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  1. Ghost King 77161

    Whipped this Ghost King up while I was taking a break from writing up an adventure. Blue is my favorite color, and I decided to dive in head first with all of my different blue paints. This is the first time I have tried adding high lights on the cloaks, and I think it made a huge difference. Critiques and advice welcome as always, especially advice on high lights. Thanks in advance!
  2. Frog Troll (Ice Troll 77344)

    Painted this troll for an upcoming adventure. The party will be fighting a bunch of trolls in a swamp, and while I loved this Ice Troll fig, traditional blues and whites for an ice troll wouldn't fit the game. I modeled the colors after leopard frogs, as I've always loved the greens and browns together for a swampy atmosphere. If I had to do it over again, I would probably make the brown spots on his arms and legs a little bigger and more prominent, as they turned into my favorite part. I'll need a lot more trolls for this battle, so I'll most likely model the painting after this one. Comments and advice are welcome as always. Thank you!
  3. Frog Troll (Ice Troll 77344)

    Thanks! Good call on those chompers, I will go over them with some white tonight to make them stand out more. Any thoughts on a varnish or finish? I usually use Testors Dullcote, but I think that would dull it a little too much, and I want the fig to look slimy.
  4. Inarah's End of Year Clearance

    Thanks Pingo and Inarah! Seeing it blank makes the work you've done so far even more impressive! The detail on her apron is top notch!
  5. Inarah's End of Year Clearance

    That Grandma fig is awesome, what is it from? I have a badass old grandma NPC in my games and would love to have an appropriate mini for her, and that one would be perfect. Your paintjob looks very Christmasy so far, looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.
  6. Dwarf Brewer 77461

    Painted this dwarf last night and was pretty happy with how he turned out. I free-handed some patterns on his cloak that turned out OK, but I was mostly proud of how the color scheme ended up looking. If I had to do it over, I would make the boots a different color, as well as use a lighter pink with the plaid. Critiques and advice always welcome, thanks!
  7. Townsfolk: Undertaker

    I recently bought a desk lamp from target for $5 that I started using for lighting when I take pictures. My house has terrible light, but this way I don't have use the flash on my phone or tablet. Nothing fancy or professional, but it made a major difference. The fig looks awesome!
  8. Fire Giant Warrior 77178

    I painted this fire giant over the last few days. I had some grand plans on making this guy really unique: lighter skin to make it look like old charcoal or ash, a gold sword, bright and intense glowing from those balls and chains on his belt. Needless to say, those plans changed greatly during execution. The light skin tone made him look like a zombie, the ball and chain looked like scrambled eggs, and I didn't even bother with a gold sword. This is one I really wish I had done a Work In Progress post to ask for advice on getting those ideas to really pop on the figure. He ended up pretty generic, but at least a generic fire giant still looks pretty cool. I'm hoping to retry some of my wild ideas on a different fire giant in the future, and I will definitely have a WIP post to help me along the way. Critiques and advice are welcome and appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Dwarf Brewer 77461

    Thanks everyone! This guy was a ton of fun to paint, I highly recommend giving him a try. There a ton of little details like the mug that were a challenge, but his clothes, beard, and keg offer a lot of room for adding your own personal touch.
  10. Fire Giant Warrior 77178

    Thank you for advice! I usually wait until the end to make any changes, but the light skin looked sooooo bad with everything else. It really clashed with the silver and gold metals, and made for an ugly color scheme. I plan on using the ashy/coal look for the Fire Giant Jailor, with more black on the armor and weaponry. I think it'll be really neat, but for this fig it just didn't seem like the right call. Does anyone know when the Jailor will be available for retail purchase? I just got into painting a few months ago, so I have missed all of the kickstarters so far and have been relying on my LGS for all figs and paints. I will definitely be in on the next one though!
  11. Sir Conlan 77200

    Greetings! This post and pics are less about bragging and more about posterity. I finished this guy up tonight and was pretty happy with how it turned out. However, it wasn't exactly how it hoped it would look. This is one of my favorite figs I bought in a long time, and I was stoked to get it started. So excited that I opted not to scrape away the mold lines and did a super bad job with the spray primer, which left for a lot of flaky areas and bits of plastic sticking out. So my plan for this fig is that next year, I will buy a new version of Sir Conlan and give him another try with some real prep beforehand. I'm hoping this will be a sort of measuring tape for how my painting is coming along. Worst case scenerio: I'll have an evil twin for this cool looking fig! Comments, critiques, and advice are always welcome! Thanks!
  12. Sir Conlan 77200

    Thanks all! I specifically bought that green paint just for cloak, glad you like it! It honestly looks 10x better in person. I believe it was the Sybarite Green from Citadel. I will definitely be adding patterns the next time I paint this fig. I really like the invisible version too! Currently, I'm using this fig for an NPC, but maybe in the future he'll stumble across a Ring of Invisibility while the players are off adventuring!

    Holy smokes, that base is something else! The whole thing looks awesome!
  14. Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan 77105

    Finished this up late last night. Probably my favorite fig I've painted to date. There are a ton of little details all over, but since the fig is bigger than average, it was pretty easy to paint. I went with a green skin tone because my next planned adventure features a large mutant orc, so this fig worked perfectly for the brute. Critiques and advice are always welcome! Thank you!
  15. Anval Thricedamned 77055

    Whipped this guy up while taking a break from a few bigger projects. There are a LOT of touchups that I need to make, but for a palette cleanser, I think he turned out pretty cool. I think I need to find a place in my house with better lighting, because I notice a lot of detail errors when I get the close-up picture taken that I never saw when painting. Does anyone use magnifying glass or something else to help with smaller parts of a fig? I have excellent vision, but the difference between just looking at a fig on a tabletop and getting picture taken is pretty stark. Now I need to come up with a Big Bad Evil Guy so I can use this guy during an adventure. I appreciate any advice and critiques! Thanks!
  16. Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan 77105

    Thanks! I agonized over how to paint that, so naturally I procrastinated until it was the very last thing left. After looking it over for a while I decided that the black primer actually looked pretty sharp, so I just thinned out some bone colored paint and touched up the parts that looked like they were actually coming out of shield. Then the blood smear for effect, and voila! I think I spent an hour staring at the dang thing, and 30 seconds to actually get it done. Sometimes simplicity is the key!
  17. This is an Aasimar Summoner and his Eidolon that I painted up for my new Pathfinder campaign. I'm pretty sure the foo dog is supposed to be a statue, but eidolons are typically otherworldly creatures, so the blue skin and gold mane makes him look bizarre enough. I'm really happy with the color scheme and how they compliment each other. It might be a little hard to tell from the pics, but his hair has a gold colored hue and the eyes are glowing purple to match the eidolon. I tried to create a glowing effect coming from the staff, as well as his outstretched hands. I also attempted some minor photo editing to brighten the pictures up, as the lighting in my house is pretty weak. Overall, I'm pretty proud of this pair, but I will probably touch up a few things here and there. Any tips on glowing or magic effects that I could add to the summoner or eidolon would be appreciated. Thanks for any comments or critiques!
  18. Gungor, Half-Orc Monk 02926

    This is the first metal fig that I have painted, just finished him up over my lunch break! I wasn't planning on doing a "Hulk" theme, I was just messing around with colors that I liked and wound up with the green and purple. It ended up looking pretty sharp so I kept It! I couldn't find my earthshade wash, so I went with sepia. I might go back a redo it some day, but for now I'll keep it. Sorry about all of the background noise in the pic, I was in a bit of a rush but still wanted to share. Critiques and advice are always appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Gungor, Half-Orc Monk 02926

    I typically thin the paint out a little bit, depending on the paint and the fig. For this one, I thinned the green out quite a bit, as my green is super thick for some reason. I think it was about 1:1, but I did a few layers to get it even.
  20. Alfyn Crowkiller Wilding Captain

    That base is one of the coolest ones that I've seen! Great work!
  21. Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    Painted this guy up for an upcoming campaign. The party should get terrified by a large group of orcs and trolls. If they do any scouting they will be able to discover that the whole group is blind, but still pretty effective a fight. The real trick will be if they do enough exploring during the adventure, they'll actually come across a powerful devil that is bargaining for major power, for the minor cost of one of their senses. The eye marking on the shield signifies the cost of sight. The party will be able to barter their senses, or fight the devil. The fig originally had a bunch of gloves and spikes coming out of the shield that I wasn't a huge fan of, so I snipped them off with a nail clipper. If I could do it over, I would have used something to smooth it out a little more before I started painting. I'm also not overly pleased with the gold colored boots, so I may go over them some day with a different paint. Overall, pretty pleased with how it turned out though. Of course, I appreciate any critiques and advice! Thanks!
  22. Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    Thanks DragonWyrm, I will definitely be starting with the eyes from here on out, and I'll for sure check out that directory! And thanks Chaoswolf! I don't really like the actual color for the boots. I think the gold looks cool as the bracer, and I love it as the chainmail with the red cloth near it, but I think it ended up as gold overkill on the boots. I just bought some of the Citadel "Leadbelcher", and I think I might give it a test run on this guy.
  23. Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    Thanks Logos, I appreciate that critique! The eyes are always the last thing that I do, and at that point I'm usually pretty burnt out, and I've noticed that it's usually the worst part of all of my paint jobs. I think I should start taking a break before I finish that part up! I saw a thread here earlier about eye painting that was pretty neat, but I haven't applied anything from it yet. Any other advice for painting eyes? They are for gaming, so they don't need to be perfect, but you are right: a sloppy job can be distracting! Thanks again!
  24. Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    Thanks DragonWyrm. I bought some bone colored paint soon after I finished this guy, so I think would look better as the eyes. I'll do that when I get the chance. The orange highlights would look really sharp, I will definitely be adding that as well. I very much appreciate the advice!
  25. Kavorgh, Orc Warboss