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  1. Boo for deleted cakes. Yay for fewer foxes given. But, what happens in 2 mo.? Is this an ancient mystery like what does the fox say? (I'm new here.) I do stuff like this all. the. time. Yesterday, I'm staring across the entire dinner table and asking, "Where are the bacon bits?" Son points to nearest thing to my plate.
  2. Death to brain weasels! *** Raises glass of dark liquid with one tentacle *** Lousy bosses are never worth it. Hope you find something better very soon, LotDP.
  3. I'm feeling like this today: Also a little guilty for feeling sorry for myself, really, since it's totally first world problem stuff. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN2WzQzxuoA) When I shared the next bit with LIttle Bluberry, I got back the terrible news about her cousin for perspective. My condolences seem inadequate. And, feeling selfish for worrying about myself, now, but that doesn't make it go away. Anyway, not sure this qualifies as brain weasels, but I got my annual review today (okay, yesterday, since it's after midnight). You know that part in Brené's talk, about that one opp'ty for improvement that the boss mentions in the review, and you can't let go... ? Yeah, that was my boss for whole review meeting. Solid half hour or more about what I should have done differently, that cost me promotion, and that my trajectory had better start northward. I didn't get promoted, but good-boss had telegraphed that earlier. He had also done a good job with the reviewers defending what didn't land this year as not my fault, so I did still get a bit of a raise and a decent bonus (which I have probably mostly spent on ReaperCon, and second son's tuition?, so relief there). Can't blame him. So, the rot of it is, in my heart, I know he's right and I just feel like I've let people down. I really hate that. Which is strangely motivating for a perfectionist like me, but what to do about it I still have to figure out. Probably going to be a more introspective, less chirpy, perhaps-absent kraken for a bit.
  4. You're a light-resistant vampire rakshasa? Daaaaang.
  5. Wow, that grain elevator takes me back. Heritage building? I remember a bunch of them were being torn down and folks were trying to save them and cultural landmarks. I still smile whenever I see one.
  6. So pretty! But, I'm wondering, were you procrastinating writing, or practicing writing. Procrastiwriting?
  7. I grew up in a flatish place near a river valley, but we drove through the Rockies to go on vacation every year. Since everyone else did, too, nothing under 3000' was called a mountain. Folks visiting from Saskatchewan, though, would call our hills mountains, which we all thought was very funny. I've been trying to... but it's good to know I don't have to. <sigh> Will probably be focusing on work more soon. ' Yeah! Since visibility is so weather dependent, on clear days folks say, "Oh, the mountain is out today!"
  8. Skulls for the Skull Throne! Didn't someone recently get a bajillion little skulls from Michaels'? Well... you can definitely say you'd be painting on your vacation.
  9. Why do I always remember I wanted to go to bed early about 2 hours too late? <sigh>
  10. Challenge accepted. I know I'm a couple days late to the party, but: Marsala. Of course. No-one I know, I hope? Let's go out on a limb and just say, who's counting? On a more serious note, have you tried just dictating using Windows speech recognition? Used it when my arms felt like they were going to fall off if I had to type. You will need a heavy editing pass later, but gets some words out when arms no worky. Can't lie. That's the nicest rack I've seen in a long time, and so full! (I'm sure you didn't just stack it for the picture.) Positioning the water bottle up front for perspective and scale was a nice touch. Doesn't look like plastic, either. Is that wood? You daily re-earn your avatar's halo. :) Hm. So, you might need soap. Which reminds me, @LittleBluberry, I'm thinking if there's a Chaotic Neutral version it ought to include coffee scent. ;)
  11. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Doubtless better than my phone camera ones...
  12. Yes! I took a couple pics of crescent dappling when were 90%+ Talent only manifests after sufficient directed effort. ;) If you want to get better at drawing, then draw. BTW: I recommend reading "Mindsets" by Carol Dweck. It's a scientist's version of a feel-good story of hope that you can always be better. Fun! I think my better half got a picture of finger pin-hole crescents. I only shot the leaf trick.
  13. Sorry, no. I won't actually demonstrate Rule 34 directly on the forums. Er ... Kraken is nothing like lighter fluid. I'll just say my taste buds must differ significantly from yours. NTTAWWT. And, finally answering the question for the weekend ... we picked many apples from our tree in the front yard yesterday, and better half turned the ones that fell and broke their skin into apple crisp same day (after she also did some painting - she's pretty darned awesome). Today, after church and pancakes, we're going to play D&D at friends'. Huzzah!
  14. Can't make pie because there is no room in the fridge to chill pie dough. Too many apples. FWP We will fix that after all the apples whose skin broke falling off the tree during picking have been sauced or transmogrified into aeblekage. BTW: My smallest are-you-a-kid-or-a-squid just said, "I think our apples are the best apples." I agree.