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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. Rat13


    I'm in, just doubled checked that the survey was actually sent in.
  2. I may get there someday, but for now I'll keep it simple. I'll only be in this apartment for another six months or so and I'll probably only prime three more times, if that. With the new kiddo I'm not painting like I used to.
  3. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I was able to test my "Complaint Box" today and it worked perfectly. Even the most stubborn and hardheaded neighbor would be hard pressed to complain about my priming box. My figures will need another coat but I ran out of time today. I'm finally replacing my old Taco Bell paint cups too. Thanks to a pub crawl my wife wanted to go to and forgetful drunks I now have Harry Potter paint mugs. All in all a great day for painting peripherals.
  4. I got some free time today and tested my "Complaint Box". I'm happy to report it works and eliminates the chance of primer getting on the ground or surroundings. I did however move the lid to the side of the box, this wasn't necessary but again I wanted to hedge my bet.
  5. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    I think it would but this is a case of really hedging your bets. I doubt it would bleed through the bottom and the lid but I wanted something that would look inpenetrable to the most hardheaded neighbor.
  6. Recently I moved from an apartment in a house, complete with a small yard, to an apartment building with a parking lot. Since I like to use Krylon spray primer I knew losing that yard would be a problem. So I thought about it and think I've come up with a solution. I took a copy paper box and lined it with a plastic tarp. The basic idea is to secure the miniatures at the back of the box and spray them one side at a time. That way the spray can would be inside the box while spraying with the liner stopping any paint bleeding through and keeping the mist contained inside the box. At the back of the lot there is an area where no one parks because it's pretty tight even for a small car (so there's no chance to hit a car). Testing there should be fine though I'm going to setup off the pavement in the brush just in case (I want to test the idea before I trust it on pavement). I should be able to test the affectionately named "Complaint Box" on Sunday unless something comes up. I'm hoping this idea works, but am open to others excluding switching primers that is. Has anyone else tried something like this or have a way to spray prime in the city?
  7. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    So the other day the dollar store got me yet again. I found two new "statues" of the Hulk and Spiderman. Thanks to the packaging however I now know they are sold as paperweights. It seems obvious now but when I picked up that Ironman I didn't think paperweight. Today I prepped the next set of miniatures I'm going to prime (hopefully I can do this Sunday). I'll also be testing out a new priming system using what I'm calling the "Complaint Box". I took a standard copy paper box and lined it with a piece of plastic tarp. The idea is that I can use a spray primer while eliminating any chance of primer going anywhere but on the minis and in the box (Contained paint means no complaints right?). Hopefully this will work so intercity priming won't be an issue. From left to right the miniatures are Badger Games' Velite Trooper II-RGDKT020, Reaper's Black Mist-80007, Reaper's Garrick the Bold-77008 (aka Sir Forscale), Reaper's Townsfolk:Oswald the Overladen-77141, Mantic's DreadBall player Buzzcut-MGDB071-1, and finally RBJ Game Company S*T*A*R* Trooper-STB002.
  8. Rat13

    Paint kit on airplane? Advice?

    I don't think I've ever agreed with anything as much as I agree with this. I've been shaving my head for over ten years and would love if it would just stop growing.
  9. Rat13

    New Hobby Area advice/suggestions

    You're putting a lot of our hobby areas to shame. Congratulations on your dream work zone, I'm interested to see what it looks like with everything in place; I'm also looking forward to hearing what its like working at.
  10. Rat13

    Shield Guardians - Iron Golem x2

    I guess they'd have to be large animated armor then, made from armor for a large orc or a small ogre then. At least that's the excuse I'd use. Thanks for letting me know the size, I didn't think they filled a 2" base. I guess I just figured you were zoomed in with a great camera.
  11. After seeing you work through this set maybe I should finally get around to this miniature too. Your's looks every bit as good as the one in the teach book and the additions just make it better.
  12. Rat13

    Shield Guardians - Iron Golem x2

    I love your paint job. These would also work well for magical/enchanted armor, so I may have to pick up a couple. They'll certainly look better than the rebased Warmachine and Doombot I've been using from heroclix.
  13. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Well it's been awhile but I'm finally painting a Reaper minature again. Today I started work on Dain Deepaxe 01610; this was actually the free miniature from the site awhile back (for the life of me I couldn't tell you what month though). I primed this thing many months and a whole other apartment ago, so it's nice to finally get to it. I had spent too long looking at the figure trying to decide colors without making any progress, so I just started throwing paint at different sections. Though unorthodox it did work, I now have a basic color scheme and can begin moving forward.
  14. Rat13

    Happy Birthday Rat13 !

    Thanks, it ended up being a pretty good birthday. My wife actually let me get away with doing nothing for it this year. I did however get to paint for quite a bit yesterday, so I'd call it a great birthday.
  15. I considered just doing the front with the soot and grime, but I remembered it getting everywhere whenever we fired, especially if there was no wind.