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  1. jonaas33

    Brass Bull 77256

    Whipped up this fig in about 45 minutes and am really happy with how it turned out. Going to use it as a Gorgon in an upcoming adventure. I feel like I could have spent another hour or two on it, but that probably would have ended up making it look worse rather than better. Sometimes leaving a fig alone is the best bet. Comments and critiques are welcome as always. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm running a goofy D&D adventure where the party members will interact and fight with a bunch of NPC's and monsters based on cereal mascots. This surly fellow is a disgraced military sailor turned berry and peanut butter merchant known as Captain Crunch. I'm working on Clay Golem 77170 as Frankenberry, Vampire 77282 as Count Chocula, Werewolf 77464 as the Cookie Crisp Wolf, and a host of specters to be an army of Booberries. I'll be looking out for a cool leprechaun to eventually introduce as Lucky from Lucky Charms, as well as some halfling wizards to be Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Overall, Captain Crunch turned out pretty decent. Some touch ups will probably happen in the future, but I was really happy with how the blue and gold color scheme looked on the fig. The beads/jewels in the beard are far too light currently, so I will probably go over them again next weekend. They are currently a bright gold, but I wouldn't be opposed to changing colors completely. Critiques and advice are always welcome. Thanks in advance!
  3. I will never not laugh at that cartoon. And the paint job turned out excellent. Great work all around!
  4. jonaas33

    Torg, Orc Stalker 14602

    The weather is basically perfect, so I have been outside painting and writing D&D adventures while enjoying the sunshine! I got this bad dude finished a little bit ago and I am pretty proud of how he turned out. I will probably go back and touch a few things up later on, but right now I would appreciate any critiques and advice. Thanks in advance!
  5. jonaas33

    Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    Haha, thanks! A Killface conversion would be awesome! And Iron Golem 77514 painted up like one of the Xtacles could be worth a try too! Boosh! Thank you! And yeah, he's really intimidating! The sculpt is just so cool looking, you really want to put forth your best effort, which can make it hard to even start. It sat on my shelf for so long because I couldn't build up the courage to get going on it. I rarely get a full day to paint, so if that stupid snow storm hadn't hit us, it probably would still be up there.
  6. jonaas33

    Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    The one good thing about being snowed in over a weekend is that I had nothing to do but paint. I ordered this giant a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to get started. Turns out a random April snow storm was just the excuse I needed! My original plan was to make him albino, with skin like burned charcoal or ash. After I did the 2nd layer of greys, I decided that I really liked the stony look, and left it. I went with a black beard with orange tips to resemble candle wicks that have just burned out. Overall I think skin and beard combo make him look older/wiser/angrier. Critiques and advice are always welcome! Thanks in advance!
  7. jonaas33

    Leisynn, Mercenary Mage 77174

    Painted this fig last night for an upcoming adventure. I've needed a generic evil wizard for a while now. I found this guy at my local game store and decided he would be perfect. I did have some grand plans with his spell book that didn't turn out. I was planning on making script on one page that looked like it was glowing starting at the top left, and continuing until about the middle of the page as if the words were magically glowing as he cast a spell. The results ended up looking like the script was squiggly lines with green slime spilled on them. Other than that, I'm really happy with how he turned out. Advice and critiques welcome as always! Thanks in advance!
  8. jonaas33

    Mountain Troll 77333

    Painted up this Mountain Troll up over the weekend. I decided to go with an Ice Troll look, and I think it turned out pretty nice. I normally paint my main colors and then use a heavy wash to bring out the details, but this time I tried something different for his skin. I used a light gray base coat over all of the skin areas, then dry brushed two layers of blue on the back/arms, and some bone color on the stomach and chest. I really like how it turned out, but it made touch ups from the armor pretty tricky. I also noticed some pretty bad mold lines after I took the pictures, so I need to be more careful before I start painting to those up. Overall, I really enjoyed painting this fig and look forward to unleashing him on a party of adventurers! Critiques and advice are always welcome! Thanks in advance!
  9. jonaas33

    Minotaur 77013

    Thank you for the advice! The cork seems like really simple but effective idea. I might tinker with it when I get myself caught up on painting (if that will ever happen!) or if I have a spare hour or two on a weekend (slightly more likely). I've tried highlighting a few times, mostly to terrible or middling effect. I know it's supposed to make parts of the fig pop, but it has usually just made it look like it has extra paint smeared around on it. I'll keep working on it though! Hey, a job is a job! Probably better than wandering around in a labyrinth!
  10. jonaas33

    Minotaur 77013

    Painted up this minotaur over the weekend for an upcoming adventure. I might go back and add some highlights in the future, but I've been pressed for time lately and have just been trying to churn figs out. His eyes are supposed to be plain white, he's a blind minotaur working for a Rakshasa that steals eyesight from unlucky adventurers. He'll be using those big weapons to chop veggies and prepare a meal for the Rakshasa, but if the party can't sneak through the kitchen they may end up on the menu. Critiques and advice welcome as always! Please note that I'm not even going to attempt making a base for this one. I'm not confident enough in my painting yet, and want to get that down before I move on the next step of building up those cool bases that I see all over these forums. Thanks in advance!
  11. jonaas33

    Hanseth Dimguard, Cleric 03469

    Whipped this guy up for a cleric character that I'm playing this weekend. The fig itself is awesome. The free hand on the cloak is all nonsense, just felt like adding a little extra with all of the empty space provided on the back. I might go back and repaint it once I flesh out the character more. Critiques and advice always welcome!
  12. jonaas33

    Kar Drakir, Reptus Dragonman 03316

    Thanks Glitterwolf! Photography is definitely not my strong suit, but I'm working on it! I added a couple of new pics that I took with better lighting this morning!
  13. jonaas33

    Kar Drakir, Reptus Dragonman 03316

    I painted this fig over the weekend. I typically stick with the bones material, but I liked this fig so much I splurged for the metal version. I went with a red color scheme for a dragonborn character that I rolled up for an upcoming adventure. I like how the gold armor goes with the reddish brown skin, but if I had to do it over, I would have chosen a more vibrant purple for the shield and cloth bits of the tunic. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I can definitely see myself getting a few more of these and doing them with color schemes for all of the other types of dragons. Comments and critiques are welcome as always! Thank you!
  14. jonaas33

    Kev!'s Eyebeast Conversion

    "Hey! You got manticore in my beholder!" "Well you got beholder in my manticore!" -Two evil wizards who are now very happy
  15. jonaas33

    Cinder - Brown and Yellow

    Those wings are fantastic!