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  1. We had 7 orders, but basically did this ^ as well, just every couple of months v. every month.
  2. Disserrma

    Shieldwolf hard plastic forest goblins..

    Sadly, I just don't have the money atm to pledge. So, hoping they make it and I can pick up some later at retail!
  3. For Bones 3 they did. Picked up a graveyard expansion that way.
  4. Disserrma

    77144: Mummy (3)

    Quick paint of some mummies, what DM doesn't need more basic mummies. C&C welcome!
  5. Disserrma

    77168: Battleguard Golem

    This guy was very quick to paint up. C&C welcome.
  6. Disserrma

    Rogan, half-orc thief - Reaper 03278, Bones 77224

    I love the purple cloak!
  7. There are also villagers from the previous Bones KS already available in the online store that you might want to check out.
  8. Disserrma

    77492: Behir

    With a few exceptions, I painted than assembled.
  9. Disserrma

    77492: Behir

    With Bones 4 around the corner and the subsequent inundation of large and larger figures coming, I decided to try to paint one large figure a month this year. First up for January was this guy. He was a blast to paint up. I decided he needed to be shiny, so went with folkart color shifting aqua flash for the body (after preshading and highlight with dark to light blues, if I did him again I think I would have just used black to white shading). C&C welcome.
  10. Disserrma

    77335: Hordlings (the 1st)

    This little guy was a DM request... though said DM can't currently remember why .... C&C welcome.
  11. One of the boxes from this round traveled internationally. As far as i know it depends on if there are enough people willing to send/chip in for international shipping.
  12. @redambrosia I need your address to send this box o' goodies your way
  13. Disserrma

    77254: Beastman Champion

    The last of the 'Beast Mode' minis from Bones 2. The orb on the axe and the decoration on the shield were both done with a bit of wet blending solid black to linen white underneath a couple coats of folk art color shift purple flash. I really like these color shift paints, but have found that to get the most out of the color variance it is necessary to paint an undercoat of dark to light (light area will look like the color in the bottle and dark will look like the shift color). C&C welcome.
  14. Disserrma

    77251: Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian

    Decided to finish up the 'Beast Mode' from Bones 2. Here is the Minotaur, wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark corridor. C&C welcome.
  15. My choices: Box is ready to go as soon as I have an address.
  16. If you scroll to the bottom of the KS campaign page there is a section for core add-ons that show what is in Monsters, Demons & Devils, etc. Dunno if that helps.
  17. Box recieved! Stroopwafels removed, Thank you @Glitterwolf! My husband especially really appreciates these, reminds him of his Oma and Opa who are sadly gone now. They emigrated from the Netherlands when his Dad and Uncle were boys and this was a treat he got with his tea when visiting. And yes, husband made sure I knew the proper way to eat Stroopwafels the first time his Oma offered them to me . Now to look through the rest of the goodies and make our picks.
  18. Which one? I understand there are multiple that fit that description. We're in the middle of Rise of the Runelords (one of the aforementioned that fit said description). Thus painting giants is also in my future, though the GM just discovered that we have a use for the Roc coming up in Rise so ....
  19. Disserrma

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Started here ~3 hours ago and is finally starting to build up. I hear rumor that in the morning everything will be buried.
  20. Disserrma

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    This. I found out in high school that caffeine has no effect, so never got into the habit.
  21. IIRC Arnise is coming in bones with Bones 4. <checks the core> Yes, she's in the female fighters number 95.
  22. I found a denture toothbrush at the grocery store that I really like using for that reason. Stiffer, bigger bristles and larger, plus there's a bonus edge that's angled. Sadly not electric though.
  23. Disserrma

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Just supposed to get a LOT of snow here...