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  1. I'm actually having beading after getting a first layer on. The thinner paints are beading on a layer of bloody red. I've found several good colors for the base layers and they're sticking to the bones; it's when I paint on top of them on the very smooth areas that I'm having issues.
  2. I'm in the US, but about a two hour drive from any art supply store. The closest we have is a hobby store that's focused on model railroads, RC things, and board games. But that's why we have Amazon!
  3. The local hobby store appears to be out of acrylic medium, and carries only round brushes in sizes under 2. :P So I started in on that rear flipper, and the paint is beading like I was painting on unwashed bare bones. The paint is an unthinned ink from Vallejo, and the base layer is a regular red color from Vallejo. Testing the others, the heavier paints are going on fine, but many of the colors (not even the inks) are either beading or just showing brush strokes like crazy. Should I order in a flow improver? Would this help with beading?
  4. Eh, no real problems with the paint going where it's supposed to. When I say it ends up looking like water color, it's because the edges of the painted area end up with more color than the rest, which does sound like too much water, now that I'm typing it out. I'll hit up the hobby store today and see if they have any acrylic medium options. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of my problem will turn out to be needing more patience and more practice.
  5. Vallejo, mostly, with the odd Citadel. Some of the Vallejo's game color paints go well, like the bloody red on the tail, and others... don't. I end up having to layer them three or four times to get an even color that doesn't show brush strokes. I do wash the bones first, which seems help with the hydrophobic tendencies, and I don't thin the first coat. My brushes are a mix of available things. Round brushes ranging from 20/0 to 5 of various brands available at the local hobby shop, and a few flat. I know I need to upgrade brushes, but I am lazy and have not ordered them. I've been watching blending and glazing tutorials online, but the results have been mixed. I'll make another go with less thinning.
  6. So I'm working on a Kraken, and I'm having some issues with getting nice effects on the large, untextured areas of the flippers and the tentacles. Does anyone have advice on tackling these? Some of my paints go on smoothly and stick well, and some show brush strokes like crazy. Do I need a heavier sandpaper and just scrub them up before the base layer goes on? The base layer covers well, but after that... ugh. I just can't get the hang of using shading and washes on this stuff. When I try to do glazing, it ends up looking like water color painting instead of blending. I apologize for the funny lighting, stupid sun getting into my painting area.
  7. Cas

    Shub Niggurath - 77564

    Thanks guys! I haven't missed my sanity yet, so I think everything is just tentacles... fine. I mean fine. Speaking of tentacles, the Kraken's giving me issues, so I'm off to the advice section!
  8. Cas

    Shub Niggurath - 77564

    I'm nervous! This is my first post and my first big mini that I think went well. Getting all those tentacles in place and painted is enough to drive a person crazy!