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  1. Real Life got in my way for a bit - namely my garage painting space falling below the 40 degree mark. After a bit of experimentation (thanks to an Orc Marauder and Mangu Timur for the stand-in work for Brown and Gray Liners, respectively) I decided not to use the liners for priming. And while there are some mold lines, they aren't bad enough to trust my skills with a knife to make them better. So today I've finally managed to get most of a Khaki base coat on the body. Pictures when the base coat is done...
  2. I've been using glass stones from Michael's; platic spoons sounds even better!
  3. As this will be my first GS experience I'll be on the lookout for hardened bits in the midle now; thanks for the heads-up. I haven't primed yet, and will be testing before applying anything specifically because of the yellow, but thanks for the confirmation of my fears. On the bright side, I don't want a whole lot of the yellow to be strictly as-is Lemon. If I can pull it off there will be a lot of shading on the wings, though brown-yellow is not in the plan. I need something before the yellow for what I plan and my older eyes - enough to bring out the details on the wings for later; perhaps thinning of the liner will be in order.
  4. September 21: Through a series of strange transactions not entirely clear to me, the subject has arrived at my workshop. I am not certain that he is a willing participant, as he arrived by post rather than by carriage, and well sealed in boxes and some kind of display package. Tomorrow I shall take him to be cleaned and prepared for the work ahead. I fear that the brush and scalpel are not the most comforting, but the subject must be neat before I can begin. A light embalming with the near-magical Brown Liner will help guide my work. The reagents I plan to employ I have had to gather from across the continents. While most come from my trusted local supplier, I have had to reach out to the source for one, and have scoured the Amazon for another. Through the good graces of science they have all now arrived along with the subject. I am finally ready...
  5. Here's an image I took of the original two slimes plus another set I painted again using Gallery Glass and floor polish. The two new ones are on the right - an Immortal Ichor and a Gray Ooze. The Gray Ooze is exactly like the Crystal Ooze but without the Pearl paint mixed in. The Immortal Ichor is mostly Amethyst, but with some Rose Pink added in to lighten spots from the underside (toward the front) and some Magenta to add variation on some of the blobules. Both of these are more transparent than the first set; I hit both of them with a light coat of anti-gloss again - the shiny without something to bring it down is just too much for me. Apologize for the lighting and perhaps the color non-clarity against the calibration chart; some day I'll get out my real camera and flash unit, but technically they're for taking photos for profit.
  6. That's in part due to the finishing choices, I suspect. Before I started I did some test runs on some frosted glass stones I got in a cheap pack of mixed stones at Michael's. The Gallery Glass paints alone are a bit thick and didn't coat evenly; these paints are designed to be applied thickly, are a bit texturable, and look only semi-transparent - like real stained glass. Hence the floor polish. The result was pretty gummy looking, perhaps not as shiny or clear as the Tamiya pics I've seen, and much less dense in pigmentation than a hobby paint, requiring several coats for even a mid-level color. The non-transluscent ink on the Ochre and the anti-gloss on the Crystal brought the shiny (and the transparency) down a notch in the end. I suspect you could do the same to the Tamiya Clears and get a similar change.
  7. Ebonwrath - and my Pure White paint - are on their way. Pure Black coming as part of LTP 1 from Amazon. Acquired a not-exacto knife for tackling mold lines. Anyone locally know where I can acquire greenstuff?
  8. Ack! Looks like I lost something vital while editing the original post. I will be doing this as a Star 3 challenge.
  9. Today was spent re-boxing some of my old rocks, in fact. And getting stuff for this challenge. Hope to meet you and everyone soon.
  10. I live in the mountains above Golden. I found out - from some of your posts - about CMPA on Saturday night after a day at the rock shows, too late to stop by. Good to see there's a such a talented support group in the area for this addiction.
  11. Looks good! I'm working through this kit right now - skin is painted on the pirate, but I think I might go back and do a bit more shadow layering after seeing yours. Your eyes have come out much better than mine, too. Your shaky hands are apparently nowhere near as lousy as mine.
  12. Thanks! If I can figure out the blending I think this could actually look interesting in a desert dragon kind of way. The khaki is intimidating to me; it's such a light color for blending. I'm definitely going to want to do some experimental prep work to figure out how to lay this out.
  13. Well, as a Black Dragon, your Ebonwrath will be very... black. I look forward to seeing how you work with the limited color palette, but I think it'll turn out fine. Good idea if slightly crazy taking on the second dragon at the same time - at least you'll get a color break!
  14. This will be my first challenge, my first dragon, and my first large figure. Be kind! I will be painting Ebonwrath, the Black Dragon - once he comes in from Reaper. Ebonwrath will be painted... 14: Terran Khaki - primary color (body) 05: Lemon Yellow - secondary color (wings) 01: Fire Red - tertiary color (accents) Well, they're generally in the same area of the spectrum, anyway. Nothing clashing hue-wise. Saturation, though... This is like serving Arthur Dent a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster with a Maraschino Cherry on top. It looks like I will be painting Ebonwrath the Pale, Baleful Sun in the Dunes, Corrupter of the Oasis at Haket. My FLGS had all three of these colors in stock. I'm not really looking forward to covering large swaths with Lemon Yellow; hope it has better coverage than most yellows are reported to have. The FLGS also finally had Brown Liner (one), so I grabbed one of those for a priming paint - should work in well with the color scheme if I keep it light.
  15. Yep - pretty sure I don't want to run in to that any time soon! Love the paint job and the color scheme on this. Really makes the depth of the segmentation pop, and the pink head blending back into the body seems to be "right" in a carnivorous wormy kind of way.