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    Happy Birthday, Pingo!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. TheMandolin

    Mouseling Beekeper - 77290

  3. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I am well know for having the most decorated office in the governmental building I work in. I have about 40-50 Pop Vinyl Figures from a whole range of genres (from Mr. Rogers, Marvel, Disney to Hannibal), an art deco Captain America poster, A "Do or Do Not, There is No Try" poster (complete with Yoda in a suit) and a large amount of comic strips I've clipped from the newspaper and taped to my wall. Th'at's just to start. I am not sure if I am really supposed to have all this, but no one has told me NOT to bring stuff in, and I figure other lawyers have like, sports memorabilia and the like, so I can have this. Spring! Baby animals are the cutest. MCU - I would make sure Captain America never dies as I am relatively certain they're gearing up to kill him off. I would bring back Hannibal on tv. Sorry for the mulit-quotes, I've been sick and away from my Computer.
  4. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Recently I’ve been using a lot of Red Violet, Pale Violet and Burgundy wine but that’s because I’ve been purposely trying not to reach for my greens and purples. Everything works in purple.
  5. Awesome! The face is amazing but I really love the yellow shirt and jeans. Very realistic!
  6. TheMandolin

    Gudridr the Golden by RBG

    It did turn out great!
  7. TheMandolin

    Free Monthly Mini - No Bones version?

    That is a very good idea, which I would totally do!...... if I wasn't, like introverted to the extreme in real life. Currently, I've just been ordering one online, trying it (and realizing it was too big, or uncomfortable/whatever), returning it and trying again.
  8. TheMandolin

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    I really intended to get some grass tufts, or irregular tufts but I ended up getting all flowers.
  9. TheMandolin

    Grey Bones

    Bonesium or not Bonesium, they seem just as hydrophobic as regular Bones, so I've been priming them, either with brush on primer or brown liner.
  10. TheMandolin

    Free Monthly Mini - No Bones version?

    What pin vise are you using?
  11. TheMandolin

    77536 Female Wraith and Friend

    Looks great! I now have to buy Copper Verdigris!
  12. TheMandolin

    Travelling Court of the Brownie King

    What a great mini!
  13. TheMandolin

    Free Monthly Mini - No Bones version?

    I prefer Bones as well as I don't paint really paint metal either but that's because 1.) pinning seems very complicated to me, and 2.) all that glorious detail seems wasted on my skill level, but I'm really thinking of taking a shot at the halfling thief, his leetle feet are sooooo cute! In the meantime, I've just been saving up my metal minis for trading days at my FLGS since ended up with like 8 Baran Blacktrees (That was the month I decided to just go all in on trying to paint minis so I bought a lot of paint, and some minis, and like all the things) and various other metal minis.
  14. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    My pets, dog Klondike Bar and new kitten Mango. All my coworkers and friends are sick of looking at pics of my pets. I actually made an instagram just for Klondike Bar (@whatwouldyoudo4klondikebar) so I wouldn't clutter up my friends social media feeds. Also, anything that I happen to be interested in at that moment. I tend to get stuck on a subject, research it to an insane level, tell everyone I meet about it and then just move on to the next topic. Cliche, but for place, the Grand Canyon (especially at sunrise/sunset) is as magical as advertised. Vatican City was also beautiful but I was very young when we went there so the memories aren't as clear.
  15. TheMandolin

    The Orc, My 1st Bust

    He's so creepy looking! I'm excited to see where this goes!
  16. TheMandolin

    Hero Forge -Tiefling Warlock

    Have fun and Paint On! Long weekend project (it’s good to be a government employee) Tiefling Warlock Hero Forge mini for a friend. All Reaper paints (blood triad and imperial purple triad for the skin). gloss sealer on the fire, stone and horns.
  17. TheMandolin

    NSFW Elmore Demoness by Cyr

    Wow! She's amazing all around.
  18. TheMandolin

    NecroMancer painted a... Necromancer

    Love it!
  19. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    My Super Nintendo and probably my collection of Polly Pocket dolls and houses, back when they were really pocket sized. Actually, that might be where I started liking miniatures. lol
  20. TheMandolin

    First Time Miniature (Skeleton)

    Great job!
  21. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Someone already said Honey Badgers (who would certainly rule the world) so my money (if we can go outside the mammal world) would be on the scorpion, they're like the perfect hunter for their little sized world, imagine if we were all the same size!
  22. TheMandolin

    77630: Sacrificial Altar

    Nice! Love the little bit of blood, small detail that makes it look complete
  23. TheMandolin

    Female Bard with Lute from Dark Sword Miniatures

  24. TheMandolin

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    I kinda thought it would be late anyway, in my experience with KS, anything that gets shipped by boat is always at least a month behind schedule. Very excited tho!