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  1. Thanks for the information, TaleSpinner, I"ll keep it in mind. And don't worry, I don't discuss client stuff, or sales. The only time I'll mention a company/client, is if I'm posting work I did for them, or if someone asks. And I never post stuff that's still under NDA. I'm really just looking for places to post work, as I'm available right now. I just started this mini's thing about 3 years ago, and since I'm not a big forums guy, I haven't really looked in to any that have the pages I'd need. I used to be heavy in to forums, back in my video game art days, but haven't been active on any forums in a long time. But this seems like a good place. People have been friendly so far, and I might get in to seeing what the other threads are like. Anyway, thanks again for the information. I'll be sure to keep all that in mind.
  2. I'm curious, since I'm looking for commission/contract work, are there any job forums for minis sculpting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks so much for the comments. BLZeebub: I'm glad you like my work, and thanks for the compliments. I'll be sure to keep the KS information to the KS pages. SamuraiJack: Thanks, I'll look in to resin companies, and generally doing more research on companies before I settle with one. <TaleSpinner Mod edit in italics>
  4. Cancelled

    Hi, I didn't know this thread existed till now, and HUGE thanks for posting, I'm the dude that ran that kickstarter. Since it didn't get funded, I was thinking about a set of full mini's using these same characters, and until now, I was thinking about Trollforged again. I was going with them, as the price was right, and their example images looked great. Had I known about those issues, I would have looked elsewhere for this Kick. This is literally the first time I've tried something like this, so there's a lot I didn't, and I'm sure still don't, know. Like I mentioned, I'll be doing another kickstarter, with these character as full body mini's. I'm thinking probably 38-48mm, but I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm open to all ideas, and concerns about these mini's before I get too far in to the project, so if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, you can email me: or comment on my WIP thread here:
  5. I don't know if digital stuff is allowed here, if not I'll delete the thread. Here's a handful of stuff I've done, professionally, and personally. If the digital sculpt thing isn't a problem, I'll be posting updates with more stuff later, including information and images for my next kickstarter. Thanks for checking out my work.