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  1. Assembly on this Thief of Hearts model from Dark Sword. The part for the wings does not fit in the hole well. It's slighty too tall, but the hole is much too wide. I was thinking of timing the height of the tab on the wing to fit, but filling the hole with greenstuff to press the wing tab in for a tight fit... Thoughts?
  2. Wiz Kids Dire Wolf

    Quick paint job as a for my kids Hero Kids crawl this weekend. Easy but a lot of fun. Reference pics of wolves and wolves with bloody faces for the win.
  3. 77163: Male Storm Giant

    This was a fun one. Tried a new technique for the skin and leather and I liked it. Kept the armor simple because I didn't want the focus there.
  4. Filling gap

    Do I glue this first and then try to fill the gap or put some green stuff down in there and left it squeeze put some?
  5. Boardgames - suggestions please

    LOL thats really evil. Here's a description of my card in a langauge you don't understand. Better yet, lets play Dixit where you have to use interpretive dance to describe your card.
  6. Boardgames - suggestions please

    Zombie Dice is an easy and fast paced push your luck game. I'll second ( or third or fourth it seems) Ticket to Ride, but it would make make for boring game when you can't really sit around and chat while you do it. Its kind of a long term planning game and all the 'stuff' happens at the end. I'd go for something more action orientated where there's lots of language agnostic excitement and enthusiasm .
  7. Crusader

    Wow that looks amazing! Great job on the red!
  8. Wiz Kids Dire Wolf

    I like hero kids overall. The kids are having fun. We are two sessions in. Mine are 6 & 9. My kids are super imaginative though and love pretending. I wish it had a leveling system though. I'm going to add one in by letting them increase their dice periodically when they "level up".
  9. Wiz Kids Dire Wolf

    Thanks! I thought so. It's a surprise boss for the kids dungeon crawl, they'll be crazy excited when I put it on the board.
  10. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    This is my experience at my FLGS too, they're excited about the perceived level of detail.
  11. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Surprisingly well for fighting off a griffon.
  12. Gandalf Mouse

    Wow! His fur is absolutely fantastic! Great job.
  13. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    These are looking fantastic. Would love some knowledge on how you did the bases.
  14. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I had that griffon...my dog chewed it up. So sad. Its a very nice sculpt though.
  15. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I've done several of them. My opinion: Some of them have absolutely terrible mold lines, especially around the faces. Cleaning the lines off around faces is difficult. The details on faces , particularly eyes are terrible on the humanoids. The minis absolutely need to be washed or the paint doesn't stick to the primer. I can't put thin coats on similar to a bones paint for the first layer. It beads up, the primer is very slick. I *love* their orc scuplts - thats one in my profile pic. I've decided I like them for non-humans and will wait for humans till their eyes and faces get sorted. They just released a bunch more so I'm hoping they're better. My LFGS carries their full line so I just picked up a nice looking dire wolf last night for my kid's Hero Kids campaign.
  16. Trying a new technique - zenithal highlight, then wash, then white drybrush and very thin glazes. So far I like. Feels very paint by number though lol
  17. 77163: Male Storm Giant

    Almost done. The silver armor doesn't photograph well under that light. If I like him enough I'll get out the photo setup when finished. Really just the sword left and a few bits of detail work.
  18. 77163: Male Storm Giant

    Thanks! I like to think I"m progression! Ok Leather done (except the upper strap by his chest..i dont like that bit but didn't notice till this pic)
  19. Townsfolk: Village Rioter

    I like the color choice. Orange is underrated. Tends to be used for fire but little elsewhere.
  20. Dragons bust WIP

    Is there any chance this bust is available for purchase anywhere?
  21. Dragons bust WIP

    I like them black too. But some significant bits of ivory would go well too.
  22. Dragons bust WIP

    Wow thats looking fantastic!
  23. Secret Sophie 2017 - Mouse's Contribution - HELP

    Red looks good, I'd think a a touch of white at the base or very light yellow would help