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  1. Fireteam Zero

    Hmm, maybe a yellowish/orche/sepia glaze/wash? Thought I would test that first, and see If you like the colour.
  2. YES! A different dragon! Paint a candy dragon in candy land, tasting the rainbow!
  3. I would like to see some pagan folklore miniatures. Especially the europeans ones from Poland, Chech, Lithuania, France, Russia, and the other countries in that area. Other miniatures that would interest me are: A lady ridding a horse (the sideways riding method) Dragons, or anything to do with dragons. (A Dragon Bust made out of Bones plastic) A bust made out of plants growing to form a face. P.S. Doesn't Micro Art Studios produce some Diskworld miniatures (and don't they have the licence?)
  4. Nice. The flower is a little too vibrant in my opinnion, could be sun bleached a little to fit in with the terrain around it All it is missing is a snake hiding in the grass. For the missing sun you could hang down a giant lighbulb a couple cm above the base, should be close neough to Australian heat.
  5. Funded

    Those Rauthuros are propably just throwing a party. Interpret that sentence however you like.
  6. Fireteam Zero

    I really like the effect you have on the flesh. I can't really say if it fits or not without first seeing how you paint the rest of the figure.
  7. Do you have some of that sceninc field grass (the long type)? If you paint/tint it green you could use it to add some volume to the "blackboy" tree. It looks good, but I think some more volume to the foliage would help it feel more healthy. I can't wait for you too make more flaura and fauna for the base.
  8. Good job on the paint job (way better than my early minis). I noticed you said you mixed your own colours. For mixing colour I would recommend artist quality paints (instead of hobby paints) if you are not allready using them. I found a good source of starting information on paints and mixing is: http://figurementors.com/the-science-of-oil-paints-with-kyle-kolbe. Even thought the article talks about oil paints, it is still valid for acrylics. A personal oppinion of mine is that having a matt medium is handy.
  9. Funded

    I have no idea but to me it looks like either : - A candlestick holder - traditional turkish water pipe (Hookah or whatever other name it has)
  10. Slowly the yellowish goo swallows the unwilling astronaut. Every frame it moves further up his boots. Soon it will reach his suit. Good job on the colours and sculpting.
  11. Do the eyes first1!!! That way if you stuff up (which you will, since they are eyes) you will be able to fix them easily. On some scales it may look better to leave the eyes unpainted, instead giving a dark flesh wash in the location. If you don't want to go into too much detail you can just make a upwards line of the eye colour in the centre of the eye. For more detailed instruction ctrl+f "eye" in: 1. In this case first means: before you do the skin of the face.
  12. In the myth about Herc killing the hydra, didn't the fire not work on the main/last head? Since it kept regrowing, Herc buried it under a rock or something. There are so many versions of myths it's hard to rememmber them all. I like how you did the base for the hydra.
  13. Please kind sir enlighten me in the technique. For eyes are the bane of any existence and should be studied and experimented on, until they are fully understood.
  14. I would have the eyes a pale yellow-brown highlighted in white (yellow orche mixed with lots of white, and highlighted with white), they white they currently have is to bright. The theme is nice. I like how you did the skin. Thought the red needs deeper shadows (a purple-ish or green-ish shadow would be nice) or maybe a highlight with some orange. Thought that may be due to my phylosophy of if you make the miniature black and white, the shadows should aproach black while the highlights should be near white (depending on position in relation to light source).