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  1. Hiya all! Just finished a couple of (plastic) knights, as you will noticed they are not to detailed, but the way I c it is practice for me, any constructive feedback is welcome, thank you
  2. Just wanted to share this collage pic with you all! Was thinking that it looks sick in all those color finished! Thanks for the advice glitterwolf! Will do!
  3. Good morning to all! Just wanted to said thank you for all the compliments and that your tips on shading will be apply on my next mini's, on my way to the post office to my mail box to retrieve my new loots and will start working on them... Thank you again and will keep you posted on my next try!
  4. Thank you for the link and will do!
  5. Thank you for the compliments and for the advice, I will follow through with it...
  6. Hiya all, a newbie and a rookie here, just wanted to show my 1st try, any constructive feedback is welcome, thank you