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  1. 77125 Vermin: Scorpions

    For a little bit of a change of pace, I painted up this duo.
  2. Hugo

    The third mini from the Brigand trio (Gui, Bertrand, Hugo). He was a lot of fun to paint.
  3. Bertrand

    Another figure from the OOP Bretonnian army. I painted him up as an older Robin Hood.
  4. Torin, Male Thief - Dark Elf 03047

    He looks really cool and I agree that cloak is awesome!
  5. 77163 Male Storm Giant

    Thank you and C&C is always appreciated! I've been working on my shading and highlighting, I found that I tend to understate both and yeah skin has definitely been harder for me to fix this tendency. I will keep your suggestions in mind!
  6. Jan/Feb RPChallenge!

    I'm a little behind on my 3/week personal goal but here's what's done so far. Gui Male Storm Giant Queen of High Elves Bertrand Hugo Scorpions x2 Points: 8/8 Miniatures for January: 7/14 I'll update as I finish more.
  7. 02582 Queen of High Elves

    I really like how the blue worked out on her dress and cloak.
  8. 77163 Male Storm Giant

    I tried several new things on this guy and really like the way he came out, particularly his eyes. I do wish that I had been more successful in straightening his sword >.>
  9. Gui

    This guy came from a large number of Bretonnian miniatures given to my husband for a Warhammer army. He never set up an army, but after many years of sitting ignored in boxes I've recently begun pulling some out and painting them to use as tabletop NPCs.
  10. As I'm trying to get 3 miniatures per week done this year, this seems like a good way for me to stay motivated!
  11. 77566 Ogre Chieftain -- Working on taking better pictures
  12. Reapercon BoGW?

    Address PM'd to Fire Eyes. And oh hey I just noticed, I'm practically neighbors with Chaoswolf o.o
  13. Reapercon BoGW sign up thread

    I'm interested in joining. I live in New York, US. I have not done this before and just found these forums in time to lurk during all the Bones 4 excitement.