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  1. Fire_Eyes

    01433: The Nativity Shepherd

    I have been absolutely terrible about posting pictures (or really anything, anywhere) lately, so I figured it's about time I gave some of the things I've painted in the last few months their own show off threads! I painted these to go with the nativity I'd painted for my grandparents last year, which meant that while I know more about bases, I had to keep these simple to match the rest of the set. As always, comments, critique, and advice are welcome and appreciated :)
  2. Fire_Eyes

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Oh my... If these get here just before or during my staycation in March that would be amazing! The timing will be close though... Also I use small Ziploc baggies, similar to the ones Hasslefree sends their minis in to store normal and small sized minis, and sandwich and gallon bags to store larger figures. It seems to work pretty well for keeping the bits together. I also have a gallon bag for one piece bones minis because I will sometimes use them during games even though they aren't painted, so it's nice to have the "usable" ones in one place.
  3. Fire_Eyes

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    So my friend and I got to have that sit down, and we're officially going this year! *Does a happy dance* It's going to be my first Reapercon, and I am ridiculously excited.
  4. Fire_Eyes

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Between my friend's order and mine, I'm thinking... Maybe 2 ft cubed. We didn't get everything but we both tended toward some of the larger items, so there will be two core sets, two of each dragon, a barge, 4 paint sets, and (I think) 5 expansions between us, as well as a lot of other things.
  5. Fire_Eyes

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I *should* probably paint the barge first, since my group's campaigns always seem to need a ship at some point. But I will likely paint the djinni or the lady ruler of hell first. After inventory and sorting, of course :)
  6. Fire_Eyes

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Do the rooms typically book up quick or do I have a bit of time? A friend and I have been talking about going but we haven't really taken the chance to sit down and hash out details yet
  7. Fire_Eyes

    Fire's End of Year Figure Finishing Challenge

    Day four update! It's late because I got home late last night from a friend's, but I did get some painting done. One of the damsels is all finished and sealed! She looks so much better! And I got some work done on Yevrah, though I scratched the paint on his sword in transit and need to touch it up. Just need to finish the inside of his cloak and repair that chip and he will be ready for basing! 3 down, 3 to go
  8. Fire_Eyes

    Fire's End of Year Figure Finishing Challenge

    Day three is done, and I have momentum on my side. First, Kally is basically done! All she has left to do is sealer. The turquoise was bugging me with how bright it was against the red, so I decided I needed to tone it down. After looking up images of old turquoise and seeing that it often has brown cracks, I used my new Vallejo Old Rust paint to do some more texturing. I really can't get over how much I love this paint. It has a gritty matte texture, but almost works like a wash, making it great for aging and dirt effects. I used it to make "dirt" around the rocks, to texture the treasure chest, and to serve as wear on the statue and the pile of gold bricks. Also, after watching some tutorials, I dabbed some lighter and darker colors over the marble to give it some more depth. I think it helped to make everything look a little less painted on. With Kally done, I still had some time, so I started working on Yevrah again, and was able to finish the gold elements of his outfit, as well as the blade of his sword. For this being my first ever gold NMM attempt, I'm feeling pretty happy! I just need to decide what colors to make his cloak and hilt now! 2 down, 4 to go
  9. Fire_Eyes

    Fire's End of Year Figure Finishing Challenge

    At the end of day two, I'm having fun. I've spent all my paint time working on Kaladrax and her base. I've got her detailing done to where I want it, and have been having a blast playing with my new special effects paints on her base to create new textures. I've got the statue head where I like it, as well as the turquoise (though, after looking at the pictures, I may try to shadow it a bit). The marble, on the other hand, is seeming a bit flat to me. Tomorrow I'll try to shade that, and maybe glaze over the lines to bring them back a little. I'm totally figuring out these textures as I go, which is fun, but also a bit scary!
  10. Fire_Eyes

    Fire's End of Year Figure Finishing Challenge

    Disaster struck today. I had to move my paint station to grab a paint bottle that had rolled under it, and my most troublesome damsel fell. After angrily considering throwing her away (for about the hundredth time), I decided she is going to have to go on hiatus until I can get some smaller pinning material, since trying to use the 1mm rods I have from GSW is what caused the greenstuffed injury to her other arm. So... I'm down to six I guess. In the most frustrating way possible. This mini is lucky I love her still
  11. Fire_Eyes

    Firbolg minis?

    Oathsworn had a female firbolg in their last adventurers KS that I adored
  12. Fire_Eyes

    Fire's End of Year Figure Finishing Challenge

    It's the end of day one, and I'm doing okay. Silverhorn is done! He now gets to frolick in some nice grassland. On top of that, I have Kally's muscles mostly finished. I darkened the grooves first with a mix of Vallejo Purple Shadow and Red Liner, then hit the darkest spots with just red liner. Then I brushed some garnet red over everything, and finished with old west rose on some of the brighter areas. I like how it looks currently, but I'm debating putting in some off white spots here and there to really make it look wet. When working closely on her, I realized that there are quite a few areas where the bones need to be cleaned up. I'm going to work on that tomorrow, as well as hopefully finishing the base so I can cross her off the list too. 1 down, six to go