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  1. My Secret Weapon bag o crap arrived and was full of all the goodies I could hope for. Some of these are suuuper creepy and there wasn’t as many pure sci-fi bases as I was worried about. (The sci-fi bases are also super cool, it’s just not my genre)
  2. TheMandolin

    A Bunch of Painted Stuff

    That bone snouted Crocodile guy is sooo creepy. Love them all!
  3. I've been looking for this forever, and it had just fallen off my radar so I hadn't checked Amazon in a while until I saw your post and it was still on sale! Also I bought the expansion. I am very excited. THANKS! ALSO: I just got the notification that my Secret Weapon order (bag o crap) is out for delivery. Is it 5pm yet? I want to go home!
  4. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I watch a lot of various painting videos and tutorials. And a few movie/tv related ones (Honest Trailers comes to mind) but other than that, not really. Unless you count Critical Role. I watch that ALL the time.
  5. TheMandolin

    Faces are hard

    You should definitely contact them if it hasn't been too long. I bought some direct and two of them were damaged when i opened them and they mailed me out two replacements free right away, including the shipping.
  6. TheMandolin

    Warg - 77202

    Great job on the fur!
  7. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I have, let's just say a lot of, Funko Pops all over my office. On my desk I have Pusheen bluetooth speaker and a phone holder shaped like a pair of hands.
  8. TheMandolin

    Revarnish or Strip

    I don't know about the chemistry either, but my first round of Bones I spray varnished and they stayed tacky loooong after drying. I had primed and painted with un-thinned brown liner followed by reaper paints so it had to have been the spray varnish (which I can't remember, something cheap I had seen recommended for minis in general and bought before reading up on Bones) I re-varnished with Testors to the group I'm talking about above, and the tackiness did go away but I think the two layers didn't interact well and it peeled away in areas? I'm not sure how to explain it. Basically, a few weeks later I dropped two of the figures from standing and the paint on the edges chipped. I'm pretty clumsy so this happens fairly often with my minis but these are the only ones who chipped like that so I'm blaming the sealant. I haven't tested it since then, I just use brush on sealer now.
  9. TheMandolin

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I’m pleased with the extension for the same reason. I’m definitely getting Lost Valley now and maybe another Darkreach! And maybe Argent! (If we see more about it before the new close date)
  10. TheMandolin

    Das Schwarze Auge 15500b Female Sorcerer

    Following your WIPs is like magic!
  11. TheMandolin

    Frost Giant 77544

    I want to know this too!
  12. TheMandolin

    My DnD adventure group

    Nice looking group!
  13. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Mine is a Squirrel! A standard american gray squirrel. I read a description of the squirrel as a spirit animal in high school and I was pretty much sold.
  14. TheMandolin

    Grenadier Frost Giants

    Looking great already! Just a process question: Are you going to paint the hands/arms after you attach them or are you painting them now as you go along and will then attach them?
  15. TheMandolin

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I got into painting because of Bones! So I'm in for everything but the SciFi expansion, scenics (Modern and Fantasy), tiles, and the really big ones like DoD, Skeleton/Zombie Dragons and the like. They're so affordable that I don't mind "messing" one up with my paint job, i.e. i'm willing to try and paint anything in Bones form. Also, you can drop them and little pieces don't come flying off. I'm in for about 380~ minis and am at about 1.38 a mini (that may change, I'm waffling back and forth on a few).