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  1. Live

    I seem to remember last KS people asking for a cat dragon. I might be goofy, but I think that is the case. And personally, I would love some kind of animated Smaug variant on dragons. Or some big drakes, or whatever. Hell, maybe if they make a cool enough mini, it will be accompanied by a pathfinder stat block soon after.
  2. Live

    That is one very big bird...
  3. Live

    Speaking of minis, I dearly hope that Reaper chooses to cast those Kreegs' from the pathfinder line in Bones. Hands down my favorite ogres (or whatever they are genetically) ever. Truly filthy, nasty creatures.
  4. Live

    Dragon turtle. Hands down. However, I'm also loving the hut and Gauth, the core dragon.i have that one in metal but have always been a little intimidated due to the sheer size and pinning required so he has never been painted.
  5. Live

    Guys y'all are killing me. That hill giant is fantastic. And if I played any kind of non fantasy the scenic would be a must. I've actually had to make models of those for my friends who play warhammer and such. And I have Dance to look forward to? For real? My wife is so gonna leave me...
  6. Live

    Yup. My wife is gonna leave me over this pledge...
  7. Live

    Isn't it because we haven't unlocked the third part yet?
  8. Live

    Yeah I want that drago...
  9. Live

    Dragon turtle! That thing is freaking amazing.
  10. Live

    Reminds me of the Pastha from Gemfire...
  11. Live

    Real kobolds have fur. Y'all are having to deal with the Mandela effect and your lizard kobolds. One of my favorite things reaper does is hold to the true-mess of furry kobolds. :-)
  12. Live

    Dreadmere part 3, so frickin awesome! That catfish is awesome!
  13. Live

    My wife actively threatens to kill me over my figmentia. She DID let my kids get me Khanjira for a Father's Day gift, tho...
  14. Live

    Best solution is to get the core set... grab her, then sell me your set. Everyone wins.
  15. Live

    Baba Yaga was the Russian boogeyman mothers told their kids of to keep them behaving. If you didn't behave, Baba Yaga would come for you. She would take you to her magical house, and she would eat you. In game terms (pathfinder), I think she would be a high level gingerbread witch. I think there is an adventure path with her in it, but I'm not sure.