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  1. jonaas33

    Kragmarr Pummeler 14648

    This was a super fun fig to paint! I'm not really happy with the eyes, and I think I might go back and add a black eye or a bruise at some point. I think that would add some character, as well as cover up the mediocre job. Otherwise, I am really happy with the rest of him. Comments and critiques are welcome as always, thanks in advance!
  2. jonaas33

    Ursula Silverbraid 03293

    Thank you! And no! I didn't see those, I love them! Maybe I'll have to come up with a badass cavalier character for her! Thanks, the one eye definitely made things a little easier! In all honesty, I wasn't quite happy with the pupil placement, I wanted it to be a little more inward so she would be looking more where her head was facing. But since everything else about the eye was probably the best I had ever done, I decided to just leave it. There's always going to be something that can be improved!
  3. jonaas33

    Ursula Silverbraid 03293

    I got a ton of painting in this weekend, and was most happy with this little dwarven lady. She was a lot of fun to paint, and had lots of cool little details on her. I might go back and do something extra to her ax some day, but for now I'm happy with how she turned out. Comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  4. Tried something different with this Fire Elemental over the weekend. I had already painted this fig in the traditional red/yellow/smokey colors earlier and had a blast with it, so I decided to give it another shot. I thought purple would be neat, so I just ran with it. Being a native Minnesotan, I'll be calling this The Prince Elemental after The Purple One. I'm super happy with how it turned out, and I'm looking forward to unleashing this funky elemental on a party in need of some soul. Comments and critiques are welcome as always, thanks in advance!
  5. jonaas33

    Jungle Titan 77502

    Finally got around to painting this awesome fig today. I was torn between painting it like a lava monster or a blue/green chameleon. I am running an adventure next weekend that takes place deep inside a mountain, so I decided on the lava lizard style so I have a little something extra to throw at the party if they are having too easy of a time. I am definitely going to snag another one of these to paint with bright greens and blues at some point though. I think I will also go over the feathers on the head along with the arm hair later this week to brighten them up a little. I wanted those parts to be the biggest feature, so I want them to look blazing hot. Critiques and advice are always welcome, thank you in advance!
  6. jonaas33

    Just a little treasure chest...

    Thanks, and yes it is! I've been running 5th Ed D&D games for my wife and her friend for a few months now. My wife has been playing for about 2 years, and her friend is brand new. I came to realize that neither of them had experienced some of the classic D&D tropes yet, so I wrote up a Super Dungeon for them to crawl through. It's an abandoned mine filled with monsters, puzzles, riddles, and traps. The Mimic was the first monster that came to mind! I actually painted this one in secret so I wouldn't give anything away! I still remember the first time I can face to face with one of those nasties (I still double check every treasure chest and get a little nervous around iron doors!) and I'm hoping this adventure will create some similar memories for the newer players. Hopefully we get to play it soon, but like all D&D games the hardest part is finding a free day that works for everyone!
  7. jonaas33

    Just a little treasure chest...

    Hey there, adventurer! I'm just a friendly little treasure chest. Why don't you slowly reach in and grab a few coins...BLAGHABLAGHABLAH!!!
  8. jonaas33

    Barrow Warden Lord 03653

    Thank you for the advice, Doug! It is very much appreciated! I'll mess around with all of this over the weekend after I run the D&D game. As much as I'd love to learn more in person, ReaperCon isn't going to happen for me this year. It is definitely a goal of mine to make it eventually though!
  9. jonaas33

    Barrow Warden Lord 03653

    Thanks Iridil! That has been a consistent problem for me, one I haven't been able to fix despite trying a bunch of things. The lighting in my house is really bad, but I bought a lamp to try to help out when I take pictures. Clearly it isn't working very well. I've seen some pretty neat "light boxes" here, but my efforts to build my own failed pretty comically. It's actually at the point where I haven't shared a lot of my painted figs because they look pretty crappy in the bad light. I'd appreciate any advice on remedying this!
  10. jonaas33

    Barrow Warden Lord 03653

    Painted this ghostly ghoul for my players to fight this weekend. The purple highlights on the cloak didn't come out vibrant as I had hoped, but I think it still looks pretty good. I was really happy with the rusted armor, although it didn't get captured in the pics very well. The sword is supposed to look like it was glowing blue, but I got lazy near the end and sort of skipped it. I'm planning on going back some day to add that effect, but for now I'll consider it done. I would appreciate any critiques and advice. Thanks in advance!
  11. jonaas33

    Brass Bull 77256

    Whipped up this fig in about 45 minutes and am really happy with how it turned out. Going to use it as a Gorgon in an upcoming adventure. I feel like I could have spent another hour or two on it, but that probably would have ended up making it look worse rather than better. Sometimes leaving a fig alone is the best bet. Comments and critiques are welcome as always. Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm running a goofy D&D adventure where the party members will interact and fight with a bunch of NPC's and monsters based on cereal mascots. This surly fellow is a disgraced military sailor turned berry and peanut butter merchant known as Captain Crunch. I'm working on Clay Golem 77170 as Frankenberry, Vampire 77282 as Count Chocula, Werewolf 77464 as the Cookie Crisp Wolf, and a host of specters to be an army of Booberries. I'll be looking out for a cool leprechaun to eventually introduce as Lucky from Lucky Charms, as well as some halfling wizards to be Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Overall, Captain Crunch turned out pretty decent. Some touch ups will probably happen in the future, but I was really happy with how the blue and gold color scheme looked on the fig. The beads/jewels in the beard are far too light currently, so I will probably go over them again next weekend. They are currently a bright gold, but I wouldn't be opposed to changing colors completely. Critiques and advice are always welcome. Thanks in advance!
  13. I will never not laugh at that cartoon. And the paint job turned out excellent. Great work all around!
  14. jonaas33

    Torg, Orc Stalker 14602

    The weather is basically perfect, so I have been outside painting and writing D&D adventures while enjoying the sunshine! I got this bad dude finished a little bit ago and I am pretty proud of how he turned out. I will probably go back and touch a few things up later on, but right now I would appreciate any critiques and advice. Thanks in advance!
  15. jonaas33

    Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    Haha, thanks! A Killface conversion would be awesome! And Iron Golem 77514 painted up like one of the Xtacles could be worth a try too! Boosh! Thank you! And yeah, he's really intimidating! The sculpt is just so cool looking, you really want to put forth your best effort, which can make it hard to even start. It sat on my shelf for so long because I couldn't build up the courage to get going on it. I rarely get a full day to paint, so if that stupid snow storm hadn't hit us, it probably would still be up there.