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  1. Is there still going to be a livestream? I want to make sure I don't miss it. We're having a mini Kickstarter party here, hoping to watch the end party!
  2. I wanted it to be big enough that the larger outer planes creatures could step through it. This is my favorite trait for a mini. One that not only helps create stories, but inspires ideas for more. I have ideas for more scenarios than I'll ever get to play or run. Do you mean there is literally a pizza cutter blade underneath the green stuff? Or that you used the blade as a template to get the circle dimensions?
  3. Paging @Dilvish the Deliverer, something something CAVALRY
  4. @TaleSpinner I think there a sculpt of yours that you were really excited about a few dozen pages ago. Has that been revealed yet? Or is it still a maybe future reveal?
  5. Thank you for doing this. I am using it to help evaluate and compare core set extras.
  6. Selfishly, it helps me feel better about the choices I am going to make anyway. I can't not get the core at those prices.
  7. Do you think they have dinosaur sculpters and artists who may have transitioned to Reaper who might be helping benefit the Lost Valley stuff? Or is this two very unrelated companies?
  8. Reaper's parent company is Hobby-Q (http://www.hobby-q.com). Hobby-Q also owns Collect-A, which has/had a line of pre-historic stuff (http://www.collecta.biz/en/collections/prehistoric-life). Not sure how much overlap there is in people/IP between Reaper and Collect-A
  9. I think that my newbie Kickstarter strategy of getting only those pieces which "would be a great deal if I saw them at retail for that price" might have been flawed...
  10. I didn't even notice that the first time i looked at it. That ads a lot of context/scale/flavor to the model. It's like a human hunter carrying around a rabbit from a snare. I hope it survives to final mold.
  11. Woohoo lady Giants! They've tweaked exact amounts of expansion amounts before, so it might not land exactly on $2Mil (i.e. might not be a full $65, could be slightly more or slightly less). Darkreach 2 was originally listed as $1,775,000 (at the time of DarkReach 1), and later tweaked to $1,760,000. However, as long as things pick up during this week as everyone expects, it won't matter much having $65k.
  12. I've been reading this metric at that calculation:
  13. Found the comments in case others are interested. Weapon options helps make him more interesting and makes it tempting depending on when we find out what the weapon options are:
  14. This is especially funny to me, because I have the previous Agramon (#77112) sitting on my desk slowly getting painted. The new one looks much more detailed with better wings. i suspect Reaper has learned a lot about casting in Bones since this one was made. Sorry for Photo taken with Potato and Sir Knott ForScale
  15. No fair! I'm still painting my first Agramon!!