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  1. Mouse is a (relatively) new GM!

    So, I'm overanalyzing every decision I'm making as a DM/GM, and I just wanted other people (more experienced people) to offer their opinions/guidance. I'm currently DMing my second campaign, with the first one on a pause until players become accessible again. I'm also running a less frequent Starfinder game (Dead Suns Adventure Path), but I'm not sure whether or not to include mentions about that in this thread. For the D&D 5E game, I'm running Tomb of Annihilation. I have the following players: - A Tielfling Warlock ( happens to be played by Mr. Mouse, who is the biggest rules lawyer I've ever met ) - A Svirfneblin (sp?) Cleric ( this player is having trouble getting into the roleplaying...not sure what to do for him ) - A Firbolg Paladin ( this player is great at roleplaying, but I can't seem to make opportunities for him to do so within the city ) - A Half-Elf Rogue ( this player is doing great, even with it being his first time ) - A Halfling Bard ( this player can't be consistently at meetings, but we have found ways around that. He does argue with a large number of my DMing decisions ) I'm a relative beginner at DMing, so if anyone else has run Tomb of Annihilation, I'd appreciate any advice you might have! I'll be updating this with bits from my sessions!
  2. Iron Maiden Speed Paint

    The torture set is abstractly spread between two SKUs, for some reason, so I don't know the SKU.
  3. 77506 Kobold

    Kobold speed paint! From Bones 3.
  4. Gravestones

    Just a quick speed paint up of some things from the Bones 3 Graveyard set. SKUs in tags. Painted using Rainy Gray and stone wash.
  5. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game

    Due to a hair wash mishap, I had to redo the face. I like it better this time, though
  6. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game

    Did some painting to try and get my mind off the flu. The concept I have with her is to try to portray the lantern as the primary light source. Critiques and advice greatly appreciated.
  7. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    So I do indeed have the flu. To avoid making my recipient sick, I will be mailing mine out on the 22. I hope that is ok.
  8. Sweet/candy exchange

    He's one of the Christmas series this year - just a cute penguin. :)
  9. Sweet/candy exchange

    I made some progress on the candies. Koetjesreep - OMG, I LOVE BOTH OF THE TYPES OF BARS! Oud Hollandse Mix - reminds me of my childhood. It's yummy! Lollies - I've actually consumed these in such a fervor so as to cause Mr. Mouse to take them away because I made my tongue bleed.
  10. I'd love to join, but I'm not sure how much I have to add...but I do have some!
  11. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    Well. I seem to have caught the flu. My mini will go out as soon as I'm over it. I don't want to handle the gift while sick, and end up passing on the sickness. I expect this to delay me no more than 1 week...
  12. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    That is what suites are at most hotels...
  13. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game

    Progress on the second survivor. I'm trying something different with her...
  14. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    Yeahhh, I'm pushing the deadline too. Sorry about that...I've caught every cough, cold and stomach ache to go through my office. I hope to ship it out on Monday...but I'll keep the thread posted.