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  1. Inarah converts clix

    Add a couple of metal feathers to either side of the helmet you could get the Flash from another Earth (can't remember which one off the top of my head).
  2. This all looks great together. Are you planning to use that field size for squad based combat or a total war kind of battle?
  3. Inarah converts clix

    I am really digging that Flash/Rocketeer figure.
  4. I think your creation looks great and I love the way you based it. After your last post I hadn't realized you were so close to painting. I think the initial paint job is great, but if you decide to redo it I'll eagerly await the new paint job.
  5. Too many projects?!

    Well I got one more painting session in before the big move begins. I sat down intending to hit just a few spots on a couple of miniatures and that turned into an hour long session. I claimed my first four dwarves were done a while back with the exception of their shields. Surprisingly I was wrong, upon further inspection I had forgotten to paint their eyebrows. I corrected this mistake and changed one of the dwarves' grey beard to a black one, the grey just wasn't working. I painted the eyebrows of the final three and found yet another oversight. The final three didn't have their skull books/cases painted. Once I took care of that I can call them all finished, aside from attaching their shields. Speaking of shields I finally remembered to finish them today. I painted the steel rims, retouched the front, and painted the back's woodwork. I even gave the wood a dark wash which in retrospect may have been pointless once I've attached them. My musicians are also finished now. All that was really left to do was apply a dark wash to their wooden weapons. On the large horn player I decided to go with a darker wood which I think looks pretty good.
  6. Too many projects?!

    As of last night I am officially done DMing, at least for awhile. Hopefully I can get some of my backlog painted now. This will also hopefully put my miniature acquisitions on hold for awhile (which is good because I have a backlog of forty-seven blisters and most of them have three figures inside). Luckily the owner pulled out his second box of Warhammer blisters yesterday and I was able to get some new sculpts and unique pieces. On the Skaven front I picked up a Plague Monk Command, a Giant Rat Packmaster, Warp Fire Throwers, a Rat Ogre, and a different set of Plague Monk sculpts. Lastly I picked up a pack of Lizard Temple Guard Command for use in Ghost Archipelago. I'm looking forward to returning to D&D as a player again, fifteen straight sessions is tiring. I didn't realize how quickly DM fatigue can set in until I was running a hardcover that sucks. After Hoard of the Dragon Queen I may stick to running modules from now on. On a painting note, I think I mentioned before that at the end of the month I'll be moving and at the new place I'll have a dedicated painting station. That is something I am definitely looking foward to but has certainly affected my hobby motivation. Knowing that a dedicated workstation is so close has made the prospect of unpacking and repacking my supplies for a painting session feel more tedious than it really is. We'll just have to see what happens in the next couple weeks.
  7. It took a little Frankensteining but my first ramp is in place. I can admit even when I think I know what I'm doing the build proves me wrong. I thought the ramp had enough contact points to easily attach to the first platform. As you can see I was wrong. I built-up the bottom of the platform so I could add an additional piece of popsicle stick to better anchor the ramp in place. It doesn't look great, but it does work. If nothing else I have hopefully learned from this first ramp; which I sincerely hope because I have many more to go. I also cut out the small portion of my second platform that will attach to the main support. This time I was able to get a much tighter fit, so hopefully it'll attach better than the first platform. After testing the fit I glued the platform's supports on. I also glued together my second ramp, I may end up shortening this ramp but I'll have a better idea once the second platform is attached.
  8. Too many projects?!

    While I waited for the glue to dry on a couple pieces of my watchtower I painted a little. I only hit a couple areas but each figure is now closer to completion. I painted and washed all the hands and faces, I did the first coat of a beard, and I changed the color of a sash. I'm pretty happy with the progress of just a quick session. Today I used: Heart Throb Pink-09600 (I redid the sash in this color) Dirty Bone-09271 (I mixed this with the pale saffron to do the first coat of a beard) Pale Saffron-29809 Scholar Flesh-09444 Flesh Wash-09253
  9. Today I worked on getting my first platform in place. I started by testing it out at different heights with my first ramp and eventually decided to keep it fairly low. Once the height was decided I made a small square cut in the platform. The idea was simple enough, I was going to apply a little glue before putting the support and platform together. Unfortunately my cut was just a little too big so I wasn't going to get that tight fit. I knew the platform would need supports even if the fit of the platform and main support had been better. So I cut a couple of small supports from my dowel and glued them to the platform. I glued the platform and the main support together as best as I could but knew I would need more. So I used a few of my smaller popsicle sticks to glue the platform's supports to the main support. I also began work on the main platform's railings. They won't be needed for awhile but I wanted to try some different designs before I committed. These use pieces of toothpick to separate the top and bottom rails but I think small pieces of the dowel or popsicle sticks may look better. So far it looks a little weird but it's not terrible. Besides I can always say that's the look I was going for.
  10. Recently I started playing Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago so my need for terrain has increased. One particular scenario in the rulebook caught my creative attention. It calls for a watchtower, so I figured I'd try my hand at building one. For the record this will be my first piece of terrain. I wasn't sure how I was going to build this piece and what exactly I was going to use. I remembered I had a leftover square "dowel" from when I built measurement sticks for Song of Blades and Heroes and I figured they would make pretty good supports for my tower. After deciding to use the dowel it didn't take much thought to realize I was going to make this piece out of toothpicks and popsicle sticks. Now I had to make a decision, would I build a ladder or a series of ramps? If I understand the rules of the game carrying a treasure halves your movement, climbing also halves your movement, and they stack. So if there is a treasure at the top of the tower (which the scenario calls for) it'll take a couple turns to climb down. With this in mind I opted for a series of ramps and platforms instead (my failed attempt at making a siege ladder also reinforced this idea). My watchtower so far. My failed attempt at a ladder. The platforms I decided to go with. The first ramp. I originally lumped this project in with my regular painting thread but I thought it deserved it's own thread (it is terrain after all), so here it is.
  11. Gaslands terrain

    Your terrain looks great, I especially love how your walls turned out, I may even end up making similar walls. Looking at all the different pieces has me curious though, how many cars do you have prepped and ready? I ask because every piece seems to have a different car for scale reference.
  12. Intro and W.I.P.

    This looks great, especially for your first miniature. One thing you may want to try next time with chainmail is to first paint it black and then lightly dry brush the silver/metallic. The Learn to Paint kit teaches that and after trying it once I'm a believer.
  13. Too many projects?!

    This month is shaping up to very busy, with a baby shower and moving to a new apartment, I'm not sure how much time I'll get to paint. Knowing that a dedicated painting area is only a few weeks away is also affecting my hobby motivation. This unfortunately isn't a painting update but a collection update. Last Saturday I DMed a session of D&D and with my store credit I added to my already gigantic backlog. Remember when I said I wanted to finish "most" of my backlog before I bought new figures? I ended up with five blisters of Dark Elf Crossbowmen, a Dark Elf Command, a Dark Elf Cold One Knight's Standard, and an Orc Boarboy Standard Bearer. The shop owner told me he had more of these Warhammer blisters in the back that he'd find and put out. I'm hoping they're out for my last session next week because he is currently out of Skaven and Dark Elves.
  14. Too many projects?!

    The last few days I've been working on my watchtower instead of painting. I'll probably make a thread for it in terrain, it just doesn't really fit here, even though it's one of my ongoing projects. Today I made some real progress on the painting front. All the axes got a wash of Pure Black on their hafts and the beards got painted. I didn't have the drive to finish them all at once, but I was able to finish four of them today. These of course were the ones that already had their faces and shield hands painted. My musical dwarves also got a few touch ups, but I didn't really make much progress. My game plan going forward is to finish the last three generic dwarves before returning to my marksmen. I'm a little burnt out on dwarves at the moment.
  15. My First Truly "Finished" Miniature

    I agree, with a conversion like this I didn't want to stray from the actual color scheme though. I'm still at that stage of learning that I know I would have messed up the color scheme if I tried to darkline things. If I ever do Cadiens again I will try that though. Thanks everyone, I didn't think anyone would actually like such a crazy conversion. I think I would have enjoyed this a lot more had I not been so pressed for time. I actually just got home from the party and I can report that my friend loved it.