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    Hobby wise I enjoy painting, basing, and a little terrain building. Outside of the hobby I like reading (especially tabletop systems even though I only play a few), writing (in my youth I had some talent, but time erodes all), and film work (before my daughter was born I was even forming a small film group in my area).

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  1. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Managed to get quite a bit done, and it looks like I'm on track to have finished models for tomorrow night's game. My Taurox and Sentinels (including the weapons I plan to use) were painted, washed, and sealed. I even managed to base the Sentinels and wash them. They may get dry brushed and flocked tonight too but I'll have to see how the night goes. Thinking about putting on a movie and periodically checking to see if the wash has dried. Though they're not Guard I also managed to assemble my wife's Daemons. They are of course from before my wife discovered the joys of the greenskins. I honestly assembled them just to prove to myself how difficult they are to do. In case you didn't know they're incredibly finicky and I doubt that they'll actually stay together. These models are just too thin and brittle; I don't even want to think about how to transport them short of an actual pluck foam case or magnetized bases.
  2. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Honestly other than the metal wire on the smaller pieces I hadn't even thought of using different magnetic materials. I got a ton of rare earth magnets so cheaply I didn't even think about how many I was using. Luckily I'm completely out of vehicles now and won't be buying anymore for awhile (which I do believe, right up to the point I find a great price on something in a bits/sprue bin) so I'll have plenty of time to think about this. Though this is something I better start thinking about as I do need to start assembling my wife's Ork army and I think she'll want a lot of vehicles, bikes, and suits.
  3. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Though I haven't posted an update in awhile that doesn't mean there hasn't been progress. The second Leman Russ and my first chimera were painted and sealed, along with the tank weapons and the mortar teams. Then progress halted a little, between sickness and the holidays but now I'm back at it. This past week I've been trying something new. I've been attempting to master magnetism. Though my Leman Russes can stay modular without magnets thanks to the tight weapon slots the other vehicles aren't so lucky. As with all new undertakings however the first one always looks pretty rough and this project is no exception. Though it looks like this project had no planning that's not the case, I guess I'm just cursed with rough first projects. I learned quite a bit though and I think the next project shows it. After trading some old warhammer blisters in for a couple sentinels I started work magnetizing them. I think the results speak for themselves, the magnets are more integrated into the model and they seem a lot sturdier. Tonight I even circled back and finished my Taurox as well. Though a couple places didn't come out great I believe it was simply a matter of the areas that needed magnets more than anything. The funny part is that I realized I magnetized options I'll never take seeing as I won't field a Taurox Prime. I just don't like the militarum tempestus.
  4. Rat13

    77594 Solar Angel

    Agreed, especially as everything else seems to have a miniature or at least a close equivalent.
  5. Rat13

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    I recently watched an Uncle Adam video where he discusses using only a few colors for ruins and old buildings. Not sure if that's the way you're going or not but it may be worth a watch. I don't have the link unfortunately.
  6. Rat13

    77594 Solar Angel

    Or Harvey Birdman. All jokes aside this looks great, I really like the eyes.
  7. Rat13

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish Warband

    I can't say anything for regular Frostgrave, but Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago is great. You may want to check out Song of Blades and Heroes too. It's cheap and easy to understand, so much so that even your nonwar gaming friends may like it too, I know mine did.
  8. Rat13

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish Warband

    That was a very welcome change. You must however be consistent with your bases, so he'll be locked into the square bases now.
  9. Rat13

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish Warband

    Looks like you've assembled a nice team. If this is your first time painting a unit/team the best suggestion is to find out what works for you. Obviously batch painting is the way to go but you'll have to figure out how many you can handle at once. I can only manage about four or five before I start making mistakes or forgetting to paint spots. Having just done an Ork kill team for my wife I'd recommend starting with the skin tones because when it comes to Orks that's probably the hardest decision. Seriously there are a ton of options for Ork flesh. Since I'll probably be painting an Ork army for my wife soon I look forward to seeing your progress on these. Seeing someone else's work is always helpful.
  10. Rat13

    A Year in Review (Pic Heavy)

    Though it may be a little early, I'm still fighting a cold and I doubt I'll get anymore painting done this year; so it's time to take a look at this year's progress. This also gives me a chance to show off the pieces I finished but never posted in the show off section (which is something I do a lot). This year I completed 75 miniatures, a Leman Russ tank, and numerous terrain projects, though we're not exactly talking about them in this post. That's quite an increase from last year's total of only thirteen painted miniatures. While I'm sure having a dedicated workstation and multiple batch projects boosted my numbers I think confidence was a bigger factor. Two years of learning through trial and error helped to lay a solid foundation which I think is really starting to show results. Without further ado I give you my yearly progress. And here's a picture of everything together.
  11. Rat13

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    A very fine conversion indeed.
  12. Rat13

    77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian

    You could always just do a regular human flesh tone and say all he got from the Orc side was his size.
  13. Rat13

    Familiars 2, Fire elemental

    Welcome to the forum. I'd probably keep both figures in the same thread but I'm notorious for that (I have a random things I'm painting thread that's been ongoing since I first joined the forum). Can't wait to see how these guys turn out.
  14. Rat13

    Sir Conlan

    Seconded, because I really like that shade.
  15. Rat13

    Orks for Christmas

    Thanks, I actually had some trouble keeping the colors varied with these figures. I guess going from Cadian guardsmen with a matching color scheme to Orks wasn't the best idea. I used the same dark purple on all the "armor", so even with mismatched clothing that one shared element gives a cohesive look to the squad. I guess Mad Max taught me more than I thought.