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  1. 01514 Adventure Sophie

    As my second mini I started the Masterbox World of Fantasy Lizard Mount/Sci-Fi girl combo (previous WIP post) but when I saw pictures of this mini online I just had to get one and drop everything else. Played Tomb Raider from the first one so this one pushes my buttons. Found one for sale and snapped it up. Assembly is finished. I didn't like the look of the Whip, so I replaced it with some braided wire. The Base I will expand to add a pit full of spikes. Can't wait to start priming/painting!
  2. Methods for Eyes

    Since I can't for the life of me get the seam lines and fuzzies off my Bones Succubus, thought I would use it to practice eye painting since I've only painted one mini so far. Here is my attempt from last night. Deck tan for whites, black brown for liner. Nevermind the Skin painting, was just for cutting in the liner. I used red oil paint on a pin to make the iris. I think it turned out great, but seems to me there has to be a way to cheat at this. The anxiety and anguish of trying over and over and having ruined it at various steps is frustrating. This one took me 3 tries. Anyone tried using liquid watercolors for dotting the eye? seems like if you messed it up it would easily wipe off to try again. I assume I could seal it with airbrushed varnish when done. maybe use a tiny mask to cover the whites so both sides could match, etc? really fishing here....
  3. Wet look ok bones

    Good point on the flexing of Bones not being compatible with Future, I can see where that might turn into a cracked up mess. I sincerely apologize if someone tried that before you pointed that out.
  4. Methods for Eyes

    That is the method (mostly) I used. Just wished there was a way to protect each step from the next. One slip up on the last steps and is redo lots of what you just did. Thanks everyone for the input. I'll just keep practicing.
  5. Wet look ok bones

    Future floor wax should work too I would think. Very thin and self levels when brushed on. Also very tintable. Aircraft guys usually dip their clear parts in it as it fills all the microscratches and makes them more clear and shiny.
  6. Best faces on Reaper minis

    To use a vague term, I would say "pretty"? Very subjective I know, but to carry it further, a face that is a well sculpted symmetrical form, slightly larger eyes would be fine. Some I've seen can be too flat or too long, puffy as if Beestung, etc. To throw another requirement in there would be that it's molded crisp to ease the painting, especially the eye shape.
  7. Couldn't find a good way to search for this exact topic, so please forgive me if this has been asked before. I am always fixated on facial and body proportions. I find that lots of 28mm minis have "weird" faces and bodies (too long, too stubby, etc) What would be the best female figures in the Reaper line that have the best facial and body proportions? #14645 Bladeslinger would be a good example of what I am looking for.
  8. Looking for a dominatrix miniature

    Depending on how ..uh.."dominating" you want her to look, Raging heroes has this: https://www.ragingheroes.com/collections/fantasy/products/rythali-in-s-f
  9. Eye decals

    Hey all, would like to split this question into two parts; Can you? Should you? Can you: I know Archer makes decals of human irises that would possibly work down to 54mm size. Has anyone tried this? Should you: Coming from an Aircraft/Armor background, decals are used to simplify complex graphics on things. Most modelers use them routinely. There is no negative stigma associated with their use. Being new to the miniature scene, how is the use of decals viewed? As the painting of eyes, tattoos, etc in these small scales is seen as a talent to aspire to, I would think that using decals could be viewed as "taking a short cut", crutch, etc. Obviously claiming you painted them while using decals would be an ethical no-no. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this are.
  10. After tearing my hair out trying to remove the little fuzzy bits left after trying to clean the mold seams, do you think boiling it or hitting it with a hot hairdryer could melt or minimize those?
  11. Starting on my second project. Masterbox's World of Fantasy. Box states 1/24. Injection molded plastic. Didn't like the Footrests, so added my own. Added a cushion for her to sit on. Added some rings in his horns for adding reins later. Is now ready for primer
  12. Masterbox Worlds of Fantasy #2

    Little Update: Luggage and straps painted. Supposed to be worn black leather....
  13. Paints for sale at Reapercon

    Forgive me if there is an obvious answer for this, I've never been to Reapercon before. I am needing quite a few Reaper paints. Will they be for sale at the Con? If so, would they have a Show discount? If not, I'll just go ahead and order some from Reaper now. Thanks
  14. Paints for sale at Reapercon

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
  15. Forgive me if I'm just blind, is there a list of the vendors that will be at Reapercon?
  16. Masterbox Worlds of Fantasy #2

    Exactly what my wife said!
  17. Masterbox Worlds of Fantasy #2

    Quick snaps from the bench showing the "mount" with the base colors on. Saddle and straps still to be painted, washes, highlights etc to come
  18. Shades of Black .... take two.

    I really like the monochromatic scheme. Excellent work on the black. Will have to give it a go first time a need comes up
  19. Masterbox Worlds of Fantasy #2

    I'm with you, the feasibility of this stuff stretches the imagination a bit. My first thought is where the heck does she put that huge rifle when not in use? There is another kit in this series that has the lady lounging on her back on the lizard......go figure. Either way, at $15 it was a cheap way of taking a shot at painting something bigger. In the end, it should be interesting to look at I suppose! Have the base color down and the lady in primer. Will post a few pics when home from work tonight.
  20. Here is my first mini I've ever done. 32mm metal Fiama from Enigma. Learned a lot from painting it. Still need to learn to enhance the contrasts and work on washes, etc. Any advice is welcome.
  21. Enigma Fiama 32mm - My First Mini

    Thanks, you are correct. Edited. How troublesome are tide/water marks from these washes (store bought and homemade)?
  22. Enigma Fiama 32mm - My First Mini

    Not that I remember. The seams do go across the wraps on her arms and legs resulting in some tedious cleanup in those areas.
  23. Enigma Fiama 32mm - My First Mini

    Thanks all for the feedback, I appreciate it. I think one if my main problems is I painted most of it through a 10x inspection scope. While this helps everything to stay nice and sharp at color breaks, etc, it is a hindrance to contrast. Painting something for a high contrast looks like a paint by number under the scope. Therefore, all of my shading and highlighting, while looking great under the scope, is way to subtle at 1x. I think my next one I will block in under 10x and finish under 1-2x. Any suggestions on a good set of washes? I've heard good things on Citadels $$$$ and Secret Weapon $. As for the mini, since it is my first, I don't have a reference point for cleanup/prep. The face itself is not very crisp and the right eye was malformed a bit. Mold lines weren't that bad and the arm attached with no issues. My next one is a 75mm kit from Masterbox's World of fantasy (a lady riding on a big lizard. I'll post progress photos as I go along, but I am very slow on progress. Thanks again for the warm welcome.