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  1. If you want to give us any teasers or pics of the update (or photos that didn't make the cut), we promise not to tell anyone... Or we could tell everyone if you prefer :-)
  2. MUMLAK!! I'm hoping that Mumlak and the King of the Jungle will be similar sized. I've already invented a Pachyderm Barbarian King NPC for my campaign that I hope to use both figures to represent. One in his peaceful monarch role, and the other as raging barbarian on the battlefield.
  3. Tomorrow is update day! Can't wait to see what new photos we're going to get.
  4. Thank you. Not sure how I forgot this. I blame work. I'm so excited, he's as awesome (again) as I hoped.
  5. I hope we'll get to see the Minotaur Sophie friend. Have we seen a 3d print of Warchief Mumlak yet? I'm wondering how close he'll look to the King of the Jungle on the throne? Either way, I just hope we get to see a bunch of 3d prints. They're very exciting :-).
  6. It would also going to give me time to actually finish (more of) the minis I already have. I spent 4 hrs painting one human mini today. Even at an optimistic 8hrs/week of painting time, I can anticipate my Bones4 order lasting me 5+ years... I'm a little daunted.
  7. As someone who had two children with dragon picture (2D) mobiles I applaud this. But you might want to go with extra bright and extra high contrast color schemes if you want the baby to pay attention to them.
  8. Thank you all for the clarity. I've maxed out everything I wanted to pledge for in the Kickstarter and then some. I'm really psyched for so many of them. I think the Atrolabe is the only item I want but am going to leave till Retail. It's so pretty, but the other pieces with it just aren't calling to me.
  9. This is my first Bones Kickstarter. For those who were part of Bones I-III, do you think there is likely to be additional power ups and new surprises before pledge manager closes in July? I just am trying to figure out how much to budget for cannot resist new items.
  10. I placed my final order (unless they release additional power ups). I'm really glad I ran my list past Mrs. Rotiahn, because it turns out that I'm getting Dance of Death after all. It was the one and only item she remembered from the campaign and she was looking forward to it being displayed on an end-table or something. Now I've got to figure out how in the world to paint it well enough to justify putting it on display. I broke $400. I also broke $500 and $600. But I'm still under $650 for the moment. I have about $80 worth of bases, am I doing it wrong?
  11. Is there still going to be a livestream? I want to make sure I don't miss it. We're having a mini Kickstarter party here, hoping to watch the end party!
  12. I wanted it to be big enough that the larger outer planes creatures could step through it. This is my favorite trait for a mini. One that not only helps create stories, but inspires ideas for more. I have ideas for more scenarios than I'll ever get to play or run. Do you mean there is literally a pizza cutter blade underneath the green stuff? Or that you used the blade as a template to get the circle dimensions?
  13. Paging @Dilvish the Deliverer, something something CAVALRY
  14. @TaleSpinner I think there a sculpt of yours that you were really excited about a few dozen pages ago. Has that been revealed yet? Or is it still a maybe future reveal?
  15. Thank you for doing this. I am using it to help evaluate and compare core set extras.