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  1. NMM first attempt

    :O sorry my bad :(
  2. NMM first attempt

    the gauntlet looks cool for me ,im not an eminence of nmm but this is what i think: what you could try is to imagine 4 source of ligth and keep the contrast on the nmm, the more contrast you have, more spectacular the metal look, and if you have any problems on belndings you could add some scratches . but what you did there is a good start , just need to studie more the material and parctice. keep the good work
  3. looks great, well done and congratz :)
  4. 60092 Cleric of Calistria

    thanks very much guys, i really apreciate your kind replys. you are rigth, i didnt notice that yesterday, and will fix it, thanks very much for the advice. :3
  5. 77299 Female Anti-paladin

    Omg the shield is fantastic, great job.
  6. 77306: Translucent Slimes and Tamiya Clears

    Wow really nice, i have the tamiya red clear and its really cool for fresh blood effect, but what you did its pretty cool, i probably gonna buy some more tamiya clears. :P
  7. Freeport Lizard Man

    Great job, those scales looks awesome :3
  8. 03762, Shaern Female Antipaladin

    Cool i like the nmm, it looks really vobrant as the green beholder blood. I did not know about this contest :s i wouldhave like to participate xD, but if yours was 4th place the other 3 places must have been astonishing .
  9. Fade, Kingdom Death

    amazing i dont even know what to say . Fantastic work, thanks for sharing
  10. 60092 Cleric of Calistria

    Sup guys, i have just finisthis miniature, well i think i finish, it may need more little more definition in some areas. hope you guys enjoy and like it
  11. Hi guys, im just start working on this big girl . Im not a big fam of bones cuz of the details, but it os what i have , so hope you guys like her.
  12. Pathfinder "red" dragon 89001

    great job. looks fantastic me too, but idk why i ended up buying others and not this one
  13. 77279: Narthrax the White with hoard

    great job, love how you painted horns and teeths, and also how i can feel the cold on the base
  14. 77503 Temple Dragon

    well done, looks cool. you can try to highlight the red mixing it with yellow and then use a little bit of withe on that mix, that should work, but honestly it looks great the way you painted
  15. 03647: Drago Voss, Assassin

    thanks guys for all your kind comments i really apreciate them thats what i want, but need more time to paint