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  1. Have we heard anything on the pricing of these for purchase after the 12 days? Any guesses on price range of each?
  2. Kro

    HD Paint Sale

    Have you emailed reaper to ask them for the tracking number?
  3. I just ordered the yeti and will be taking a shot at this when it gets here. Will probably be submitting very near the deadline
  4. Looks like I'll be ordering on the 5th, 7th, 10th, then maybe the 12th and 16th. Depends if there's still enough that I want in the store. Any chance those december releases (specifically Goremaw) can come out a little ahead of the scheduled date?
  5. Kro

    HD Paint Sale

    I ordered the HD paints in 3 different orders, as Reaper unloaded shopping carts and recounted stock. The first order scanned into the system, and was supposed to arrive last Tuesday. The second and third orders got into the system with a projected arrival of last Thursday. Package 2 and 3 were scanned at every location they went through, updated daily.. The first order had it original scan saying USPS picked it up and then seemed stuck in limbo. They all arrived on Wednesday. USPS's tracking system is definitely not perfect, but the packages usually get there, if not as soon as we'd hope.
  6. Kro

    HD Paint Sale

    09682: MSP HD: Stark Naked ($3.69) Is this supposed to be part of the sale too? I don't think it shows up on the HD page, but it does show up in the link you posted
  7. Kro

    Death Bringers fantasy football

    They look nice, but I'd only have use for a couple of them. It does not seem like that will be an option.
  8. If you watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXQb19l7-hg&feature=em-lsp They show it and explain that new non-bones 4 "Bones Black" figures will be the free figure on orders of $40 or more next year, and that owl bear will be the model for January
  9. Kro

    HD Paint Sale

    The last few paints on the page are still showing up at full price: 29851 MSP HD Tropical Aqua ($3.69) [+1] 29852 MSP HD Dwarven Flesh ($3.69) [+1] 29853 MSP HD Rosy Pink ($3.69) [+1] 29854 MSP HD Arctic Grey ($3.69) [+1]
  10. Kro

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Just got my shipping email last night. Looking forward to them! The link to the survey is on the kickstarter and was sent out in updates Sept 27 and Oct 16th. They're not personalized, you fill everything in.
  11. Kro

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    Owl Donkey and Lion are unlocked! Unicorn, Raven, and Honey Badger are next, currently £1,879 away!
  12. Kro

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    Dog and Scorpion are unlocked! Owl, Donkey, and Lion are next (5k away)
  13. Kro

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Yeah, it's confusing as hell. I looked at it the day it came out figuring I'd fill it out quick... nope. I left it alone hoping some complaints and a few updates to it will make it easier to tackle. Are we supposed to add shipping?
  14. Kro

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    I hope they all get unlocked, I can always use more animals
  15. Awesome! I look forward to seeing you guys at PAX Unplugged! Will you be there ladystorm? Will you guys have any of the bones 4 minis on display?