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  1. Fire_Eyes

    What does C&C mean (to you)?

    I agree with everyone here about the importance of criticism, but I think I would like to add one more thought to the mix, and that is, while it is important to be specific and critical about areas that need improvement, I think it is important to be just as specific about things that people have done right on a mini (or really on anything being critiqued. Most of what I've learned about critiques came from writing workshops at school). Knowing which techniques worked and why can be just as helpful as learning what didn't work, and I notice that a lot of people (myself included) get vague when it comes to positive comments, and more clear when it comes to what needs improvement.
  2. Fire_Eyes

    Christmas special edition minis

    Last year it was all at once
  3. Fire_Eyes

    Black Friday Deals

    From Into the Unknown, who did the Aeon Trespass kickstarters: "On Friday, around 6 PM CET (12 PM EST), we’ll launch our first crazy sale! We’ll slash prices on all of our minis, some even 50%! The sale will take place on our CrowdOx Pledge Manager for Eschaton What’s the catch? Well, the sale will last for an extremely limited time and will culminate in the final closing of the Pledge Manager. After that, no more order changes! Oh, and the sale will last until supplies last! Some of the miniatures will be available in extremely limited quantities, so the early bird and all that ;) "
  4. Oh no... I want that...
  5. Fire_Eyes

    Black Friday Deals

    I got... about half of what I ordered a couple months later. They refunded the rest, but the refunds took a few weeks. I'm going back and forth on if I would order again if they did that sale again. The deals were amazing, but the actual delivery was one of the worst messes I've ever seen
  6. Hey, if I'm thinking about getting an airbrush in the sales (or asking for one for the holidays), are there any specific things I should look for in an air compressor to use with an airbrush? Do I need a specific type of air compressor or will most small ones work? I'm a complete noob at anything airbrush
  7. Fire_Eyes

    WIP: Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Ooh I really like the blending idea! It looks very good so far
  8. I haven't even decided what I want to draw I'm just really glad I'm an excellent last minute worker
  9. Fire_Eyes

    Fire Giant jailor WiP

    That skin (and that chain, and that metal) is looking gorgeous!
  10. Fire_Eyes

    Babylon 5 Wars

    Looks like the only way that could happen would be as a film, due to tv rights being basically hoarded. I'd watch it like crazy though
  11. Fire_Eyes

    Babylon 5 Wars

    Nice! I might have to go looking around for these
  12. Fire_Eyes

    Mythexplorers II : RPG miniatures

    Also they don't seem to have a way to buy individual minis? There are a couple I like, but not enough to justify the bulk price for a bunch that I don't
  13. Fire_Eyes

    WizKids Beholder

    Ooh those are some wonderfully nasty looking gums. Looks great!
  14. I did most of my challenge with Virtuoso brushes that I'd bought off Amazon, and used my Rosemarys for finishing and detailing work. The Virtuosos aren't bad for cheap brushes (and lasted through most of the challenge, though they will never be the same :P ), the only negative is that I'm not sure if Canadian Amazon has them
  15. I wasn't sure it it was or not, tbh. They were bagged together, but the different resin colors threw me off. Thanks for letting me know!