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  1. I was thinking Witchblade honestly. The design of the outfit/fabric looks a lot like the Witchblade designs.
  2. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Thanks, I think she'll enjoy using it/showing it off.
  3. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Yet again I didn't get around to my figure. My wife decided to sign up to play D&D this Saturday and since this will probably be her last game for awhile I wanted to do something special. I had honestly forgot about this project until last Saturday when she played her paladin with a stag. Seeing that magnet in the stag's back made me realize I hadn't finished her mounted character. One of the first things I had to do was trim down the cloak/cape so the figure would actually fit on the stag's back. Once that was finished I had to trim down both legs for the figure to fit. Then came drilling a hole to seat the magnet (that was odd to say the least). After that it was just a simple matter of gluing the magnet in place and touching up the paint. Here is a comparison between the figure she is using as a footsoldier versus the one I Frankensteined into a mounted paladin. I will say in her defense initially this figure did look like it would be easy to mount seeing as the figure already has a pretty wide stance. This is "better" angle showing how I made the figure fit onto the stag. Finished product. This project would have been much easier had I bought smaller magnets but this project was meant to use what I already had. I also want to point out I did not base the stag. Awhile back I actually bought a bunch of lose bases someone had already done from one of my local gamestores. Though proportionally this is a little off its not terrible and is certainly good enough to convey the idea on a tabletop.
  4. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I ended up getting a little work in today. My Marksmen are officially finished. With the banner attached to its pole these figures are done. This being my first sticker banner I didn't get it perfectly straight but it is closer than I expected. I also applied grass tufts and rubble/rocks to the base of my statues. This was supposed to be a side project while I was working on my first display piece but it ended up being the main focus of the last few days, go figure. Now I'm sure everyone saw this coming but this is actually a modular piece, as it can be used as is or with the addition of my previous statue. Honestly I don't know which version I like more. With any luck I'll start work on my display dwarf tomorrow. Luckily I've been able to locate the figure in a couple of old Warhammer books I just acquired; seeing it painted a couple of different ways has given me an idea of the color schemes that work. Now it's just a matter of adding my own little twist and infusing the figure with even more personality.
  5. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Last night I painted the base of the statues. Again I just used Earth Brown with a Pure Black wash, this looks much darker in the photo than in person. I also thought about the tuft placings for this piece, which hopefully I'll get around to doing today.
  6. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I actually got quite a bit done today. I finished my Marksmen's bases by adding some tufts of grass and I even managed to seal the figures too. I also gave my statue piece a second coat of shadowed stone and a wash of Pure Black, which may not have been watered down enough. I also added the "sand" to its base which I'm going to transform into dirt using the magic of paint. Once the "sand" is painted I may add some grass tufts. My next figure hasn't received any paint yet but I did spend some time thinking about colors. I believe I've got a theme, for lack of a better word, for the figure I'll just have to see if the idea actually works.
  7. Thanks for the tip, I watched from 12:11 like you said and ended up watching till the end. I'll definitely be going back later to watch the beginning. I don't know if that technique will work with a brush, I think it needs the submersion for it to soak into the wood. That being said I'm going to try a few test pieces with a brush, but if I have to do a total submersion I will because the technique makes great weathered wood.
  8. Master Nurin looks great, I really like your choice of orange trim. Your freehand on the robe looks great too.
  9. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I ended up making a lot of progress today. I finally reattached the Learn to Paint Orc to its base (it had only come off its base after the first use nearly two months ago). My Marksmen's "sand" bases received their a coat of Earth brown and a Pure Black wash (I did figure out the right dilution of the paint for an Earthy wash). I also found my next side project and even started it. I decided to make a small piece of terrain featuring statues (Or large Spidermen if you prefer). The figures were glued to their base and they also received their first coat of Shadowed Stone. Finally I selected not only my next miniature but have decided to do something different. All of my painting thus far has been to tabletop quality, but I'm going to try doing a display piece next. Since I've decided to do a display piece I chose a figure that I think oozes personality.
  10. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Last night while my wife was watching Next Top Model or Project Runway (it was definitely something fashion related) I got a little work done. I put down the initial coating of "sand" on the bases. Next step is to start painting to turn that "sand" into dirt.
  11. Last night while my wife was watching Next Top Model or Project Runway (it was definitely something fashion related) I got a little work done. Once my watchtower was "finished" I left it sitting on my workstation. After a few days I decided it needed the additional cross sections but I didn't get around to doing it until last night. Not only does this bring a bit more stability to the piece I think it also gives it a more ramshackle appearance. Now I think I'll leave it on my desk while I figure out how to paint it and ultimately decide if I'm going to paint it or not.
  12. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I managed to do quite a bit today. All the figures got touch ups and the last pieces were attached. Seeing as I broke a feather off during one of the early painting sessions I'm not very confident these feathers will hold up to travel or regular use. Even with these misgivings I decided to reattach said feather anyway. I also finished the paint job on the last two figures and attached the final crossbow. Here is a group shot of the finished detachment minus the banner. Now we come to the real problem. Just a month ago I could have called this troop finished and moved on to the next project. However that no longer seems to be the case, these figures still need based. So I've been thinking of using my "sand" and the base painting system I learned from Doublesix66, plus a couple of extra surprises. I guess I'll be basing models from now on.
  13. Rat13

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    I finally had a chance to read the Floating Hulks reports and it sounds like it was another brutal game with a high body count. Though I hate to say it, it is reassuring to see that the body count is high for everyone. After a few games I was starting to think I was a bad player.
  14. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    No "real" painting today but I did get the hands/arm of three figures attached. So aside from a little touching up of the figures sleeves they're done. All that's left is one crossbowman and the standard bearer. I also did a test run on the basing technique that Doublesix66 showed off. For the last couple months I've had these two parking tokens in my painting box and I honestly can't remember where they came from. So I used that crystalline "sand" and then painted it with a coat of Earth Brown and a Pure Black wash. The wash wasn't thinned enough and ended up completely covering the Earth Brown but it did prove the concept. So that "sand" does have a use.
  15. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Today I finished the faces and the crossbows. Which means that I'll be able to attach three of the crossbows next session, I guess the Captain will finally get his right arm. At this point I think we're all pretty familiar with what my camera can and cannot do, suffice it to say most of the detail is lost in these photographs. So instead I'll go into a little more detail on what I did with the crossbows today. I started off by repainting the wooden section with Earth Brown to give the wood a darker color. My first choice just didn't look right with the figure's color scheme. Then I went to work on the wrappings at the front of the piece and used Pure Black. To differentiate the wrappings from the rest of the front section I used a mixture of Pure Black and Nightshade Purple. Up close it is only really noticeable as two slightly different blacks which is exactly what I was going for. Next up was the actual crossbow bolt. I used Honed Steel for the tip and was seriously tempted to paint the entire bolt in that color, to represent a completely steel made bolt. In the end I decided against that and gave the bolt a wooden shaft with Rainy Grey fletching. After that I used Scholar Flesh on the hands simply because that's the skintone I've already used for this troop (I've been meaning to use my other skin tones which I bought but still haven't used). I gave the hands a wash before hitting the last part of the crossbows. The last part of the crossbows were the worst. This wasn't because it was particularly hard, it was because my hand was getting tired of holding these little weapons. In the future I'll take the time to put things like that on pins to make painting easier. So what was this last part? It was the firing mechanism for the crossbow, which is just a thin strip of metal running along the underside of the crossbow. With a tired hand and everything else finished I really took my time on those triggers. The crossbows turned out much better than I expected and I think they look pretty good in person. I'm still tinkering with the lighting to get the best pictures in this new apartment but it probably has more to do with the camera than the lighting.