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  1. Jeremy-Smith

    Jeremy-Smith Sculpture stuff (Image Heavy)

    A friend and I may have been able to find a way to resurrect the Blackened Keep Bust Set. More details later. In the mean time, this was one of the stretch goals I was working on, but didn't finish till this morning.
  2. Jeremy-Smith

    Jeremy-Smith Sculpture stuff (Image Heavy)

    Thanks for the information, TaleSpinner, I"ll keep it in mind. And don't worry, I don't discuss client stuff, or sales. The only time I'll mention a company/client, is if I'm posting work I did for them, or if someone asks. And I never post stuff that's still under NDA. I'm really just looking for places to post work, as I'm available right now. I just started this mini's thing about 3 years ago, and since I'm not a big forums guy, I haven't really looked in to any that have the pages I'd need. I used to be heavy in to forums, back in my video game art days, but haven't been active on any forums in a long time. But this seems like a good place. People have been friendly so far, and I might get in to seeing what the other threads are like. Anyway, thanks again for the information. I'll be sure to keep all that in mind.
  3. Jeremy-Smith

    Jeremy-Smith Sculpture stuff (Image Heavy)

    I'm curious, since I'm looking for commission/contract work, are there any job forums for minis sculpting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Jeremy-Smith

    Jeremy-Smith Sculpture stuff (Image Heavy)

    Thanks so much for the comments. BLZeebub: I'm glad you like my work, and thanks for the compliments. I'll be sure to keep the KS information to the KS pages. SamuraiJack: Thanks, I'll look in to resin companies, and generally doing more research on companies before I settle with one. <TaleSpinner Mod edit in italics>
  5. Jeremy-Smith

    Blackened Keep Bust Set

    Hi, I didn't know this thread existed till now, and HUGE thanks for posting, I'm the dude that ran that kickstarter. Since it didn't get funded, I was thinking about a set of full mini's using these same characters, and until now, I was thinking about Trollforged again. I was going with them, as the price was right, and their example images looked great. Had I known about those issues, I would have looked elsewhere for this Kick. This is literally the first time I've tried something like this, so there's a lot I didn't, and I'm sure still don't, know. Like I mentioned, I'll be doing another kickstarter, with these character as full body mini's. I'm thinking probably 38-48mm, but I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm open to all ideas, and concerns about these mini's before I get too far in to the project, so if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, you can email me: replica63@hotmail.com or comment on my WIP thread here:
  6. I don't know if digital stuff is allowed here, if not I'll delete the thread. Here's a handful of stuff I've done, professionally, and personally. If the digital sculpt thing isn't a problem, I'll be posting updates with more stuff later, including information and images for my next kickstarter. Thanks for checking out my work.