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  1. Sorry, no. I won't actually demonstrate Rule 34 directly on the forums. Er ... Kraken is nothing like lighter fluid. I'll just say my taste buds must differ significantly from yours. NTTAWWT. And, finally answering the question for the weekend ... we picked many apples from our tree in the front yard yesterday, and better half turned the ones that fell and broke their skin into apple crisp same day (after she also did some painting - she's pretty darned awesome). Today, after church and pancakes, we're going to play D&D at friends'. Huzzah!
  2. Can't make pie because there is no room in the fridge to chill pie dough. Too many apples. FWP We will fix that after all the apples whose skin broke falling off the tree during picking have been sauced or transmogrified into aeblekage. BTW: My smallest are-you-a-kid-or-a-squid just said, "I think our apples are the best apples." I agree.
  3. Almost played Shadowrun a couple times. In the 90s, a friend of mine tried to get a game going but couldn't find enough players. Then, about a month ago, GodOfCheese and I almost got to be in a starter campaign -- until the GM bailed, claiming to not have time. <sigh> I'll just have to suffer with "only" playing D&D. Top-tier first world problem.
  4. Elven lives matter. Dang, that looks Dresden levels of good.
  5. The matrix has you.
  6. Definitely, things only went up from there. Thank goodness! If getting t-boned had been the best thing that happened today ... duuuude. Instead, was just a regular day of more email and work piling up than I can get done in a day. You know, the usual drill, but with added fun digression to talk to insurance people. Sarcasm aside, they were great about getting me an appointment with a collision place to evaluate damage tomorrow afternoon. Crossing fingers that aches pass with a good night's sleep. It's Bring Your Kid To Work Day at my office tomorrow, and can't disappoint my girls.
  7. Happy you got some rain! The thunder is a little more worrying since it comes from lightning ... and almost all the fires in British Columbia were started by lightning. I get you. We recently had to do a bunch of research on how long it takes for a body to reach various levels of decomposition. PCs in my game were going to be in close quarters with the wizard's dead familiar until they could raise it, not to mention the fact they were in a dungeon where they were killing things and only occasionally dealing the dead they left behind. Wait, what? Does Disney have Stroopwaffels, or are these two different awesome things you did today? Either way, good news. I learn so much on this forum! Some of it is even about painting...
  8. Doug - Yes, brown is a very good colour for a fedora. You'll be able to identify me by my fedora at RC.
  9. I might be seeing a chiropractor and PT if I'm not lucky. Was just T-boned in the parking lot at work. Low speed, and I didn't think I was hurt, but now I'm feeling sore on my left side. The other guy was good about it, asked if I was okay, gave me his insurance info right away, took a parking spot next to me so we could take pictures. He's on the floor below me in the same company, so I emailed him right away with the claim number after I got off the phone with our insurance company (he has the same insurance, so should be straightforward). Still. Elf-y way to start the day.
  10. @GodOfCheese, are you going to tell us what you used to paint them?
  11. Pray tell, where is @GodOfCheese when you need him?
  12. When I look away from the forums for a few hours ... So. Much. Happens. Okay, I just figured out (after a search) that this is the MST3K guys. Darn you!! Darn you all to heck with a ball of pink yarn for adding this temptation to my procrastination muscle! Good Omens was my introduction to Pratchett, and still the best. Yes! Dig it up! (You know, after you're feeling better, of course.) For no good reason, I now imagine you as a mashup superhero of Logan and Professor X. Did you ever know you're my hero? (I apologise if that brings on a Whitney Houston earworm.) I believe in you! And your regenerative powers. And, your psychic abilities. You're only under psychic attack, because you're otherwise unbeatable. Shake it off! On a more serious note, I highly recommend mindfulness meditation as preventive medicine for helping tame brain weasels and their various ilk. Also, if it lasts, see someone professional. That flavor of broccoli is not good to ignore. Ah! Your cabbages!! Definitely, though, I agree with eating at regular intervals. So, so much better. Ineffable genius. Recommend to anyone who hasn't read it. And, also, to everyone who has. Yay for scary sibling victory! Do tell! Yay!!
  13. I think the Harry Potter series will eventually be considered a classic, just as the Narnia books are. Movies or no. Life of Pi was a good read, explored the human condition, and I never saw the movie so can't even tell you how it might have been mangled. The Handmaid's Tale (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Handmaid's_Tale) has won several awards, is getting adapted into a TV series, but has already been adapted into an opera. If you want to see a modern commentary on oppression or the dangers of suspending rights to solve short-term problems, boy howdy, there it is. I think if you're looking for great literature from the last or current century, it's out there. Look into the winners of the Man Booker prize, for example, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Don't let the man keep you down!
  14. Yes, I think your first spec-tacular recommendation about this was Little Bluberry's inspiration. Ah, protective siblings are the best. I recall with fondness the look of fear on one childhood bully's face when he realized my brother is 7 years older. "You were saying?" If having glasses perched on your nose is the definitive "smart" look, is stacking glasses the "extreme" version? Twice as visionary! Were you just successfully trolled by Thes Hunter, or was I just trolled by you in asking? Both? Hm...
  15. Oy. It's the worst when you're sick but cannot rest. Translation: You are sick; empirically you always are whenever you say that. Have fluity of plentids, and ret some guest. Sympathy likes for you both.