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    Green Stuff Paranoia

    Thank you, everyone who responded, that should help. I'll try not to worry about it and keep things in mind, henceforth. Certainly understandable. It's self-diagnosed OCD for me (complete with compulsive/intrusive thoughts and mild rituals), although a semi-therapist at least mostly confirmed my suspicions about health anxiety (and other anxieties). So I definitely wouldn't be one to joke about it, and sometimes I'm looking for solutions or ways to improve the situation for hours a day. It is tough, and health anxiety is a part of it for me, too. Do you, by any chance, have any advice for others who struggle with OCD, now that we are speaking of it?
  2. Eyegazer

    Green Stuff Paranoia

    Hey all, I have a history with health anxiety and am looking for some relief here. I was working with green stuff some hours ago (the thing I was working on has, mostly, cured, by now, and 15 minutes ago was when I grabbed the almonds), and I can't remember washing my hands since then, which has left me wondering if depositing a bunch of almonds into my hand and chewing them all up (I realized it in time and ended up spitting most of them out), not knowing whether I had washed my hands prior to that or not. There might've been tiny bits of green stuff left on my fingers, cured or not, of microscopic size or larger, but I need some relief (and also some advice for future use) and would like to know if green stuff could ever possibly be toxic that way. Somebody told me it's very toxic when non-cured, and this was partially cured and may or may not have been on my fingers. Any word on this and any confirmation on when it's toxic and when it isn't? One post I've read said it only wasn't toxic immediately, but (or so it seemed to be implied) eventually, which worried me and got the health anxiety thing kicking. Any help and advice would be great... Thanks in advance. Eyegazer