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  1. Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

    Once they added the wasteland stuff they pretty much had me. Already have a 2019 Fallout RPG in the works, so his can I resist?
  2. The Mushroom King: Goblin Brigand Chief

    He looks great, and I can't wait to see the tree completed. Well done.
  3. Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

    I feel like this is relevant to my interests, I just worry that shipping will be outrageous or that the UK might put themselves out of business in the next few months.
  4. 50180: Mega-Mutant 50092: Lab Mutant 50299: Post Apocalyptic Hunter 59032: Old Pete 50291: Billy Joe, Zombie Hunter
  5. Anvil Industries?

    Not being a WH40K player I never would have looked there. Many thanks.
  6. Anvil Industries?

    Does anyone have any experience with Anvil Industry miniatures? I just ordered some figures from them that I want to modify, and could only find limited reviews and not much of anything about how easy they are to work with. Everything I did find was mostly complimentary, so I feel comfortable that I'll get good minis, just wanted to see if I could get insight from somebody with direct experience.
  7. I saw a request over in Chonoscope for Baby Metal figures. I would like to second that and posit some officially licensed minis from The Heroes of the Internets! Wil Wheaton, Ladybeard, Success Kid, 'Lil Bub, Overly Attached Miniature. Please, Reaper, embrace my madness.
  8. How about a fairy in the "mime trapped in a box" pose that I can paint up, put in a jar, and use as a prop for my players? A large sailing vessel with several armament options. More vehicles all around, including modern and futuristic stuff. Gear and weapon sprues for figure modding, for fantasy, modern, and future.
  9. With a mini game based on a popular video game franchise on the horizon, I could definitely use some post apocalyptic groups of miniatures in Bonesium: Bunker Inhabitants in matching jumpsuits, maybe with compu-braclets on one arm. Giant ants and weird critters. Futuristic ogres. Retro-futuristic robots. More power armor designs.
  10. Adventurescapes

    First, it sucks when I want to express my excitement for the KS when I can't post in those comments yet. I am excited for this KS. Penultimately, the post you just added over there is a prime example of what I dig about this KS. It's a glimpse into a tiny company with huge potential that is being built on passion, eagerness, and keen awareness of its audience. 3. I have a suggestion for Adventurescapes 2: Miniature Boogaloo. Reaper just finished off Bones 4 with a gorgeous ghost ship that I don't need (though I do want it). I'd like a ship that can fill any boat-y roll I need it too. 30 feet, 100 feet, skinny, wide, one, two, or three masts. You are my hope for that ship. It'd be a natural follow up to the docks and I'd love you forever. P. S. Sonny needs an undead dolphin buddy named Bubbles.
  11. Adventurescapes

    Gooble blark. Gooble blark. One of us. One of us. Gobble didn't work for me, Sonny being a pelican and all. Blark seems more like the sound of an undead pelican to me.
  12. Adventurescapes

    Damn you, ForgePrints! You've broken me. With your demanding suggestions from your backers and then immediately making them happen. With your notches. With your undead pelicans. I'm thoroughly on Team Dock now. You have to wait for a while until I have some expendable income, but that will occur in the near future. When it does, I'm you man.
  13. Adventurescapes

    Don't think those don't tempt me, too.
  14. Adventurescapes

    If I wanted to draw everything I would be at 0%, that'd be way cheaper than those magnificent dock tiles. I dig the feel of having 3D tiles, and buildings and things. Those barrels, sacks, and crates have me chomping at the bit, The tiles fill my head with possibilities. If it weren't that I'd have two buildings and cranes in my trashcan, I'd be probably be in for two sets already.