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  1. I really like the monochromatic scheme. Excellent work on the black. Will have to give it a go first time a need comes up
  2. I'm with you, the feasibility of this stuff stretches the imagination a bit. My first thought is where the heck does she put that huge rifle when not in use? There is another kit in this series that has the lady lounging on her back on the lizard......go figure. Either way, at $15 it was a cheap way of taking a shot at painting something bigger. In the end, it should be interesting to look at I suppose! Have the base color down and the lady in primer. Will post a few pics when home from work tonight.
  3. Starting on my second project. Masterbox's World of Fantasy. Box states 1/24. Injection molded plastic. Didn't like the Footrests, so added my own. Added a cushion for her to sit on. Added some rings in his horns for adding reins later. Is now ready for primer
  4. Thanks, you are correct. Edited. How troublesome are tide/water marks from these washes (store bought and homemade)?
  5. Forgive me if I'm just blind, is there a list of the vendors that will be at Reapercon?
  6. Not that I remember. The seams do go across the wraps on her arms and legs resulting in some tedious cleanup in those areas.
  7. Thanks all for the feedback, I appreciate it. I think one if my main problems is I painted most of it through a 10x inspection scope. While this helps everything to stay nice and sharp at color breaks, etc, it is a hindrance to contrast. Painting something for a high contrast looks like a paint by number under the scope. Therefore, all of my shading and highlighting, while looking great under the scope, is way to subtle at 1x. I think my next one I will block in under 10x and finish under 1-2x. Any suggestions on a good set of washes? I've heard good things on Citadels $$$$ and Secret Weapon $. As for the mini, since it is my first, I don't have a reference point for cleanup/prep. The face itself is not very crisp and the right eye was malformed a bit. Mold lines weren't that bad and the arm attached with no issues. My next one is a 75mm kit from Masterbox's World of fantasy (a lady riding on a big lizard. I'll post progress photos as I go along, but I am very slow on progress. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  8. Here is my first mini I've ever done. 32mm metal Fiama from Enigma. Learned a lot from painting it. Still need to learn to enhance the contrasts and work on washes, etc. Any advice is welcome.