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  1. Infamy Collectibles Kickstarter, large minis for painters and collectors

    I love a couple of the newest unlocks - the Badger totally looks like a mechanized Teddy Roosevelt.
  2. Dragon Bagons; CR10 dragon dicebags

    They look good for holding DM spare dice...also, she might be opening up some slots for more drakelings soon, which are cute dragon accessory/plushie things with the same design.
  3. Ask Mouse Anything!

    Nope. Unless she's secretly my sister >.>
  4. Ask Mouse Anything!

    Hm... a redhead would keep luring me into cheese traps to try and turn me back into a mouse.
  5. Ask Mouse Anything!

    Hm...Mouse's Marvelous Adventures. It would basically be about a mouse who turned human and did crazy things.
  6. Dragon Bagons; CR10 dragon dicebags

    These are simply adorable!
  7. Mouse's Mouslings

    I can't decide between purple and orange for her accessory color.
  8. Mouse's Mouslings

    So...worked on those highlights and shadows. First, I took the hand suggestion. Next, to show the front. Really happy with her chest and brim highlights, after much fiddling. The shadows were...a bit difficult. Not sure if I should play with the sleeves.
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    There is even an engineering book with the title "High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" and "High Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic".