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  1. Currently hiding in the bathroom while the boys are loading gear into the car and I'm basically ogling the ghost pirates. I'm running a short pirate campaign right now, so I think in a couple of years, the ghosts of my PCs mutinous shipmates might show up to haunt them
  2. I have a gig tonight a few hours from home, so I will unfortunately miss the madness. Enjoy it and pledge, pledge, pledge!
  3. Ooh, I have (completely unrelated to this hobby) issues with that term I play in a punk band, bonehead is the term for a racist skinhead as opposed to regular skins.
  4. You can all relax now, you got your dragon fanfic sculpt!
  5. Look at it's widdle arms, awww!
  6. I already backed on the European pledge, but I guess I should look into it.
  7. How did you manage shipping yourself? Did you have it sent somewhere in the US?
  8. The obvious solution (which may not be financially viable) is to move the European hub to a EU country permanently or have a "pop-up" hub somewhere in the EU for Kickstarters only.
  9. After having slept on it, I feel better about the VAT. I will get fewer minis than expected, but at least I won't get a huge unexpected bill in spring '19.
  10. Ouch! Just checked the PM after the VAT email. I'm at almost 100USD in shipping and VAT alone.
  11. Well if they don't have ridges (like lines cut into the plastic), they would just be plastic squares.
  12. So they are unpainted? Do they have ridges?
  13. Well, not for me, but I'm sure someone will like it. It seems expensive compared to the figures though.
  14. In the immortal words of Tag Team: Whoomp, there it is!
  15. Nice little update from Reaper. It's so cool when people freely admit their mistakes and take responsibility!