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  1. Kickstarter app. Also: DARGON! ZMOBMIE DARGON!
  2. Finally an update while I'm awake! The last many have been while I've been bubbling away. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to wake up to that little K icon on my phone, but still...
  3. Right now I'm most excited about the statues. So they will probably be the first thing I paint.
  4. My SO has been overly excited about the hut, so she'll be overjoyed. I'm getting one as well, I just am more excited to see stuff that hasn't been shown already. I know they have to spoil some big stuff to get people hyped, but I get more arm-flaily about small stuff added to the core or things like the statues.
  5. You could probably make that really easily as well. Some sticks, some twine, an afternoon with a cold beer and lots of swear words.
  6. Yeah, the sorcerer dragon is bad broccoli too! And the one in a similar sculpt to the one you posted that looks sorta like a water weird.
  7. Yeah same here. I've considered having a bones skeleton in the car so I can always check scale on stuff I find. Oh, must go look! Also, here are the pirates with the starter kit knight standing in for Sir Forscale. And a barrel next to the bones barrels. Sorry for crappy photo...
  8. Just toys, there were a bunch of pirate figures too, they're slightly too big , but I'll use them anyway. Markings say Plastoy and made in china. The barrels I'm pretty sure are Playmobil. Those I painted. The rest I didn't touch. Here's the underside of the boat.
  9. I feel better, thank you! The rowboat in dreadmere is cool. But sometimes you get lucky in the consignment shops too. Check out what I found for the short pirate campaign I'm starting today :D
  10. Butbutbut. *Crawls into the corner, starts rocking back and forth, discordantly humming "never ending stooooory, ah ah ah"*
  11. Oh I thought I saw somewhere that the pumpkins were removable. Hmm...
  12. The mirelurk-esque one? Yeah, that's fit, but I want it to be something awe-inspiring!
  13. Same here. Don't even need the cart since there's one in the core. A pirate ship would be amazing or something really vile from the depths of the ocean to go with the theme.
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/162lqMlxiJLHxeP6-8LEWbGDTY8jFEK4xRi2m-MiyVcM/htmlview