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  1. Wow, bunch of great info here. Thanks so much for all of the responses. I just received a couple of D&D Icewind Dale Collector's Series minis (yeti and icetroll) that I'm going to paint up to go along with my reaper ice troll for what soon will hopefully be an epic snowy adventure so I'll see how I like the resin. I also plan on picking up a few Halloween themed minis to prep and paint before the holiday hits so I might grab a couple in metal. The Halloween Knight comes to mind :) As well as maybe Gauntfield and RAFM's Headless Horseman (not sure what material it is, the website doesn't specify). Like I said I'm new to the hobby, so probably best to just try my hand at all different types. Thanks again for everyone's input!!!
  2. Hey all, I looked for a thread about this but didn't see one. Anyway, what do people prefer to paint, metal or plastic minis? I just started painting and have only done plastic. I've seen pictures of some metal ones and they seem to have crisper details. I see they offer both options for a lot of minis on the reaper store, wanted to see what people think? Thanks!
  3. Is it unpainted? I saw it one their site but it only shows a painted version. Thanks
  4. Curious, what figure is the little pumpkin guy and the larger beast with the pumpkin head? I'd love to paint those up for our Halloween D&D campaign! Thanks! I've only done two minis so far my first being the dwarf cleric, a custom mold I ordered from hero forge. Below is my second the reaper ice troll. I plan on repainting the dwarf because I dropped him and his arm snapped off :(
  5. Thanks!! Yeah I'm definitely going to hit it with another round of drybrushing on the bumps of his back. I'll check out that color, I was just use titanium white cuz it's all I had on me. I washed the whole thing with nuln oil because that's the only wash I had/have at the time. But I'll look into getting some other washes as well. Thanks for the suggestions :)
  6. This is incredible! I just picked up the hobby. Have only painted 2 minis this far, but I just picked this guy up and when I see work like this I'm truly inspired to push myself in hopes of one day painting at this caliber. Extemely impressively!! I do have a non paint oriented question about the base? How did you get him on that base and make it seem so flush and flat? I'm about to base my second miniature I painted (reaper ice troll) and am curious how u made it seem as though he's on a completely different base than what he comes on. Thanks!
  7. I just got into miniature painting and decided to post on the forum to get some feedback and advice. This is only the second miniature I've ever painted. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out despite my lack of experience. I'm thinking of dry brushing his back a bit more for an even more intense frost/ice effect. I plan on varnishing and basing him as soon as the bases I ordered arrived. Any CC is welcome thanks for looking!