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  1. I haven't sealed him yet and there were a good number of washes. Just noticed the shinyness myself honestly. I don't see it on the model itself. What colors (generic such as browns or blacks) do you or would you dry brush? I'd like to see some more shading as it looks nothing like the grizzly pictures I was aiming for.
  2. Thanks! There was a couple of areas where I can see I got a little sloppy picking out some highlights but overall am pretty happy with him. it's funny, before I started the details (necklace and other small fiddlybits) I was pretty disappointed in how he turned out. slept on it a day or two, then looked at him again and was suddenly satisfied. he ended up being a lot of fun.
  3. I've tried to take the advice from my previous posts and apply them to this one. As always C&C welcome. Rather liked how this one turned out in the end for the most part. I realize bears don't have human eyes but I thought since this was a "were" then it should still have more human eyes. However I used Linen White, but against the dark fur it seems too bright.
  4. I think I'm about ready to call it done but I'm still not quite happy with the skin tone. It seems to flat or washed out. I was also trying to get the look of old copper for the arm bands and club bands. I had a nice tone then I tried edge highlighting and it was too much of a contrast and hadn't been able to get the original tone back. Any suggestions on either Reaper-verse?
  5. I have quite a few more pictures taken over two sessions.
  6. This is my first WIP, so please bear with me on this. I tried to do the base coat in the style of the brown liner trick only using sepia liner instead as I don't have brown liner. However, I wasn't thinking and ended up using sepia wash...several layers of it. After a V8 moment, I then realized that the instructions were for liner not wash. A coat of sepia liner is shown below.
  7. Fire and Ice maybe (red and white) which looks similar to your first option. I'd have to break out my 2e Monsters Manual for more examples. Maybe sun and shadow? Fall and Spring?
  8. Thank you. I struggled with the hair especially on this one. It kept looking flat or I'd use a color too bright putting it in clown territory for color, then have to wash again to desaturate back to a normal color. Another area for the hair that created issues was finding colors to use. My daughter really wanted it to have blonde hair (and the purple scheme) and mixing the ones I had either yielded tones too similar or clown colored. I primarily use Reaper paints, having picked up Hodge podge colors and triads here and there. I have a few vallejo because those and GW are the only ones sold locally. I just mostly finished a mini last night after having bought a kolinsky sable. I had been hesitant to put the money down until I got better believing the proverb about better gear doesn't make you a better player, but I was wrong. The detail work that I struggled with became easier. Still have a long way to go but fine line detail was much easier. The camera did wash a considerable amount of the hair detail out but it does need work. I honestly got tired of messing with it and called it done and a learning experience.
  9. Thanks for the link. I've read that one before but I didn't apply everything correctly. That link was one of the inspirations to try white. I was going for more of a white enamel look. Any tips for that? The white turned out chalky.
  10. Thank you. It's a big matter of practice for me me. I haven't taken pics yet but I did manage eyes, with one of the suggested methods I'd read on the forums. The brush was splitting and the eyes had eyes, it was not pretty.
  11. C&C welcome!
  12. Post #3 This one turned out ok (to me anyway, please critique besides practice it's the best way). I tried half a dozen times to do eyes, and after multiple abominations and aberrations, I gave up. The brush would not keep a point to save its life. I probably should have shaded the face more. Thanks everyone!
  13. Well, here goes the next post. Was not happy with how he turned out. This was a second attempt at white armor. Still haven't gotten it right. I'll be trying again...later. I had numerous issues with this one. Additionally, I know the pictures aren't great. My earlier post had the paired mini. I think I saw a rule about posting pics of more time than one mini or I'd put that one in here as well as the paint scheme was meant to match.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement! I had picked this one after I noticed the leaf in the hair and scroll-work were similar to the Bones version of Vernone, 77382 so I painted them as a pair. My family plays a board game and substitute these figures in for the cardboard. Devonna is my wife's and Vernone was mine. My daughter's is a third, and purple, and pink, and sparkly-she's 5.5. Between a miscast foot and some other failings, I haven't bothered to take pictures.
  15. Thank you for the suggestions. I think I've spent more time watching videos than I have painting. I've done, maybe a half dozen or so minis over the last year and a half, including the learning to paint kit 1 but not including a sprue of rats. The paint drying maybe an issue. I noticed the other night that I was feeling stressed trying to finish these rather than enjoying the hobby (like I'll ever finish all the minis - looking at you Bones 4) and I believe I was rushing.