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  1. Thanks! I was going for the Konami Code on this one. It's partly legible, but it still looks OK as runes.
  2. Painted this guy last weekend. Highlighting is still a problem for me, but I still like the way he turned out. I plan on touching up a lot of the paint next weekend, and eventually going over the parchment again to update the writing, but for now it will do. Any tips on doing small runes or letters would be appreciated. Thanks as always!
  3. This is the very first fig that I ever bought, 8 or 9 years ago. It was for my first D&D session with some close friends, and I fell in love with the game on the spot. This character has gone through a lot: demonic armor possession, lost both of his eyes, had a hole punched through his chest, died 3 times, came back as a zombie, body taken over by a lich, and currently resurrected in the body of a half-ogre. I have a new fig for the character and his new body, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. I finally got around to painting him over the weekend. His eyes are a little googly, and the attempt at highlighting didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I'm glad he turned out OK. Tips on highlighting would be most appreciated, as that's what I was trying out on this one. Thanks as always!
  4. This is the first large fig that I painted a few weeks ago. I did a matte varnish on it shortly after, but would like to add some highlights at some point. Does paint stick to varnish well or should I just skip the highlights? I was going for a black dragon look, since I've got an adventure planned that features one. I have been practicing with my photo taking, but haven't found a good spot in the house that has decent lighting. Hopefully this one turned out OK without too many distracting elements. As always, I appreciate any advice and critiques. Thank you!
  5. Ah, that broccoli bit makes sense now, thank you. I'll check at my LGS for some of the larger bases and then Hobby Lobby this week to look for some grass or dirt effects.
  6. A fellow newbie here! I started off by watching Dr. Faust painting tutorials on YouTube, they were full of good advice. The Warhammer TV Facebook page also a bunch of 1-2 minute "quick tip" videos that were pretty neat. I spent a lot of time stalking these forums and found tons of friendly and helpful tips. The best thing for me has been to just post my progress and ask as many questions as I can, everyone here has been really great! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more!
  7. Thanks for the advice! Can I add highlights even after I put a sealer on, or will the paint not stick as well? Where would be a good place to get "broccoli" and all of the other cool stuff I see on bases? Do local game stores usually have It? Or craft stores? Or is it something that you guys make on your own?
  8. This is an ogre that I painted last weekend. He's leaning forward a little more than I wanted, but I think I will eventually reposition him on a new base. I've seen a few spots on the forums on base building, but I don't really know where to begin. If anyone has any tips on the basics, I'd love to hear them. And as always, I appreciate any advice/critiques on the painting! Thanks!
  9. Hahaha, great! Now every time the party has to fight a sea monster, all I'm going to think about is them waving their hands in the air like they just don't care!
  10. Thanks! I really appreciate the advice, I'll definitely keep that in mind for the future! I'm typically just taking the pics with my tablet, but I'll look into printing off some backdrops and being more mindful of the lighting. That one was just taken in my basement, so I can definitely improve there! I'm probably just going to cut the base off of that guy at some point, but I'll use that boiling water trick for sure. Thanks again!
  11. Holy smokes, that looks awesome! What kind of brush did you use for the writing in the book? Every time I paint something like that it runs together and looks all mishmashed. But that turned out amazing!
  12. Painted this guy while practicing my drybrushing and paint blending. I think he turned out pretty cool, although I accidently stripped a little paint off the base because I touched it too soon after adding the matte varnish! Lesson learned: let them sit a bit after spraying varnish. As always, I appreciate advice and critiques. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the advice! I haven't added varnish to my repertoire yet, but I will pick some up this weekend. Any suggestions on brand/type?
  14. This is one of the first minis that I have painted. Pretty proud of how it turned out, but I obviously have a lot of learning and practice ahead of me. I'd appreciate any critiques and advice! Thank you!