, crates, barrels, braziers, camp fire, bed rolls, etc)