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  1. Disserrma

    02242 Ian MacAndrew

    Love the tartan! Can't wait to see a WIP using that technique.
  2. Disserrma

    Maledrakh's Sledgehammer BFG

    Well done! Also the set was recently added to the previews section on the reaper site with a June release.
  3. Disserrma

    77447: Werecrocodile

    Now that I can upload pics again... The first miniature finished this month! This guy was a lot of fun to paint and I love the way he came out. Had a little trouble making the highlights high enough on the first try and had to go back and make the highlights lighter. C&C welcome and appreciated.
  4. These were a fun, simple miniature to paint up. I wanted to make them look like they were coming up out of the shadow plane with the shadow plane clinging on. I think they came out pretty cool, though it is hard to tell in the pics that the suckers are painted all the way along the bodies. As always C&C welcome.
  5. Disserrma

    Reapercon BoGW?

    Yay I can finally upload images! So pics of the miniatures from the box. Also @Chaoswolf I found a stow-a-way, the [redacted] of doom, and will be mailing that to you this week.
  6. Disserrma

    Reapercon BoGW?

    I managed to score: A Valiant Miniatures figure wielding dual whips, my first mousling: Mr. Moustopheles; whom the DM already has plans and ideas for making some NPCs familiar, and to my great surprise and delight, the Sophie! The box still had quite a few figures when I sent it back to @Chaoswolf last night. Unfortunately, pics will need to wait as I seem to be unable to upload any atm.
  7. And the remains are off to @Chaoswolf
  8. It's here! Oh my all the goodies that are still left o.o
  9. Disserrma

    77231: Rugg, Bugbear Leader

    The 1st Bugbear of the second batch. I did the fur/hair differently on this group and I think it came out better. C&C welcome.
  10. Disserrma

    77232: Mogg, Bugbear Warrior

    The 2nd of the remaining Bugbears. C&C Welcome.
  11. Disserrma

    77233: Kegg, Bugbear Hunter

    And the final Bugbear. C&C Welcome!
  12. Disserrma

    77211: Gauntfield

    I loved working on this guy he was so much fun. C&C welcome!
  13. March/April were much less productive for me and I completely failed to paint 3/week.... But I did manage to get a couple figures done and might get a few more done before the month end. March: Finaela Malek Elquin April: Kallaguk Gauntfield Rugg Mogg Kegg points: 9/9 bi-monthly goal: 8/24 yearly goal: 33/156
  14. Disserrma

    77267: Kallaguk, Troll King

    This guy was done at the DM's request. He took me longer than anticipated, both due to RL and I got stuck on some parts of him. I tried a little NMM technique on the spikes and nails so that they'd look glossy, that I think came out pretty well. Hope you like him! Any C&C is always appreciated.
  15. Disserrma

    Tools of the Trade

    Paint: hobby v. craft; differences btw hobby brands; washes; inks
  16. Disserrma

    77172: Malek

    DM always needs more awesome looking super villains to throw at us, so I painted up Malek. He's an awesome looking figure and gave me the ability to combine all the shading and highlight different aspects all on the same figure. I am very pleased with the overall result. C&C welcome!
  17. Disserrma

    77092: Elquin

    Decided to paint this guy up as the rich gloomy type and get some practice shading and highlighting gold. C&C Welcome.
  18. Disserrma

    77172: Malek

    Thank you everyone! I used all reaper paints on the cloak. The back of the cloak is solid black for a base coat, for the midtone I mixed solid black with ultramarine shadow, and then highlighted with straight ultramarine shadow. The front/underside of the cloak was base coated in red shadow, the midtone is crimson red, and highlighted with carnage red. For the underside I also used a black glaze under his arm for the deepest shadow.
  19. Disserrma

    Bad Squiddo Games Vampire Hunters (4)

    They all look awesome, particularly love the five o'clock shadow you did on the 2nd one.
  20. Disserrma

    77131: Finaela

    Thanks! Skin is still one of the areas I struggle with so glad you like it!
  21. Disserrma

    77131: Finaela

    First mini of March.
  22. Disserrma

    77133: Gruff Grimecleaver

    This guy was a lot of fun to paint. As always C&C is welcome.
  23. Disserrma

    77133: Gruff Grimecleaver

    Yea, the metal definitely needs work. Its not quite as flat looking in person.
  24. The @Clearman box is on it's way!