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  1. 01448: Elf Ranger Flat

    I finally finished my Elf Ranger Flat, I found it a joy to paint.
  2. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Personally I don't like how the scabbard for the lady of hell is on the same side as she is holding the sword. Realisticly that would mean that she either did some really impressive twists and turns to draw the sword or she switch hands after drawing it.
  3. Tools of the Trade

    vs. artist grade paint (I prefer artist grade paint, cleaner mixes) Oil Vs Acrylic (I found that a lot of websites completly ignore that oils are still used on miniatures) Artist mediums (e.g. liquitex glaze medium) Varnishes (matt, satin, gloss, spray vs brush on, artist vs hobby) Wet pallet (making your own, difference between sponge and wipes) Colour Theory (important!!!) Pigments in Artist Paint (e.g. PW6: Pigment White #6: Titanium White)
  4. Pingo, when I said that zinc white helps the film strength I was only talking about a small amount being added to titanium white (i read it in some article but can't find it right now, it may have been something about drying). I know that premium grade Michael Harding oil colours titanium whites contain zinc, from his website: Personaly I don't use lead white because my workspace is next to the dinning room table. But when I was at a demonstration/talk by Michael Harding I did get to play around with his Stack Lead White (which has the lead pigment handmade using a traditional method, this actually changes its properties). Once again quoting M.H.: Supposedly it is what allowed Rembrandt to get the textures he got. It was an interesting experience. On a different note, when I was working with the metalic mediums I was reminded why I prefer the Liquid Gold range from vallejo for my metalic needs.
  5. Pingo, Golden sells zinc white (I have it in the 59ml tube). Yeah, never brought any zinc white for oil paints. Thought I read somewhere that small amounts added to titanium white actually helps the film strenght or something similar (that is why some oil titanium white paints have zinc pigment inside them). I brought zinc white to experiment with, using it as a glaze (scumble?) on some dragon wings I was working on at the time. Recently I found that I enjoy the skin mixes it produces. Overall I find I like working with transparent colours, so I use zinc white for mixes which I will use in glazes.
  6. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Lets see a quick test: There is a difference between the titanium and the the zinc, but I would need to experiment with the ratios and see how it looks on the miniature. It is important to note that zinc white is transparent, and therefore has terrible coverage (I diluted my titanium white heavily). On the bottom part of each sample I glazed it with the medium, this gave the best results.
  7. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Hmm.. I wonder how zinc white would work with metalics. I will go and test it now!
  8. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    You could also glaze the metalic medium over the pink. Thats how I used my Iridescent medium.
  9. 02682: Selmarina, Witch OSL project

    Hmm, I like how the last picture looks (the back of her). For the front of her, it looks like you went a little to far with the orange, you may want to deepen the shadow on the side with the staff. Personally I would add some cool dark purple under the chin, as well as into the creases of the robes, the knee and the lower leg (all on the staff side). More purple or purplish brown would be used for the staff shadows (opposite side of the orb). But what do I know, I don't paint OSL often. Actually I like how it came out after the orange, you just need some darker shadows and it will look fine. The metall plate she is standing on should have some sharper reflections.A little yellow here and there.
  10. Lazylathe's painting adventures...

    I second the recomendation for brush soap (or any other brush cleaner). Personally I learned about brush sizes and types by going to an art store and looking at the brushes, then if I did not understand what a brush was I would search its name on my phone. For brushes I would recommend having a selection of cheap and expensive brushes. The sizes I like using are 1, 2 and 6 for painting. You may also find a tiny brush, for when you want to make a tiny dot (10/0 to 00) usefull. It can be used to set the location of corners for freehanding extremly small designs. Buglips I disagree with your statement about size 3 brushes. Personally I found to have had no problem using size 6 brushes when painting miniatures. A larger brush is able to hold more paint in the bristles, increasing the working time (as you allready said). The most important thing about a brush is its tip. Thought with larger brushes you may have problems reaching certain parts of the model without touching any other section, this is not that big of a disadvantage since you normally should have another brush that can do it. Overall, I find that the biggest disadvantage of larger brushes is the cost of good quality ones.
  11. All Your Base Are Belong to Us

    Beatiful Bases. What was used to make the plants on the balcony?
  12. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    I would recommend into looking into artist grade metalic paints (golden, liquitex and so on). The fine pigment metalics behave similar to the normal hobby grade metalics, but they have some coarse metalic paints which may have interesting applications at weathering. Not to mention the intereference colours.
  13. cracks in paint appearing on models

    Did the cracks appear during painting, straight after drying or a couple of weeks after the model was finished? For me some cracks occured when I was painting in glazes and was adding the next layer before the first was trully dry, this caused the paint to slightly peel/crack. At the time I was also using lots of water and was trying to wet blend some of the parts, overworking the paint as it was drying.
  14. Mother Nature Bust

    Amazing work!! This thread has taught me a lot about painting, especially busts! In my opinion the inclusion of cats will imply the adaption of nature to the "corruption", this would occure due to them drawing attention away from the garbage. Whereas the lack of cats would be used to draw more attention towards the garbage, making it a far more significant part of the finished product. Personally I feel that the cats may make the bust look too cluthered, they would also destroy the contrast of the left and right side you currently have (The tree side has most of the 3D art occuring above the shoulder whereas the garbage side has most of it occuring bellow, I like the contrast this creates). I would do the mushroomts in yellow orche and burnt umber/siene colours. This would be used to represent nature healing or fighting back against human "corruption" (simillar to scabs forming over a cut). The earth colours would also imply the posibilty of growth (soil), and remind us that even the most beatiful flower feeds on dirt.
  15. 77161 Ghost King

    Nice OSL. The base makes him look as if he was surfing/snowboarding, especially with his pose. The lava surfing ghost!!! Lived an exciting life, leads an even more exciting death!