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  1. ok i now notice something i did wrong, so ill try the senmm again, or maybe im just going to forget about the senmm and do a normal nmm . i just dont feel comftable with senmm
  2. Ok guys, i know u have alredy posted 4 other wips and have not finish any of them , i promise i will, but i wanted to share my first attempt at nmm sky/earth. Any tip or comment are welcome.
  3. Wooow!!!! I love it!!
  4. Omg thank you very much, i didnt know it exist something like that.
  5. @SirLarpsAlot thanks for the tips, ill try to do it, sadly i dont have much access to reaper paints , so ill try to get those colors mixing vallejos paints, and probably gonna need to clean her, and paint her again, but its ok i gues, i have just painted the skin.
  6. Well i want a grey-white hair, and thats something i havent paint yet. Well in trying to give more blue-ish tone, with french blue (vallejo), wich is pretty grey, hope it works >.<. Mmm, well the way i paint hair is from the darks to the brightest, havent try something like that, could work , but i dont khrw if i can at this point, because i alredy painted her hair and i really dont want to have tick paint on the hair D:, i will try . What could go wrong?. By the way thank you all for your advices
  7. Another wip, this time is alastriel the sorcerer, i wanted to give her a dark elf look, and now feels like im gonna explode trying to paint the hair
  8. , are you doing the ben komet's loaded brush technique? If it is not the case, it still looks fantastic xD, and if its the case omg teach me
  9. Woooow!!! You are amazing woth greenstuff, i tried once and it was a mess, ithought it was like a normal putty .
  10. Wow, you re really good with airbrush, i just use mine for priming and varnish. Well done.
  11. Looks amazing
  12. you re rigth maybe i have an issue with myself-criticism. i dont feel like a natural painter, even when others say that my skills are well above my time painting minis, so i guess i could be wrong. By the way, can anyone enter on the anual reaper contest? Or do i need more time on forum? I want to expirience what it feels like to be in one
  13. Thanks for your replys guys i apreciate it, but theres still lot of work to do with her >.< Thanks, is funny that you say that, because i still feels like a newbie on miniature painting.
  14. I wanted to finish this miniature and the others im painting, but i had a little tough weekenend . She isnt finish yet, so well here is my advance on her