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  1. 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver

    Yea, the metal definitely needs work. Its not quite as flat looking in person.
  2. 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver

    This guy was a lot of fun to paint. As always C&C is welcome.
  3. 77131: Finaela

    First mini of March.
  4. The @Clearman box is on it's way!
  5. The box has been raided and will be on the way to @kristof65 shortly. Below are the spoils of said raid. Hoping those downstream enjoy all the goodies still in the box.
  6. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Don't forget about the Tree of Despair!
  7. 77015: Bugbear Warrior

    Here is another view of the loincloths. Thank you I will try using a black wash next time.
  8. 77015: Bugbear Warrior

    It's hard to tell with these photos (my photo setup is still a work in progress), but I didn't actually use washes on the loincloths. I'll try to get some better photos of the loincloths, but it's actually several layers that I painted up from darkest to lightest. I did try doing a wash on one to improve the appearance of the fur, sadly I couldn't see any difference.
  9. The @Clearman box has arrived!
  10. 77015: Bugbear Warrior

    To finish off the January/February challenge here's a squad of Bugbear warriors. Decided to try my hand at non-human skin for more practice. I'm pretty happy with how the skin and armor came out, less happy about the fur though. Also as per suggestion, trying out a black background. As always C&C is welcome!
  11. Invisible Hobbit

    Super awesome effect and great job executing the paint job!
  12. 77219: Grundor Hoardtaker

    The last one finished this month so far. I decided that I should get some more practice in on skin. I used @NecroMancer's suggestion from my Storm Giant and tried out a very light glaze of red and I think he came out less washed out.
  13. 77077: Finari

    My take on Finari. Her eyes were more annoying than most. It took quite a few trys to make them look like they were mostly looking in the same direction.
  14. 77228: Chthon

    After the Owlbear I decided to practice doing scales, and this one seemed like the ideal candidate, fun and simple with a lot of scales.