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  1. I forgot to post pics. But since my tremors are too bad to paint right now, might as well photograph progress...
  2. My tremors are worse than usual today, so not much progess due to the frustration.
  3. Live

    Thanks. :) That, assuming heros are $2.50 or so and spue minis are each $1, puts the tanks at $20 ea. for the Garrison. Def. Makes it worth it.
  4. Just so you guys can see the effect I have planned... I might need another coat of the lava orange wash.
  5. We have color! The effect looks a bit better in person, though. Next I'm going to be painting each individual scale black...
  6. A white "wash" to ready the cracks... trying zenithal priming.
  7. And we are ready to begin...
  8. Well, hello there Ebonwrath.
  9. Live

    The nice thing about this kickstarter is that the physical copy gives you the digital copy. So you get the best of both worlds.
  10. A new Ebonwrath came in! I can finally paint my dragon! WOOT!
  11. Yeah, I wanted to avoid the Holodeck being related, if at all possible. And preferably, it wouldn't relate "it was all a dream" or some other nonsense. I want this to be a real situation. I like the idea where war puts the crew in the region, somehow.
  12. Live

    Someone should quote me if that next 35k stretch goal is met. I want the Sisters of Wolves starter army (for bits) but cost just doesn't add up for me without the 20 people per box, since I'm not a war gamer.
  13. Soo...apparently the new Ebonwrath (or head) is coming in today! Huzzah! The Post Office is really bad at updating tracking, btw. But now I have several things pulling for my attention... I think it is time to set up my work desk again!
  14. Well. Apparently I like the taste of the devil's bumhole. Unsweetened 100% Juice Cranberry Juice is by far my favorite drink...I feel weird now. I've not been gaming for long, so I don't have much. But for funny stories, I occasionally let my more experienced players DM when they get inspiration points and I'm in need of a brain break. So, one of them had his dwarf, a cleric of Lliira, throw a party. I basically check out for most of their little off-session fun, but I did catch that the druid became a bear that had the tale of the party painted all over it, the dwarf was caught away from the party and reveling with priests and priestesses of Lliira, doing the Thriller dance, the dragonborn somehow got 200 gold during these events (I'm still unclear about how THAT happened), the fighter conspired with a dragon cultist, and the gnome ranger...helped paint the bear? That's about all I got about their reveling. On another hand, my boyfriend is one of my players. My players were talking non-stop about these Magical Goats, and I wanted to mess with them. So, I gave them the first one, cursed to turn the user into a goat, to my boyfriends character. The druid instantly decided he needed it, and he swiped it. The druid eventually tried to buy a bag of holding, and ended up with an incredibly shady seller. Who sold him a bag of devouring and ran off, dropping another mysterious bag, after being told he had lied. The mysterious bag came to life (this was a player production here...) and granted the second magical goat unto the druid, along with an actual bag of holding. The third magical goat a curse could be felt from when the druid found it among his EMPLOYER's possessions, but he stole it anyway. Once all three goats were together, I went about my plans for the goats. The cleric had a dream that he must destroy "the goat" otherwise it would possess his ally. The dragonborn had a dream that one of his friends before he became a dragonborn (because his backstory was weird) was trapped in one of the goats. And the druid...dreamed of trees (this is relevant, I swear). The dragonborn woke up crying "PHILLIP, I SHALL SAVE YOU!" and went about trying to find the goat that "Phillip" was trapped in. The cleric woke up with a grim look on his face and went about attempting to convince the druid to part with one of his goats. Here, I will note, that only 2 of the 3 goats were to broken. One of the goats COULD have survived the great magical goat massacre. So the cleric and the dragonborn together manage to convince the druid to allow them to destroy one of the goats. The druid reluctantly says ok, and the dragonborn swipes the goat, and crunches down on it (yes, he ate the ivory goat...), and a shadow demon came out. After the shadow demon is defeated, the dragonborn is disappointed, and again tries to save "Phillip". Here, the druid hears the voice of the tree, telling him to break another goat. The fighter tries to reason against the druid, but...that just wasn't happening. So, upset, the druid breaks the goat that COULD have survived, hoping that is the one the druid was in (the dryad he was trying to free, I believe, was in the goat that was normal, and he broke the second cursed goat). The druid did eventually save the dryad (the tree), and the dryad whispered unto our dragonborn as "Phillip" that he was free to go to the great beyond. So...yeah...
  15. While I like this idea, I don't believe this is what my players are hoping for. I'd like them to be in the "real" D&D world. So, a hook I've seen in the show that is similar to the idea I'm going for would be the alternate universe seen in DS9. I'm only really familiar with DS9 and Voyager, so around that era, just for the sake of the DM not being totally lost. What you have sounds interesting, but I'm a bit lost on what you are referring to, having only seen *most* of DS9 and some Voyager. @lazylich Your suggestions are interesting. I didn't want to quote your post - would your suggestions work well even if I had my players create their "own" crew? That idea for handling the tricorders would work pretty well... For everyone: to put my request into context, my understanding of the Star Trek verse comes from the following sources: -DS9 -Voyager -Original Series: Trouble with Tribbles episode