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  1. The Doctors

    I’ve just finished a set of the early doctors as a Xmas present for my brother-in-law. may have to get another set for myself. So we have Doctors 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 8, followed by Zoe and Romana
  2. 60070: Velmarius Elazarin, speed paint

    Agreed. Loire the skin tones Agreed. Like the skin tones
  3. 02340: Unthar Godshand

    Like it. Suggest you paint the red on the shield around the lip to remove the white border.
  4. Dreadmere Fishmonger and Crone

    Love these. The colours, models and the work you've done. was looking at Dreadmere and this is pushing me to go for it
  5. I really like the whole piece.. putting stories like this is not something I've tried and always appreciate the imagination the goes into their creation. love the basing, snow and icicles and wizard and dwarf combat poses sell the duel
  6. Ogre Matriarch

    I concur. Fantastic introduction.
  7. Mantic Dungeon Saga zombie troll

    Always like a good zombie, and zombie monsters make a nice change. I like the skin tones and bite marks. can you add another picture with the completed base to see him in his finished, gory, glory?
  8. 04508 - Vernone -Ivy Crown Captain

    Thanks for that suggestion. I'll give that a go. My blending has gotten better but still needs work
  9. 04508 - Vernone -Ivy Crown Captain

    Thank you for the comments. I did find it more of a challenge than I expected but glad you like how it turned out.
  10. My latest Bone lll offering. Can't say I enjoyed the one. Has real problems with the armour and not really happy with the end results. May have been better using metallics. the shield turned out OK.
  11. Gustav Eival and Spider

    This is a boss character from the skirmish game - Wild West Exodus. At some point I need to get round to painting more of these.
  12. Pig Faced Orcs: A Simple Conversion

    Other world Miniatures make pig faced orcs sculpted directly from the first monster manual.
  13. Babu, Baby Elephant #1410

    Love the use of colour in the skin and the bright flowers set it off lovely
  14. 60181: Adowyn & Leryn (Iconic Hunter & Wolf)

    That's the best looking wolf I've see and I'll saving it for future inspiration. Thanks for sharing
  15. So, I've started going through my Bones figures and this is one of my first finished efforts the picture in the book was meant to be a constellation but looks more like a plant.