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  1. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Those eyes! They look amazing, they make the face look so dynamic! I'm jealous, I'm still at the trying to make little dots eye stage.
  2. First mini that actually means something to me

    I love the purple and black color combo!
  3. How long did each of these layers take you? Also, it looks awesome so far!
  4. Snow globes and painted minis

    This could end up with a really cool effect too.
  5. Snow globes and painted minis

    Yeah, that's what I did the first time and didn't find anything but the full search worked! Yeah, sounds like it wouldn't be a good idea to submerge them for that long.
  6. Snow globes and painted minis

    That's a great idea! I'll counter propose that. And still test on a skeleton. My D&D group are a bunch of lawyers (and one college professor). Properly presented evidence is sometimes the only thing that will convince them of something.
  7. Snow globes and painted minis

    I'm worried that its water resistant properties won't hold up to such a long term submersion.
  8. So my current D&D campaign is about to end after about 2 years of playing, and my group all ordered Hero Forge minis early in the campaign and they want to memorialize them by making homemade snow globes. You know, the kind made with baby jars, glitter and water/a bit of glycerin? But I can't help but think that suspending minis painted with Arcylic paint in water for the rest of eternity seems like a bad idea no matter how you "seal" them right? EDIT: I'm an Idiot! I'm over complicating this! There's an easy way to assuage my paranoia, I'm just going to paint a quick skeleton, seal it and drop it in a glass of water for a week and see what happens!
  9. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    That was my first self taught painting lesson, make sure your rinse water cup and regular drinking cup look VERY different.
  10. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    I have one! It was super affordable on Amazon and really seems to help keep the paint moist and usable (I tried a few times to paint without it but the paint seems to dry so quickly!) but if you try mixing washes in it, it runs all over place so I have a bag of bottle caps for that
  11. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    Also, I imagine the paint doesn't taste very good. So that's all the deterrent I need.
  12. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    Thank you very much!! Also thanks for all the WIPs and tips you post, they are awesome, encouraging and inspiring. Pretty sure I found this forum and Reaper in general, googling "wth is drybrushing" and finding your guide!
  13. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    That is very reassuring!
  14. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    I did buy two Citadel "Shades" (Nightshade and Violet, I know I should have started with a brown or black but they were so pretty!) when I wanted to confirm that it was something I was doing to the washes. I might also pick up some brown/black ones (I will look into Army Painter and Secret Weapon, how do they compare to Citadel? which is what my FLGS stocks by the bushel) as it seems like I am wasting a lot of paint making washes for one mini at a time. But I would like to get to the point where I can mix up washes, glazes and all the other techniques I see online for future use too! Side note: I have been shaking bottles like its going out of style and using distilled water and that seems to have really helped with the speckly granular paint problem! Thanks everyone! Now to practice applying the actual technique better.
  15. Trouble with washes - Newbie painter

    Ha! My friends have nothing to compare them to but I've been stalking mini painting forums for a while now and know they're terrible. But I had so much fun painting them who cares? Well that poor gnome's face might care but who asked him :P