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  1. Any chance you guys will have any of these (Particularly the ones from earlier in the year that I missed) available at PAX Unplugged? Will the November one be available separately/if purchasing more than $40 worth at PAX? Thanks!
  2. Ah! I forgot those guys, I will definitely be getting a little school of them retail :D I mean -- Can you just imagine this coming at you?! (my MS Paint skills are obviously amazing :P )
  3. Questions for all: What mini are you most excited to paint? Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For my own answers to my questions: What mini are you most excited to paint? The Frost Giants and Lords of Hell look like they'll have a lot going on and seem like they'll be very rewarding to flesh out with paint. Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? I think the Zombie Dragon may be the hardest for me to get to look the way I imagine it and Dance of Death will probably take the longest, just due to size and it being two separate dragons What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? The Statues - Currently have 7 sets of each selected :D Also getting 3 sets total (2 from core, 1 extra) of both Monsters (griffon/wyvern/owlbear) and Dire Animals) Everything else is 2 or less. What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? I'd love to see a troop of bards I like the idea of seeing more Catfolk and other humaniods that are not currently well represented. More Djinn and Efreeti would be great too
  4. Yes, the first lock in is what matters. That is how it worked on Bones 3 (so I've gathered), though there is no guarantee it will work the same way this time. Reaper has stated (in regards to other things) that just because it was done one way in the past does not mean it will be again.
  5. Haha, I fully understood it will make nearly no difference in the grand scheme of things.... however I also knew that as soon as it becomes available I want to get it as soon as possible. I'm both patient enough to actually fund this and impatient enough that I checked sporadically for wave 1 openings (grabbed one) and finalized my first order within 18 minutes of the update email :)
  6. On the Kickstarter comments a moment ago:
  7. The consensus a couple pages back were that all the new new items were there when it opened: Not quite true - Some were added last time as the PM opened, but more were added later on (different colored weapons, and ... something else people were talking about in the kickstarter comments) Reaper has said to not draw conclusions from past precedents, I would wager that if the Pledge Manager goes well they will show more. Best advice is to lock in everything you know you want at the moment and keep an ear to the ground for any more updates.
  8. Locked in for 966.90 so far... 183.10 left to spend from initial pledge: Almost definitely getting: 1x (more) Spartan Statues [7 total] 1x (more) Amazon Statues [7 total] 1x Frost Giant Raiders (pending sculpts looking as/near as amazing as concept art) 1x Lords of Hell (ditto concept -> reality) 1x Nyarlathotep (ditto concept -> reality) Considering heavily: 1x Art Book 1x Tiles (really going back and forth on this, how much do other people use tiles when playing D&D/Pathfinder?) 1x (more) Lost Valley [2 total] 1x (more) Fan Favorites [2 total] 1x (more) Dark Reach [3 total] 1x (more) Demons and Devils [3 total, including the 2x from core] 1x (more) Sophie and Friends [3 total, including the 2x from core] 1x (more) Monsters/Dire Beasts [4 total, including 2x from core] -- 3 or 4x of each per encounter? The questions you have to ask yourself >< Bases? How helpful/necessary are they?
  9. Does anyone love the Small World Heroes? I'm getting two core sets.
  10. The real question to ask is are you still going to be painting things in 2 years? If you are, why wouldn't you want to get the paints at less than half what you could get them at retail (from reaper at least)
  11. So my frugal self both won and lost the fight last night. I can't quite believe I spent the money I did, but know I wont get the number and quality of minis at this price anywhere else. These should satisfy nearly everything I need for my Pathfinder games and I'll likely be much more picky come Bones 5 (at least I like to think I will). I ended up pledging $1,150 yesterday (and this is my first bones, so $1,150 more than any other project :P) I had my manager at around 1050 and was hopeful the last couple reveals would contain a Ma'al like capstone. I'm a little disappointed at the timing of the reveals and the gargantuan spacing between goals toward the end. I think they could have pulled in a lot more money if they had shown us a little more a little sooner. I'm also dying to know what the desperate souls that come with the boat will look like (assuming they still come with the boat, that line of text seems to have disappeared between the Part 1 and Part 2 updates) and hope they'll show us Part 3 as well. So now I've gone through the manager and have it at $1,076.80 with shipping so I have ~$73 to allocate still. Not quite sure what to put it on though. Core: 2 ------------- Chronoscope: No Dreadmere: 1 Darkreach: 2 Lost Valley: 1 Fan Favorites: 1 -------------- I may end up going for a third Darkreach or second Fan Favorites Hill Giants: 2 Wraiths: 1 Fire Demon: 1 High Rollers: No. Fire Giant: 1 Paint A: 1 Trolls: 1 Rocky the super broccoliing cute little dragon: 1 Dragon Turtle: 1 Skeletal Monsters: 1 Living Statues: 6 sets of each -- maybe push to 8x Tree: 1 Hut: 1 Paint B: 1 Zombie Dragon: 1 Modern: Barf Hill Giant Huntsman: 1 Roc: 1 King of the Jungle: No.. King Cobra: 1 Agramon: 1 Frost Giants: 1 Rulers of Hell: 1 Blacksting Wyvern: 1 Triceratops: 1 Tiles: 1 Gazebo: 1 Trex: 1 Dance of Death: 1 Skeletal Dragon: 1 Treeman: 1 Barge: 1 Nyarlathotep: 1 Argent (Dragon): 1 Art Book: 1 (maybe, is it worth it?) ---------------------- Core extras: Monsters: 1 Dire Beasts: 1 everything else: 0 How worthwhile are the bases? Is it better to glue them to those than to just use them as is?