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  1. With a mini game based on a popular video game franchise on the horizon, I could definitely use some post apocalyptic groups of miniatures in Bonesium: Bunker Inhabitants in matching jumpsuits, maybe with compu-braclets on one arm. Giant ants and weird critters. Futuristic ogres. Retro-futuristic robots. More power armor designs.
  2. Funded

    First, it sucks when I want to express my excitement for the KS when I can't post in those comments yet. I am excited for this KS. Penultimately, the post you just added over there is a prime example of what I dig about this KS. It's a glimpse into a tiny company with huge potential that is being built on passion, eagerness, and keen awareness of its audience. 3. I have a suggestion for Adventurescapes 2: Miniature Boogaloo. Reaper just finished off Bones 4 with a gorgeous ghost ship that I don't need (though I do want it). I'd like a ship that can fill any boat-y roll I need it too. 30 feet, 100 feet, skinny, wide, one, two, or three masts. You are my hope for that ship. It'd be a natural follow up to the docks and I'd love you forever. P. S. Sonny needs an undead dolphin buddy named Bubbles.
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    Gooble blark. Gooble blark. One of us. One of us. Gobble didn't work for me, Sonny being a pelican and all. Blark seems more like the sound of an undead pelican to me.
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    Damn you, ForgePrints! You've broken me. With your demanding suggestions from your backers and then immediately making them happen. With your notches. With your undead pelicans. I'm thoroughly on Team Dock now. You have to wait for a while until I have some expendable income, but that will occur in the near future. When it does, I'm you man.
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    Don't think those don't tempt me, too.
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    If I wanted to draw everything I would be at 0%, that'd be way cheaper than those magnificent dock tiles. I dig the feel of having 3D tiles, and buildings and things. Those barrels, sacks, and crates have me chomping at the bit, The tiles fill my head with possibilities. If it weren't that I'd have two buildings and cranes in my trashcan, I'd be probably be in for two sets already.
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    Yeah, if the hut didn't say "fishing" across the front of it, it could be any kind of stand I needed it to be. As it is, they sell tackle. Not a lot I can do with that in game. I like the design of the crane, but it can't even hold a single crate. Anything that needed a crane wouldn't fit on it. Anything that would fit on it would be easier to just toss to someone on the dock. I've realized that I can snap the raft in half, throw away the mast, and have two good planks out of it, So now I'm 93% on board.
  8. Funded

    I'm 90% convinced that I need at least one set of the docks, but I can't get past a deep hatred of the fishing hut, raft, and laughably tiny crane. If enough cool unlocks come along to overcome that, I might end up throwing all my money at this thing. Or even accessory sets that aren't offering more of what I don't want.
  9. 03673: Wendigo This guy is wonderfully creepy.
  10. Just got done with Bones IV and they hit a lot of my wants, but... - Sheep - Adventurers on all fours covered in sheep hides - Stegosaurus - Gentleman Werewolf (I've forgotten who suggested this on the KS, but bravo) Many thanks to Reaper for all the glorious minis.