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    77196: Familiars 2: Fairy

    Sinister looking pixie. The wings are done in the color changing green flash - changes from green to gold.
  2. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    First go at a figure with feathers. I also tried a number of different things with this one. I really like how it all came out. C&C welcome as always!
  3. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Awww I wasn't aware that this mini was the current painting contest mini. Oh well.
  4. This guy was a lot of fun to paint, I really like his staff. Also I think I'm getting better pictures with my new set-up. C&C welcome.
  5. Disserrma

    REAPERCON BoGW v2 sign ups

    I'm interested in participating again. As previously noted if there are people who didn't get a chance to participate last year and more interest than slots, please feel free to give a newbie my slot. Also, a big thanks to everyone that made this possible again!
  6. Disserrma

    89034: Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager

    This was a special request for a player. He was done as a Suli and has granite skin, water aspected magic armor and a wind aspected tabard. I think he came out pretty cool, the pictures don't do the armor justice though. Someday I'll get better at taking pictures >.>
  7. Disserrma

    77338: Avatar of Sokar

    I really like the way the back of the headdress came out. C&C welcome.
  8. Disserrma

    77339: Avatar of Thoth

    And this guy is the last of the Egyptian avatars!
  9. Disserrma

    77371: Basilisk

    Done by DM request, oh dear this might end badly for us players.
  10. Disserrma

    02458: Liriel Silverlocks

    She was a lot of fun to paint, I love how the lute came out.
  11. Disserrma

    Reapercon BoGW?

    I agree with @Chris Palmer
  12. Where you live - NY If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) - No If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) - No
  13. Disserrma

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    These were displayed in update 93. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure/posts/2179368
  14. Disserrma

    77127: Vermin: Beetles

    These I used images of a variety of different beetles to make each one different, for ease of gaming and well it also let me play around with some of the folkart color shift paints I picked up . It's hard to tell in the pics, but the top one, green and blue ones are all done in the color shift paint, the blue and green ones I underpainted with various shades of black, grey and white then painted over with the color shift paint to get some natural color variance.
  15. Disserrma

    80027: Nightslip

    I wanted to do something different with this figure, every time I looked at her the cloak she's wearing reminded me of a flickering flame. So I decided that she was wearing a magic living flame cloak. I really like the way it came out. Her face though ... I hate her eyes and finally just said good enough.
  16. Disserrma

    77084: Townsfolk: Innkeeper

    The innkeeper another DM request to go with the grandma.
  17. Disserrma

    77088: Townsfolk: Grandmother

    I played around with my phone until I finally figured out how turn on manual mode. Then I played around with the settings a bit (still a work in progress) and I think that my pics are getting better, those the pics for this figure were still a little light when I looked at them on the PC. This figure was painted per DM request and not as a grandmother. I'm trying out shading some of the recesses with brown liner, let me know what you think.
  18. Disserrma

    Oathsworn Raven Mage

    That is fantastic <3!
  19. Disserrma

    77448: Werebat

    Another DM request. I played around a little bit with layering several washes with the reaper stone wash over a linen white base for the rocks on this one. C&C welcome.
  20. Disserrma

    77269: Mudcroak, Squog Shaman

    This guy was a lot of fun to paint and I think he came out really well.
  21. Disserrma

    91-416 Ogre Ballista

    This is one of the figures I nabbed from the recent BoGW. Our group is currently running Rise of the Runelords, so my husband the DM was very happy to gain another ogre. It is hard to tell in the photos, but the nasty looking sword in back was done in folkart color shift green flash paint for a nasty looking magic weapon.
  22. Disserrma

    77396: Olivia, Female Cleric

    Another DM request for a different game he's running.
  23. Disserrma

    80006: Dita, Steampunk Witch

    This is a figure I'd been wanting to paint for a while but couldn't decide on a color scheme until recently. Sadly the pics are a little washed out.
  24. Disserrma

    80006: Dita, Steampunk Witch

    Bout that .... It's actually a black background..... the autocorrect color filter on my camera phone just does odd things like that on occassion ;; Those were the best I had out of over a dozen >.>