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  1. Holy O.O The PO was rough with that box cuz it did NOT look like that when it left here.
  2. Ended up needing to wait til payday, so should go out tomorrow.
  3. I have finalized my selections and hope to get the box out and on it's way today or tomorrow. Pics of what I took:
  4. In possession of the GUINDYLOO box. So many goodies.
  5. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Awww I wasn't aware that this mini was the current painting contest mini. Oh well.
  6. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    First go at a figure with feathers. I also tried a number of different things with this one. I really like how it all came out. C&C welcome as always!
  7. Disserrma

    REAPERCON BoGW v2 sign ups

    I'm interested in participating again. As previously noted if there are people who didn't get a chance to participate last year and more interest than slots, please feel free to give a newbie my slot. Also, a big thanks to everyone that made this possible again!
  8. This guy was a lot of fun to paint, I really like his staff. Also I think I'm getting better pictures with my new set-up. C&C welcome.
  9. Disserrma

    77196: Familiars 2: Fairy

    Sinister looking pixie. The wings are done in the color changing green flash - changes from green to gold.
  10. Disserrma

    77371: Basilisk

    Done by DM request, oh dear this might end badly for us players.
  11. Disserrma

    89034: Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager

    This was a special request for a player. He was done as a Suli and has granite skin, water aspected magic armor and a wind aspected tabard. I think he came out pretty cool, the pictures don't do the armor justice though. Someday I'll get better at taking pictures >.>
  12. Disserrma

    02458: Liriel Silverlocks

    She was a lot of fun to paint, I love how the lute came out.
  13. Disserrma

    77339: Avatar of Thoth

    And this guy is the last of the Egyptian avatars!