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  1. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    My step-daughter and wife actually do :)
  2. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    What mini are you most excited to paint? The Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Daemons (or is it demons?) I am most excited for. Though I have to give mention to those Frost Giants and the Scenery as they look fun to paint. Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? No clue. Probably the larger models. But really, I am so out of practice on painting that spending a few weeks getting caught back up on a few of the basic figures for practice will take longer than once I get my hands back in the game. What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? I might get more of the Statues, Scenery, or large monsters. My wife and step-daughter likes the idea of practicing their painting and gaining skills on larger models that are easier for them to handle and see the details. Oh, and anything that can fulfill a need for a Warhammer army too What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? DINOSAURS & DRAGONS, Cavalry, DINOSAURS & DRAGONS cavalry, perhaps some Bear cavalry. I would also like a Rhino and Hippo model. How about an adventurer who is a Falconer, with a bird of prey on his/her arm or shoulder? And since we had Were-armadillo last year, how about a Were-Opossum? Heck, how about some creepy/Mythos style Cajun/Bayou/Redneck models? Kind of like Dreadmere, but with moonshine, Voodoo magic, and hillbillies?
  3. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I guess I'm just really patient, lol. Sure, I'll lock in when I get a chance, but when the wait time is going to be almost two years, what difference is a day or two going to make? For Bones 3, I locked in early, and completely forgot about it. Then all of a sudden I start getting emails saying that it's all getting shipped out, and that was fun. It was like being a kid at Christmas all over again, especially since I had forgotten most of what I had ordered. I would like to have a similar feeling for this Bones as well, plus with the models for the rest of my family it will be even more exciting for me.
  4. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    And here I am, silly me, thinking that the Fan Favorite Expansion, Lost Valley Expansions, and the dinosaurs were all suitable capstones :) Dragons are cool, but they aren't the prehistoric beast I grew up with and was shaped by in the early 90s. Lol, it's all good. I just hope that I can squeeze out more money out of my budget to add into the PM in the coming months. I did not get near what I wanted to grab before the Kickstarter ran up. If nothing else, I feel obligated to grab a Core Set before it's too late! Heck, upon checking my current PM order, literally everything in there so far is for my wife and step-daughter. I haven't got anything for myself yet! Maybe I can start fixing that after my next paycheck....
  5. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    "Let's see what's on the latest Reaper Kickstarter." "Looks like a penguin." Because we should always quote and/or paraphrase Monty Python when we get the chance :)
  6. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    If the scale on that thing is right, it would definitely work! Problem with so many of the Forge World monsters is a serious lack of scale photos compared to other models. Between the costs and ease of working with the material, I would much rather use Bones models for my big models. I mean, I have half a Mordheim warband that's various Bones models, and they look perfect next to some GW models for that. Goodness, that Fan Favorite expansion looks neat. Kind of small, but definitely interesting, and I'm excited to see the rest of it! Thank goodness for the Pledge Manager!
  7. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Oh good golly. Way too many options for things that I would like to grab. While I may not be into RPGs as much as some folks here, I am into Age of Sigmar, and many of the large Bones models work great for alternatives to the more expensive GW and Forge World models. Plus, I like to home-brew rules and make scenarios that aren't in the books too. That Ent model looks awesome! He would work excellently in my wife's Sylvaneth army. Bigger than anything that GW has for that army, but that won't stop me from writing up rules for it :) Not to mention that the Thunderfoot and Blacktooth dinosaurs would work perfectly for a Lizardmen army! I personally hope that Reaper makes a large rock monster that is an amalgamation of magically animated rocks. Thanks goodness for the Pledge Manager! That will be getting some of my money each paycheck in the coming months.
  8. BunkhouseBuster

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well, I'm no longer lurking anymore. Now to spread my lovely presence to this forum. After backing a BUNCH of money on Bones 3, I am super excited for Bones 4! Alas, I don't have access to near as much funds now as I did those years back, to the point that my pledge is under half of the average right now. Thankfully, the Pledge Manager will be around to take our money for the next year; I wouldn't want to miss out on the dinosaur models! (Also thankfully, my wife and step-daughter are excited for many of the new models, particularly the female giants and the "cute" models, so was will be painting some models together.)