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  1. one thing i've found is that a lot of the Windsor Newton's that you get at general craft stores are the coachmen watercolor series of brushes and they just don't seem to hold up as well as brushes that are marked as acrylic brushes. I've been experimenting with some sets of cheap Michael's artist-loft brand acrylic and watercolor brushes and have been seeing the same thing happen with the water color brushes there as well, with them unable to hold a point after a few paint sessions and still have a bend after reconditioning them whereas the acrylic set, which doesn't say, but I'm assuming are Taklon brushes have held up a lot better and have been easier to condition back into shape with Masters soap. Some Other brushes I've tried: Had some good results with some Princeton arts & brush co. camel hair brushes, though this was with scale model building. The Royal & Langnickel's I've used have been alright but the tip on the small brushes sometimes have one bristles that are too long and need adjusting. With Testors brushes I've found, at least the white bristle ones seem to wear out really fast, masters soap helps a little with that but the ability to hold a tip was gone after about one paint session, I have some brown bristle brushes as well but haven't tried them yet. Their cheapo black nylon brushes suck even for enamel paints but because they come with almost every paint set they make and i have a lot i've taken to using them as mixing brushes Reaper brushes from the LTP core skills kit have been good although i find i've used the 0 more then the 2 but both have been easy to recondition with Masters For dry brushing I still think the best brush i've used is my cheapo brush from Humbrol/Airfix that is packaged with their 1:72 model starter kits. It has relatively held its shape after about 3 scale models and a dozen minis and i feel it just has a nice spring to its bristles that seems to work well for me when dry brushing although if we want to talk worst brushes I've ever seen that title is still held by the set of Squadron models brushes i have that looked like they took old hair clipping off a barbers floor and glued them to a stick I mean kids watercolor brushes looked like top tier pro artist brushes compared to these. .
  2. Repainted these old miniatures so I could practice some of the skills from the core skill kits. Original paint job was from around 98 when I was a kid and I just slabbed on silver enamel paint over the entire mini. I repainted the Swan knight first and I think I went a little heavy on the highlights. I tried to tone it down a bit on the tower knight and get some contrast on the chainmail. Wish there was some more colors I could have added but unless there are patterns on the armor there's only so much you can do with classic plate armor. The miniatures themselves are from the old Harlequin Helsinian faction from I think the Raven wargame, with these two from the Helsinian Templars set #2. There is one more that came in the set but I'm missing the shield he came with so I might have to do some alterations to get rid of the little nib on his arm that the shield would attach too. Still after all these years I think the tower heraldry is a little silly.
  3. Very nice. The Orc in the kit I think is the stand out mini of the 3 as he just ends up looking so good after following the basic instructions, still working on Timur from my kit but I think the orc is still going to be my favorite.
  4. Thanks everyone! @stormbreach Ya I would definitely recommend the kits to anyone, still got the 2nd kit waiting in the wings for after i finish Timur. I'm also happy with how the eyes turned out too as its been a long time sense I've done any and most of those were on 40k minis and i never really liked how they turned out, although i have no idea how you are supposed to paint these with the 0 brush they give you as it was a lot bigger then the one pictured in the instructions, ended up having to use a 10\0 brush for the eyes
  5. That dwarf as seen some stuff Great Job
  6. 2nd Mini to be finished from the LTP core skills. I'm really happy with how he turned out. also think I learned a lot more with him then the skeleton archer, although I did kind of skip ahead and tried some things with those skeleton guardians I painted but this guy solidified those skills I think.
  7. really cool job on this. have to agree with @72moonglum and @Sanael first thing i thought of when looking at the slinger was Cleopatra. your struggle also reminds me of the Old Ral Partha miscast of Belinda, Knight of the Light I've had sitting around for years but in my case the face was so bad that she doesn't have a nose and the cheeks and mouth didn't fill in so it looks like she has giant mick jagger lips.
  8. looking good, still haven't got to my layer up kit as i'm still working my way through the core skills kit.
  9. Thanks for the comments! Interesting aside showed these to a friend and after looking at them he thought that the blue one looked like you classic skeleton look, while the red looked like something from an Egyptian tomb but he said that he liked the green one the best because it looked like it was made of stone. Like the green one would be the boss of the blue skeletons.
  10. I think you are selling yourself short, I'd say that is better then tabletop quality. Very Cool!
  11. Very Nice! Really like how you did the bandage wraps and the fur. Also did a really good job on the face. Only thing I can think of is adding some highlights to the club as its really hard to pick out the face on it, also you could add some highlights the items on his belt and the blue loin cloth to give it a little more pop as they really blend in right now with the tan skin of the ogre.
  12. @Chris Palmer You should be able to get them at most Michaels where they will be next to the other Folk art acrylics. I think Folk art rolled these about some time around the start to mid summer. Probably other hobby stores might have them as well but I'm just more familiar with Michaels inventory. I'm also interested In seeing how they work as they might make good paints for dragons scales and the like or maybe use it for like a prismatic spray effect.
  13. Well I am slowly getting back into Mini painting after a long time, dabbled a little with it last year but life happened and didn't do much, but before that hadn't painted anything sense around 1999. Now trying to get some practice when i can so that I'm ready for when my Bones 4 comes in, (I know that's a long time but I tend to put things off :D ). Any way broke out the paints and painted these Skeleton Guardians that I had but I wanted to try some different color combinations and washes to see how they looked. With the exceptions of the washes and different colored loin cloths the rest of the skeletons were panted with the same colors. The Blue Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Stone Grey The Red Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Harvest Brown The Green Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Pure Black For still being a bit rusty I think they turned out alright, but i'm still on the fence about which wash I like better so if anyone want to chime in on that it would be appreciated and any other C&C are appreciated as well