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  1. Ducknuck84

    77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    very nice
  2. Ducknuck84

    Nuln vs Agrax

    I think both look good but the brown one has a more aged look that i feel bandages would have after years in a tomb. but the null oil one pops a bit more. maybe try a wash of both? so you get the pop of the nul and the old look of the bandages with the Agrax
  3. Ducknuck84

    03428 Barrow Warden Mystic

    very cool. wish i could get my paint that smooth
  4. Ducknuck84

    Tiny Halfing, affectionately known as "Red'

    very cool, the more i see of the dnd preprimed the more i am liking them only thing that is stopping me from buying them is reapers price point and selection
  5. Ducknuck84

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    so are the RC MSP Colors the two sets they 09974 and 09974 sets or something else?
  6. Ducknuck84

    77007 Ghost WIP

    Got the final glazing done on everything, now just have to decide how I want to do the base
  7. Ducknuck84

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    well finalized the last of my order. was hard because i agonized over the lost worlds set as i really only wanted the giants and jade fire clan minis, but ended up going with it. so total is Core set x1 lost worlds x1 fan fave x1 hill giants x1 paint set B x1 frost giants x1 amazon stature x1 rulers of hell x1
  8. Ducknuck84

    77007 Ghost WIP

    Ghost has been on the back burner with me working on the LTP layer minis but now that they are done I got the highlights of Maggot White added and started to work on the tombstone. Looks more ghosty with the white added. where as with only the first hightlight it was more of a statue of liberty feel
  9. Its know that green stuff epoxy is probably one of the best items for base stamping but i wanted to do a quick experiment to see if you could use contour putty in a pinch if you needed to stamp a base. and here are the initial results. base on upper left is hand done using a side of a mtg card and pen tip the rest are using happy seppuku grass, flagstone, and steel plating stamps. Putty used: Squadron green contour putty Side note: If you have never used this type of putty one of the problem is that it drys out really fast and becomes crumbly but this can be alleviated by keeping it damp with acetone nail polish remover this will also help in smoothing out the putty, but it does get a bit messy so use a tool or gloves to keep your hands for getting green. Results: Yes in a pinch it will take a stamp and basic carving however, I would say only use it for rough textures like the flagstone. Steal plating: came out ok but the putty did not take one of the deck bolts though that also might have been due to me not applying even pressure and I had to smooth it out with the acetone. Grass texture: worked however it will get stuck on to the stamp easily but some isopropyl alcohol and water will clean it up. more of a pain then anything else. Flagstone texture: did not really have any problems, a little soft in the detail but that area on the stamp is soft detail. I'm going to let these dry for now and then test paint them. they should take the paint fine but I'm worried that the grass texture is going to flake off when dry brushing, but we shall see.
  10. Ducknuck84

    Lady Olynder (Games Workshop, Pic heavy)

    great job. love how the veiled skull turned out.
  11. I really love your guys Giants. I've been wondering this for a while but are the new giants going to be 5e size or like the older giants size? also is there plans to resize some of the older giants like what was done with the fire giants?
  12. Ducknuck84

    Shadowrun Male Wasp Spirit (Human Form)

    So some one commented the the mini looks like a mutated Bob Ross, so from now on I shall call him Bob Wasp. Just remember there are no mistakes, just the happy little inevitable domination of extra dimensional Wasps. So why not let him infect you with a happy little wasp friend, it will be our little secret.
  13. Ducknuck84

    Shadowrun Male Wasp Spirit (Human Form)

    I know but stripped him before i even thought about it. Now though, with a couple of expedition(two Brujah clan vampires) i'm trying to remember to do that. I still have a few that i want to repaint that are not stripped yet.
  14. One of my old Shadowrun mini's I got back in the 90's. originally slathered on some testors enamel paint and called it a day. Imagine gloss hot red for the pants, a white shirt and tan only for the face with wood brown hair. Now he has been stripped, repainted and I think looks a lot better. Still need to work on some things. lighter tone skin shadows and highlight still seem a bit tricky and was at a lose as to what to do to shade some parts of the wasp hand as well as the feet so improvised. I still have to do the same to the 2 wasp forms that came in the old blister pack but going back and redoing these old minis is great seeing where i was and where i am as a painter. you can still get this guy through Iron Wind Metals, Item # DS-053
  15. Ducknuck84

    77134: Hajad

    Finished the last mini from the LTP Layer up kit. I'm happy with how h turned out and learned a lot about where to place highlights. Now just have to transfer that to other minis. and here are all the mini's from the kit in order of painted. Best face still goes to Ingred, but Hajad has better skin, Anirion is probably the weakest paint job of the 3 but still looks good