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  1. I like to use rattle can primer but that's not practical during the cold winter months. Last winter I was just starting to really get into painting, and I hadn't started using primer yet, so I didn't do any winter prep I just painted unprimed models during the cold months. Once I started priming my models I saw the difference that step can make though, so now it's a permanent part of my process. Since I prefer to use primer from a rattle can I knew I'd need to prep for the winter. As it stands I've got three vehicles, forty guardsmen, two shipping containers, a few terrain pieces, and around twenty random figures primed. This might be enough to see me through the cold months, this being the first year I've preprimed though I could be wrong. This got me wondering about other people's winter preparation though. If you use rattle can primer in an area that has winter, how much do you prime to see you through the winter?
  2. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    I waited a little too long to do my winter prime and the weather turned. Yesterday however I went to my brother's house to work on my car, basically just to check everything before inspection and winter, and I had the foresight to bring along all my assembled miniatures. Once we were finished going over the car I asked if I could prime a few things. Not only did he say yes but he provided a large piece of particleboard to use (instead of my flattened cardboard box which would have forced multiple batches). He even helped spray everything which really made it go fast. I'd like to say that with this, plus what I primed earlier I'll make it through winter but I wouldn't bet on it.
  3. Kind of cool to see something my buddy put in get pulled.
  4. Rat13

    A Few Cars for Gaslands

    I'm really digging the little hatchback, the weathering looks great on it.
  5. Rat13

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Very nice, is this going to be a new backdrop for pictures?
  6. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    I did end up working at my desk a little last night. It was mostly just prep work though, removing pieces from the sprue and cleaning mold lines. I did manage to mostly finish a Chimera, on its own though it didn't justify an update but here it is now. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to keep my Chimera modular so I put that on hold for a while and built infantry units instead. Though I should have decided what units I wanted to field from this box before building I've got a pretty good grasp on my codex's troop makeup rules, so I just winged it instead. Knowing that the addition of a few extra guardsmen will rectify any mistake also helped. So I ended up with four more grenade launchers, two sergeants, two vox casters, and eleven mooks. Aside from finishing my Chimera I have now finished my Cadian Defense Force box. Now comes the after build tasks, like updating my bits log with all the new additions, priming everything, painting everything, and finally creating a new army list. I know most people would have created a new list after deciding how to build the box but I'm intentionally waiting. I knew if I created a new list before finishing the painting my friend would be demanding I field the new army immediately. After finishing my starter army however I decided not to field unfinished miniatures again. It's not that anyone I play with has a problem with playing against unpainted models, I just don't want to field anything thats unfinished. Perhaps that's pride getting the better of me but I'm not going to field these pieces until they are painted and based. Depending on how distracted I get I may be fielding these in about a month or so though.
  7. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Yesterday instead of building or painting I played Kill Team. In the end it was a little like a teaching/demo game, which was odd because it put me in the position of teaching the game to a lifetime 40K player. Since they play 8th edition it wasn't hard for them to learn, I just thought it was funny that the guy who just got into the hobby and only has around four games under his belt was showing him the ropes. Though admittedly they understood and knew the game well and only occasionally needed help with a rule or mechanic. Against my better judgement I bought new dice right before the game and ended up rolling a lot better than usual. More surprising than that though was the fact that I actually won the game. This of course is my first win in the campaign I recently started playing. You may be wondering if this win will help me dig myself out of the current resource hole I find myself in. In lieu of an answer I present the following meme. Tonight I really dived into my Cadian box and managed to get quite a bit finished. First up was my command squad and though everything was off the sprue it still needed cleaning. Once that long process was over I assembled my command squad plus a new sniper. Even with my current sniper performing so badly I'm considering removing him not only from my Kill Team but my 40K army as well, I just couldn't resist assembling a sniper complete with cape/poncho. Once they were finished I started in on my Leman Russ. I think I'm getting faster at vehicle assembly because when I started everything was still on the sprue but by the time I finished for the night I had a mostly finished tank. I'll still need to assemble weapons and add the final touches but this tank is practically done. I guess familiarity with the model and knowing exactly which steps to ignore to keep it modular helped move things along. All in all not a bad nights progress.
  8. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    I actually have the current Guard codex but can't answer that question. I got it, read what was necessary for my Cadian army, and ignored the rest. I've always liked the different Guard "factions", for lack of a better word, but hated the prices. I'm not such a fan of GW prices to begin with but paying more just to play Catachans or Vostroyans seems wrong in a way. They're still equipped with the useless flashlights and die just as easily, so essentially you're paying more for a guardsman that is only cooler looking.
  9. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Agreed, the Cadians certainly got the better end of that deal. I have a friend playing the Tau that just bought a set of Catachans to create buff Tau. So I've seen some of the peripheral things that come off their sprues, on the one hand I get it but at the same time a part of me goes, "come on".
  10. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    My latest acquisition arrived today and I couldn't resist starting it, even though I had planned to finish painting my Leman Russ weapons. My Cadian Defense Force arrived and considering the discount I got on it I'm really pleased, though even at full retail it's a good box (well good by GW standards). I was surprised to find I somehow got an extra six large bases too, for a total of nine. I'm pretty sure I was only supposed to receive three as the box only gives you enough parts for three Heavy Weapon Teams. Oh well I'm sure I can find a use for them, especially since I have a ton of extra heavy weapons. I started the task of building the three heavy weapons teams first. I had never timed a build before and was surprised that it took three hours to remove just the necessary pieces from the sprue, clean the mold lines, and assemble six figures and three weapons. The kicker is half of the sprue is still filled with heavy weapons and bits that I didn't need, this box may take awhile. After three hours I do have three more mortars though, I'll definitely be fielding these soon. I'Im in love with this weapon, a 48 inch range that doesn't need line of sight, what's not to love? Once my mortars were assembled I then began removing the command squad from it's sprue. Even without cleaning the pieces it was still a lengthy process. Seriously it doesn't feel like my last box was that long ago, did I just forget how time consuming just assembly is?
  11. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    Though I still bounced around tonight, I managed to get a lot done with these figures. I'll admit tonight the bouncing was reduced and a little more manageable too. I may be settling back into painting individual figures again. I managed to get one dwarf fully painted and washed, the other's skin finished, and the kobold just needs finishing touches. It might not sound like a lot but it certainly seems that way after my previous train wreck session.
  12. Rat13

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Before I go any further with this project there is something I forgot to address in my last update. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find out the color of a Tau's blood. After searching the Internet in all the usual places for 40k information/lore I settled on a slightly brighter blue. While this seems to be supported by an old codex I'm still not positive that blue is the right color. The situation just strikes me as odd, I know the Tau have been around for quite awhile and even with GW encouraging different army paint schemes and the freedom to do your own thing you'd think somewhere there would be an official "approved" blood color. Oh well, I chose blue in the end and I thought I was done with that Tau head. I had even sealed it, but today it just didn't look right. That's when I realized I hadn't applied the Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade wash to the blood. So I applied a pretty liberal coating to the blood and now it seems to have the luminescent freshly spilled quality I originally wanted. So now it might actually be finished. The only other 40k progress I made was to apply burnt grass to my flamer's bases. Which finishes the final two Cadians I currently have on hand. Unless that Tau head needs further attention I'm officially finished with my Cadian army/kill team. Well finished until my latest purchase arrives.
  13. Managed to completely finish the smaller barrels. They're painted, assembled, and washed so they are finished. I thought about sealing them but decided not to, being painted with cheap craft paint had a lot to do with that. The decision may come back to haunt me but I seriously doubt it. I also managed to paint and assemble the larger barrels. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to apply a wash, but they'll probably be finished tomorrow. I'm still debating if I want to do punctured or leaking barrels with these. Thanks to my wife's hobby gear I do have access to a hot glue gun (for creating the ooze or industrial waste seeping/leaking out) but I think I like them as the simple barrels they are. I've also reached the point in the project where I think adding anything else will mess everything up. Guess I'll have to sleep on it.
  14. I assembled the last of my barrels and even began painting the smaller ones. I also finished the base coat on my first four and glued them together. They still need a dark wash but I'm pretty convinced they'll turn out great. On a side note this is the first time I've actually used my Sir Forscale to show the scale of something.
  15. Rat13

    Too many projects?!

    It looks like the Stormtroopers will be shelved for awhile while I learn to paint white armor. In the end they'll probably be stripped before trying again too, but these things happen. Once that was decided I had to find my next project. I started by sealing Sir Forscale, since I was sealing some 40K figures anyway. After that though I just couldn't find my next individual project. I have to admit I'm a little surprised at how difficult it is to return to regular painting after batch painting for so long. In the end I pulled three miniatures from my box that had been ignored for far too long. Rather than working on similar things (like the wood on all the figures) I just bounced around all over the place with no real progress. Guess I'll have to get used to painting one at a time again.