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  1. I wasn't sure it it was or not, tbh. They were bagged together, but the different resin colors threw me off. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Fire_Eyes

    Wizkids Beholder (Fire Eyes version)

    Finally got around to finishing this, just in time for it to terrify my players. I'm not convinced on the colors of the base. I wanted to make it look like it had just set off a rock trap deep in its underground lair. As always, any comments or critiques are appreciated :)
  3. Now I can finally post my pics of my takings! I mostly took little samplings of a bunch of colors of flock and rocks. I'm really looking forward to playing with it all, and I even was able to add in some goodies I found in my family's craft hoard :)
  4. Fire_Eyes

    Fingernail stencils

    Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you on this! My phone wasn't letting me post pictures, so I was procrastinating on posting up the results, but, it worked! Now, there are a couple caveats to this. The stamper works best with nail polish, but I did get some (slightly distorted) results with a thick acrylic paint, which could be good for certain patterns or textures. With a thin acrylic (the paint I tested was a similar consistency to reaper paints) I was not able to get it to stamp at all. I would be happy to post a tutorial on how to use the stampers, as they can be a bit tricky. Would that be better put in this thread or a new one?
  5. The Rob Dean box is on its way, and I have a new phone that will let me post pictures again! My takings: There was more in there that was very tempting, but I figured I should stick to things I was more likely to make the time to paint (or in the case of the demon lady, chop off her horns to donate them to another figure I was working on ). Thank you to everyone who added these goodies!
  6. Rob Dean box is on its way to Gaming Dog!
  7. Fire_Eyes

    REAPERCON BoGW v2 sign ups

    I would like to sign up :)
  8. Fire_Eyes

    Dungeon Accessories

    I am
  9. This is a beautiful piece of storytelling. Just amazing!
  10. Fire_Eyes

    Reapercon BoGW?

    Same here! I would love to join again, but if there isn't enough room someone new should get the spot
  11. Fire_Eyes

    77486: Female Oni

    I love how she looks like she's giving the camera the side eye. Looks awesome!