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  1. Wow, thats incredible. Lovely job on the painting and good work to the sculptor !
  2. Nice idea! Volume of work is the key to making progress in bettering most creative disciplines anyway. The more the merrier!
  3. Great job! Classic color scheme done very well. He's sitting on my shelf as one of my soon projects.
  4. Very fun little scene! I like the monochromatic very much!
  5. Turned out fantastic, you should be very proud!
  6. He turned out fantastic. What a great little project!
  7. Thinking some magnification would be worth looking at. Has anybody used something like this, its only $15? Suggestions?
  8. Started Goldar last night. Using him as a excuse to practice a few things. He's the first model I sat down and removed as many mold lines as possible. He'll mainly be used to practice muscles and skin tone shading. Also, I'm going to try NMM on his weapon and shoulder armor. Because of that, I opted to do his whole boots as leather even though they probably should be armor - they will end up two different tones of leather though. I didn't want to try them NMM yet and it would look weird doing them metallic and the rest NMM. Any tips for NMM or the skin tones on him would be welcome. I'm using the tanned skin triad. Just the basecoat done so far.
  9. Good gracious, amazing. Really fantastic work. I'm constantly blow away by the level of artistry on the forum.
  10. They turned out fantastic, nice job!
  11. Stupid me bought the wrong thing. I thought it was just acrylic medium that would be appropriate for glazing, it wasn't. Oh well. Lesson learned.
  12. Ug. Layering up went terrible. I tried to glaze it with new acrylic matte medium and it came out super cloudy and it's just a complete CF now. Going to strip and restart. Not sure why the medium did that, I shook the hell out of it. Should it be clear or milky when it comes out? Awesome thanks for the tips.
  13. I'd be over the moon. The face looks great.
  14. Skin wash down, now to work up through the layers.
  15. Any suggestions of specific reaper colors for NMM steel?
  16. Good link! I didn't find it earlier when searching, thanks!
  17. Hmm ok. The one posted is just a 3x and is a cheap chinese one. Finding a lighted Optivisor seems to be expensive.
  18. I sent a PM in, but it still shows unread. Did you get it?
  19. Wow! That really enhanced the scene well. Kicked it up several notches.
  20. What novel is this?
  21. This whole WIP is so inspiring. Such amazing work. The scene will be quite epic when complete.
  22. I just can't get behind zombies as being scary. I mean, its a slow moving, mindless creature. Just take a few steps backward and lock some doors people. Some of the Cthulhu stuff has been around awhile and could definitely reach an elevated status:
  23. Well now I won't sleep, thanks for that.
  24. Wow! Thats outstanding. Sooooo smooth. You nailed the skins. Which triad for the skin?