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  1. Paint brushes

    Rosemary and Co makes a several types of synthetic sets too, I bought some of the Eclipse (in the usual sizes, 2, 1, 0 and a few filbert tips) that I love so far. They are a lot cheaper than the non-synthetics, but of course you have to factor in shipping. I bought them when I bought my fancy brushes so I was already paying the shipping and it just made sense. Obviously, I'm just a beginner and haven't painted all that much but they seem to be holding up really well for priming and base coating and I just use the cheap Hobby Lobby ones for drybrushing and sealing now.
  2. Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    Great job! Marking it for my inspiration folder for sure!
  3. 77565 Kyphrixis, Copper Dragon

    So pretty! Great job!
  4. Seconded! That would be awesome. Well, he's already awesome, so awesomer?
  5. Tiefling Paladin

    Looking good!
  6. 77129 Rat Swarm BONES

    The use of different colored rats in each swarm is a nice touch, makes the whole swarm stand out. Plus, I love albino rats!
  7. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Me. Did mine Feb 2.
  8. 50213 - Zombie Strippers

    The pasties!
  9. Weekly Bones 3 road to improvment

    I love them! The Paladin's armor looks great and I immediately thought of Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I saw the Sophie, and that was before I read your description, something about the face I think, she looks bratty I think the OSL came across in the Grave Knight although I think (says she who has never even attempted OSL) it might have been more obvious with a brighter red or even orange?
  10. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I find this terrifying!
  11. Dwarf with Wrench Hammer Thing

    It is a wrenchy hammer! Or maybe a hammery wrench! Either way he looks good!
  12. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Lol, I immediately ordered a bottle of the medium after reading your post.
  13. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I do consider it to be an unlucky day and avoid going anywhere (except work, where my boss is not swayed by the argument). I won't try to paint anything today, as I know it will just not work out well. I have not owned a black cat, I never open umbrellas indoors, I have never walked under a ladder, or scaffolding (which I consider to just be horizontal ladders) and I have lucky items, like earrings or shoes for specific things. For example, I have a pair of earrings I call my public speaking earrings, and the whole office notices when I'm wearing them, "Oh, I see you have Court today." Basically, I'm an embarrassing pile of superstitions and habits
  14. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    That clear Magenta looks fantastic! I'm going to use it on a paladin I was going to paint for a friend. I'm so glad you are doing this thread! It's awesome.
  15. Mouseling Druid and Beekeeper - 77290

    That little bee's face! Adorable