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  1. While Bones don't *need* primer. It will certainly make your life easier. Liner first or badger stynylrez primer (brushed or airbrushed) will make the whole project less finicky. Its worth the extra step IMO. Have to do it? No. Should you? Yes.
  2. Finally making more progress here. Minis are done. It's really just details of the terrain at this point.
  3. 14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    Not the reaper forum exchange. I'm work on a much more involved piece for that. Devious Dungeons facebook group exchange.
  4. Basilisk

    That looks great! I really like the face.
  5. 14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    A little gift for somebody
  6. Guildball Stoker

    Thanks! Greyscale is a great tip!
  7. Shadow Edge Minis tufts

    I just got some in. They're fantastic. I used them on this guy yesterday:
  8. Guildball Stoker

    First attempt at OSL. Guildball model "Stoker".
  9. 77492: Behir

    Woohoo Facebook group photo too! Thanks for the love!
  10. 77492: Behir

  11. 77492: Behir

    Woohoo on the retail page too. Thanks! It worked out well I think.
  12. 77492: Behir

  13. Ya, I've read over that before. I was still per hesitant that he was just repackaging some generic lower grade kolinksy brushes but he assured me that he's not. They hand tailor the design, use premium hair, and he supposedly hand quality checks each brush from the factory. There's even a video of him doing it. If that's the case, then we just have incredibly different standards on an acceptable brush. I would think I was being unreasonable if I wasn't used to my R&C and comparing them to those. They cost roughly the same but the initial point isn't even remotely as sharp and it doesn't hold a point at all - 4 out of 4 brushes like that.