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    How to get this shade of pink

    Inarah, thanks for the link. I found a couple other examples via a search. It looks like Blush Pink might be the one to try here. Hopefully my FLGS has some in stock so I can see it in person.
  2. HolisticDeveloper

    How to get this shade of pink

    I have looked at it before, and looking at it again just now I think I see why it confused me. It suggests 9262 Blush Pink as the best match. The picture below shows the color swatch for Blush Pink as shown at http://www.reapermini.com/Paints/corecolors on the left, and on the right is the same color swatch as shown on the Power Palette page. They look quite a bit different, and I had been mostly comparing the color swatch from the product page to the artwork and finding the color swatch to look too bright. Is it common for the swatches shown in Power Palette to be so different?
  3. HolisticDeveloper

    How to get this shade of pink

    I'm getting ready to paint Stuffed Fables and I'm building up a list of paints I need to add. I'm having trouble deciding how to get the ride shade of pink for Piggles (attached). The body is mainly one color, but the nose and inside of the ears is a darker shade. Mabye Punk Rock Pink with some white added to it? Thanks for any input!