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    77615: Fire Giant Bodyguard

    In the theme of fire giants ... This guy had been sitting on my table partly painted for ~3 months while I painted others (the longest a mini has gone unfinished). I paint for tabletop, but am trying to improve my skills for potential display. When I started several years ago I developed a LOT of bad habits (no prep, base coat only being primary). Shortly before Bones 4 I started working on shadows and highlights. I'm always looking to improve those skills, skin and metallic are my weakest point there imho, and work on other techniques here and there, this time I tried doing rubies. I also played around with a lava effect on his sword. I'm also still improving on photo taking, so some of these are darker/lighter than the actual... PS: C&C is always welcome, even if I don't specifically mention it. I may not always be able to immediately implement the suggestions on the next mini if I'm lacking the proper tools, etc. but I have a list of things to work towards getting. Next up in the new year; mold removal tools and greenstuff.
  2. Disserrma


    This is why I <3 reaper as a company. Sadly, I too am in the boat of already made my budgeted holiday order . Can't wait to see show-offs for those that get em though!
  3. Disserrma

    77261: Bat Demon

    The last of the demons finished in November. This guy had some issues with his fingers were stuck together, I fixed them as best as I could and then hid it with paint.
  4. Disserrma

    Bones Black Questions

    In one of the reaper live videos they discussed the different molds for the different materials, I can't remember which one atm. IIrc Bones and Bones Black use different methods to make the molds, so they might not be interchangeable.
  5. Disserrma

    77261: Bat Demon

    Thank you. The base color is my new favorite brown, got it from the black friday sale, sadly it's HD golden brown so once I run out....
  6. Got my Black Friday paint orders: 29803: HD Entrail Pink $0.99 x1 29819: HD Twilight Purple $0.99 x2 29820: HD Gem Purple $0.99 x2 29821: HD Sunburn Flesh $0.99 x1 29822: HD Suntan Flesh $0.99 x1 29825: HD Tusk Ivory $0.99 x1 29827: HD Griffon Tan $0.99 x2 29829: HD Golden Brown $0.99 x1 29834: HD Field Grey $0.99 x1 29836: HD Military Grey $0.99 x1 29838: HD Stained Olive $0.99 x1 29839: HD Maroon Red $0.99 x1 29840: HD Garnet Red $0.99 x2 29841: HD Witchcraft Purple $0.99 x2 29846: HD Spruce Green $0.99 x2 29847: HD Rich Indigo $0.99 x2 29853: MSP HD Rosy Pink $3.69 x1 29854: MSP HD Arctic Grey $3.69 x1 29802: HD Brilliant Red $0.99 x1 29842: HD Solid White $0.99 x1 29849: HD Umber Brown $0.99 x1 29852: MSP HD Dwarven Flesh $3.69 x1 29851: MSP HD Tropical Aqua $3.69 x1 Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Adventurer 29844: HD Blue Flame $0.99 x2 29815: HD Dragon Blue $0.99 x1 29814: HD Ice Blue $0.99 x2 29813: HD Bright Turquoise $0.99 x1 29806: HD Fireball Orange $0.99 x1 AND 12 Days Order! I managed to take a peek at the HD paints shortly after a recount/cart purge (I'm assuming based on the sudden availability of paints) and scored a bunch of paints that weren't available when I looked on Black Friday. 77503: Temple Dragon $6.99 x1 77494: Dire Bear $3.99 x1 77576: Female Sphinx $6.99 x1 60007: Sinspawn $4.79 x1 29829: HD Golden Brown $0.99 x3 29828: HD Woodland Brown $0.99 x1 29826: HD Desert Tan $0.99 x1 29801: HD Crimson Red $0.99 x1 29805: HD Burning Orange $0.99 x1 29808: HD Golden Yellow $0.99 x1 29812: HD Meadow Green $0.99 x1 29818: HD Nightsky Blue $0.99 x1 29831: HD Ashen Brown $0.99 x1 29830: HD Ruddy Brown $0.99 x1 29832: HD Concrete Grey $0.99 x1 29833: HD Ash Grey $0.99 x1 29843: HD Solid Black $0.99 x1 29845: HD Gilded Yellow $0.99 x1 29849: HD Umber Brown $0.99 x1 29804: HD Rusty Red $0.99 x1 Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Fairy Garland!<br>
  7. Disserrma

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    On the facebook group site it was mentioned that they might roughly be ~$10 some more, some less; but they were still working on finalizing that.
  8. Disserrma

    77262: Vulture Demon

    This guy was a little too tall to fit on the backdrop ...
  9. Disserrma

    77260: Ape Demon

    Finished painting up the last of the demon/devils from Bones 2 in Nov.
  10. Disserrma

    77260: Ape Demon

    I couldn't find an exact match. The D&D "ape" demon, Bar-lgura, does not have wings. I used the Nalfeshnee as my reference even though the description is a blend of an ape and a boar because it looks more like the sculpt than the Bar-Igura.
  11. Disserrma

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    He has actually already requested the Owlbear be one of the first. Plus atm there's a standing request for all the ogre/giants for pathfinder Runelords game being run.
  12. Disserrma

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    My spouse, who is also usually the DM, promised ... threatened? ... that if we got a mini and I painted it that he would find a use of it in a game.
  13. Disserrma

    Ral Partha Goblins and Hobgoblins

    I pulled these goblins and hobgoblins from the BoGW a couple months ago to paint as some sort of evil fey. The DM and I eventually decided to paint these guys up as Spriggan that could be used as Redcaps if needed. C&C welcome. WARNING: There are a lot of pics. The whole group The Enlarged Spriggans (formerly hobgoblins) And the normal sized Spriggan (formerly goblins)
  14. Holy O.O The PO was rough with that box cuz it did NOT look like that when it left here.
  15. Ended up needing to wait til payday, so should go out tomorrow.
  16. I have finalized my selections and hope to get the box out and on it's way today or tomorrow. Pics of what I took:
  17. In possession of the GUINDYLOO box. So many goodies.
  18. Disserrma

    77196: Familiars 2: Fairy

    Sinister looking pixie. The wings are done in the color changing green flash - changes from green to gold.
  19. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    First go at a figure with feathers. I also tried a number of different things with this one. I really like how it all came out. C&C welcome as always!
  20. Disserrma

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Awww I wasn't aware that this mini was the current painting contest mini. Oh well.
  21. This guy was a lot of fun to paint, I really like his staff. Also I think I'm getting better pictures with my new set-up. C&C welcome.
  22. Disserrma

    REAPERCON BoGW v2 sign ups

    I'm interested in participating again. As previously noted if there are people who didn't get a chance to participate last year and more interest than slots, please feel free to give a newbie my slot. Also, a big thanks to everyone that made this possible again!
  23. Disserrma

    89034: Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager

    This was a special request for a player. He was done as a Suli and has granite skin, water aspected magic armor and a wind aspected tabard. I think he came out pretty cool, the pictures don't do the armor justice though. Someday I'll get better at taking pictures >.>