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  1. 01568, Lou the Chibi Cthulhu

    This is amazing! Those eyes have so much depth to them!
  2. Hasslefree Argia Tholos

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!!!! I definitely see what you mean! I used Alien Goo for that brightness, but it seemed to keep that vibrancy even after I thinned it. Do you have a less white based green paint that you would recommend? The roller actually has the knotwork popping up out of the floor, rather than etched in, which is likely the disconnect you're seeing. I tried to keep my paint flat on the top to make everything look flatter on the floor, but I'm not sure I succeeded. I also kept losing paint on one of the knots, so the middle dark bit you see was a spot I'd missed >.< my camera picked up a lot of things I hadn't seen in person. Thank you especially for this advice. Light source is something I struggle with in all of my art. I think on my next mini I'll try taking a picture from my imagined light source and see what gets exposed... and hidden... from that perspective.
  3. 77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    I love that metallic mix you did on the wings! Looks awesome!
  4. Hasslefree Argia Tholos

    Thank you :) I had Guindyloo's fabulous eye tutorial from her and Buglips' Thanis Bonecaller thread in mind as I did them. It really helped!!!
  5. I've already been browsing the Reaper catalogue for painting candidates, and have things narrowed down. Muhahahahaha. As a side effect, I also found tons of figures I want to buy for myself :p
  6. Hasslefree Argia Tholos

    Ahhh I tried some new things! This was one of those sculpts that I saw and immediately fell in love with. I painted her to be a major NPC on the game I'm running. I did my first ever basing on this one, using some plaster(?) and cork for the rocks, and green stuff and the runic roller from GSW for the floor. I wanted to make it look like she was in a dilapidated temple, and the patterns on the floor were glowing with magic. Any critique and comments are welcome! I'd especially love some advice on the gemstone. I'm still trying to sort out gem reflections, and I'm not 100% happy with it
  7. I would like to join please! 1. Wisconsin 2. No, sorry 3. No
  8. Fire Tackles Maal Drakar in 7 Days

    Thank you so much!!!!! And no worries, I totally understand distractions happen :) I'm just happy to get a badge. And I'm still reeling at having a finished dragon. Excuse me while I go and do a happy dance
  9. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    The Milliput I got from GSW is super bendy, more play dough consistency than anything, so I'm guessing if yours isn't it's gone off. Granted I don't know much about milliput, but GSW seems to store their stuff right. The paints I got from CMON were not in good condition. A few were really thick, a few seemed fairly separated, and almost all had a lot of paint caked into the inside of the caps. I had several major clogs in my bottles as well. Most seem useable, but most also seem less full than the ones I've gotten elsewhere, possibly because of leakage into the cap? I can only guess how they stored them, honestly. Even my paints which get turned on their side fairly regularly don't get that much paint in the cap.
  10. 89028: Arael, Half Elf Cleric

    Those eyes have a ton of expression!
  11. February 2018 Goals!

    Finish Argia Thalos Finish unicorn Finish Kally 4 Atcs Do a bunch of drawing
  12. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Oh gosh I read a lot of these. My favorites are: Questionable Content Girls With Slingshots (Not always SFW) Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Never Satisfied Love Not Found (NSFW topics, but I can't recall anything graphic being shown) Wilde Life Your DND Stories Namesake Hark, a Vagrant
  13. 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon painted Blue

    That fade she got on the wings is fantastic! It seems to almost glow
  14. I know there's still a few days, but for once I managed to get close to hitting all my goals! Actually get a storage system set up I kinda have a storage system now. I'm just waiting to buy one more thing Put magnetic bases on all my pewter figures with delicate bits (and learn from my mistakes) Done to the best of my ability, I just need to order more bases now Go back and clean up my finished minis, and reseal them (and repeat, learn from my mistakes) Practice gap filling and boiling on Kaladrax And, as a bonus, I got quite a bit of paint on her! Get paint on Maal Drakar with ridiculous and unprecedented speed
  15. Let's talk about brushes

    I agree with this. I used these to learn with and for 90% of my Maal Drakar. They're cheap enough that I don't worry about wrecking them but nice enough to work pretty well. I just bought some Rosemary and Co. brushes and they're really really nice. My eyes have already gotten miles better just by using those brushes, but I still plan on using my Reaper and Virtuoso brushes for base coats and large areas. Before I got the Rosemarys I used mainly 10/0s for detail work, and 0s for base coats. With the rosemarys, I find that I like a 0 for detailing since those points are so nice and small. For drybrushing, sealing, and priming I use some cheap synthetics that I think I got in a big bag at Michaels. Usually I tend toward a 2 flat.