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    Clanwars Mage. AKA Master Nurin by Glitterwolf

    He looks great! He's got a fierce glare tucked away under that hood and I love the bright bold accent color, really makes him pop! My vote is that the second set of photos came out better, the colors seem to stand out better.
  2. TheMandolin

    Black Rose Wars

    Maybe I am overlooking it, but does it seem like you can pledge for just an add-on? All I want are those cute little baby monster minis
  3. TheMandolin

    02616Traeg and 14299 Saramonde

    Nice! I love how you got all those little accessories and details (especially on the Captain, since she has so many of them) to to be so distinctive!
  4. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    I can read and speak very basic Spanish and understand a bit more when it is spoken to me. I took 5 years of Latin in college/highschool. I loved it but have forgotten most of it by now. I have a friend who is now mostly deaf due to an accident so I have been taking several community (i.e. the hobby type) courses in ASL and I would really like to take some proper academic approved courses in it. It's fascinating.
  5. TheMandolin

    Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden (03844, Jackson)

    The base looks great! And I love her! I love the color choices and her face is so expressive!
  6. TheMandolin

    77134 - Hajad the Pirate

    I finished the last of the LTPK2 minis! The last one I did was Hajad the Pirate. About half way through I realized my brush skills were not up to the task on blending the shadows and highlights properly so I decided to exaggerate them instead so he came out looking a little comic book arty. I am pretty happy with the end result but this mini was mostly a lesson in how much I need to practice building up thin layers and blending. Also he was an epic eye failure, so he's a blind pirate. C'est la vie Either way, he was a lot of fun!
  7. TheMandolin

    Pathfinder Iconics

    What a great group! I love all the color choices, the Druid is my favorite but they are all great!
  8. TheMandolin

    77134 - Hajad the Pirate

    Thanks for the comments and tips! I figure I'll keep mixing paint and eventually I'll get there. I've got lots of minis to practice on! Thank goodness for Bones! That is the guide I actually try to follow. It has been extremely helpful! My little gnome thief actually had eyes that look sort of like eyes because of it. Hilariously, I just re-read it and I realized that on the last few minis I've done, I've been reversing the steps and using brown liner to block out the eye area, and then painting in a white.....which maybe part of the problem! lol
  9. TheMandolin

    77134 - Hajad the Pirate

    Lol, you can tell I know my art terminology! And that is a great idea! I think I will add in solid black eyes, it'll look better than the vague nothingness there right now.
  10. TheMandolin

    77134 - Hajad the Pirate

    Thanks! I'm pretty sure part of the problem is that I am not thinning the paint enough. I haven't yet found the happy medium between so thin I accidentally made a glaze and oops that is not at all thinned!
  11. TheMandolin

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    only $98 more to go before I am ALL done adding things to the PM! Unless I decide I do want the Lost Valley Expansion.... and the Argent Dragon... and that Dragon Turtle is pretty sweet too.....
  12. TheMandolin

    Iconic Mythical Collection RPG Dice Sets by Kraken Dice

    I think I'm in for the Mermaid set. You can never have too many dice!
  13. TheMandolin

    Demon Hunter #77440 and Carrion Worm #77541

    Great color choices on the worm and that mouth (maw) is so creepy!
  14. TheMandolin

    Happy Birthday Hiddenone32 !

    Happy Birthday!
  15. TheMandolin

    Happy Birthday Ratmaster2000 !

    Happy Birthday!
  16. TheMandolin

    Happy Birthday Haldir!

    Happy Birthday!
  17. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    You can! They are pure deliciousness http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/sesame-ginger-chicken-meatballs
  18. TheMandolin

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Love it!
  19. TheMandolin

    Black Rose Wars

    Well, now I can't resist!
  20. TheMandolin

    Iconic Mythical Collection RPG Dice Sets by Kraken Dice

    I really like that they have an "Expanded Spellbook" Pledge level where you can get the set, plus the extras you normally always need without having to piecemeal it together. Should make the Pledge Manager a lot simpler!
  21. TheMandolin

    Mrs. Silence

  22. TheMandolin

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    To make: Ginger Chicken meatballs (found the recipe online and people love it) To bring: usually some sort of Trader Joe's appetizer, they have a great freezer section To eat: Deviled eggs!
  23. TheMandolin

    Happy Birthday Osugambit !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  24. TheMandolin

    Happy Birthday Ratmaster2000 !

    Happy Birthday!
  25. TheMandolin

    77183 Frost Wyrm

    I love the colors!