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  1. Disserrma

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    This. I found out in high school that caffeine has no effect, so never got into the habit.
  2. Disserrma

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    IIRC Arnise is coming in bones with Bones 4. <checks the core> Yes, she's in the female fighters number 95.
  3. I found a denture toothbrush at the grocery store that I really like using for that reason. Stiffer, bigger bristles and larger, plus there's a bonus edge that's angled. Sadly not electric though.
  4. Disserrma

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Just supposed to get a LOT of snow here...
  5. Disserrma

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    One of the members of our gaming group went in on Bones 1. While we were waiting for people to gather for the first game post delivery, he asked us all to help him paint a couple. For a couple years after that I would paint during our games... far from ideal situation and I ended up being the only one doing any of the painting.... I had barely dented the Bones 1 stuff when his Bones 2 stuff arrived .... So at some point around the Bones 3 kickstarter I (with his consent) took all of his unpainted minis and paints home with me.
  6. Disserrma

    77252: Beastman Warrior 1 and 77253: Beastman Warrior 2

    That exact comment was made by several of the other players
  7. Disserrma

    77494: Dire Bear

    DM asked for a bigger bear for this weekends game, so I painted this guy up quick Friday. I think he came out fantastic. C&C welcome.
  8. Next up for the new year: a pair of beastmen, who are most likely to be used as fey like satyrs. C&C welcome.
  9. Disserrma

    77284: Zombie Ogre

    1st mini of 2019. First try at painting up exposed muscle, etc. I think it came out ok, but need to push the highlight more. Also played around with rust a little too. C&C welcome.
  10. Disserrma

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    After seeing forumites with spreadsheet trackers, I thought that was a great idea. So, last year I sat down and went through what I had acquired; Bones 3, Old Bretonnian's gifted to hubby, a few bits a bobs picked up from over the years total (though not planning to keep the whole Bretonnian army which is the bulk of the number). And then well we had the chance to raid a relatives warhammer stuff and ..... well now is ...too many to count (Orc counting). Oh plus the Bones 1 - 3 stuff another member of our gaming group bought that I'm painting up, which is what got me into painting. While I'm looking forward to Bones 4 goodies ... I would be quite happy and releaved if it's delayed a little.
  11. Disserrma

    91005: Undead Outlaw

    I used field grey for the base color, a mix of field grey and stained olive for the lighter shadows and stained olive for the darker shadows, and then highlighted with a mix of field grey, olive green, and cloudy grey with the really light highlights just an olive green and concrete grey mix. Not using him for the wild west, our games tend to be high fantasy with the occasional gun wielder as the only tech we encounter. Just happened to pick out field grey from the new paints acquired, which was more green than I expected.... thus the duster ended up green...
  12. Disserrma

    91001: Stone

    Final mini of 2018. This guy was a lot of fun and ended up reminding me of the Mask.
  13. Disserrma

    91005: Undead Outlaw

    2nd to last mini of 2018. His coat was an exercise in playing with some of the new HD paints that I scored on Black Friday.
  14. Disserrma

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Those are from Bones 4 KS; the troll is from the troll add-on and the other is from the Dreadmere expansion.