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    Vastaryous done

    VASTARYOUS done. Act 1 of S&S also done Hope you like, have a great summer!
  2. peepster1976

    Vastaryous S&S

    WiP, my vastaryous dragon from the Sword&Sorcery board game. Based on the big reaper bones 3 dragon on this forum.... Tail needs to become a bit darker... But happy with the color tones in the different heads and necks. C&C more than welcome... Grtzz
  3. peepster1976

    Vastaryous S&S

    And done!!!
  4. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Finally DONE!!
  5. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Thx guys, much appreciated......after 1 week still very much in luv with my own mini
  6. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544

    Almost done... Just the snow and some painting details... Really liked the model, and is 1 of the main reasons I backed bones 3...the posture was tough, I liked that a lot. One of my first serious attempt of NMM, very happy with it. Unfortunately Tha backside if the axe is better than the front.... A well... Hope u like. Edit: icicles are from train-model building sets. Translucent plastic, and I sprayed a bit of white on the base of the icicle.
  7. peepster1976

    Frost Giant 77544

    Tis one..
  8. peepster1976

    Dwarf brewer, bones 3

    Dwarf with his beer, from bones 3. Nice model to paint... Twas something in between
  9. peepster1976

    77460, Pigs best friend

    was a nice mini to paint! C&C welcome
  10. peepster1976

    Death figure Bones 3

    An nice death figure I use in S&S, an ares game. Really nice bone 3 model!
  11. peepster1976

    Lady Knight

    Another attempt on NMM! LIKED the miniature alotta! And because of my daughters I'm now painting more female miniature which I have done at all.. Happy with the result. Still big fan of the Bones 3 mini's
  12. peepster1976

    Volkor character S&S

    Volkor ready, one of the kickstarter characters. Wanted a golden look of the draconic mini, a practic for bigger models, very happy how it turned out, just as planned so to say. Base colors with airbrush.. And that an attempt for glazing. C&C welcome
  13. peepster1976

    Cobra Bones 3

    Cobra finished, liked the model alotta, so it moved up on the "to-do ladder". It's 90% airbrush, just started using one, so very happy with it. Base is from scibor
  14. peepster1976

    NMM first attempt

    First Attempt at NMM. Watched some videos on Youtube, but i find it difficult where to put the "reflections" on the gold, aka where and how much, do i put the white. plzz advice. Colour used white middlestone, Vallejo air Dark earth, vallejo air burnt umber, vallejo air carroburg crimson, citadel shade I use vallejo air, because i like the waterys viscosity of the paint. I can wetblend with it on the model. Just started with Airbrush, so i try to basecolour as much as posible with airbrush
  15. peepster1976

    Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

    D&D is a long time ago..... S&S Is really good, My group is enjoying it big time!
  16. peepster1976

    Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

    Started painting the core set heroes of Sword&Sorcery, very nice dungeon crawler. Hope u like it!
  17. Changing picture forums. And since I am enjoying the KS bones 3 alot! And backing Bones 4... Reaper is the logical choice, so i would like to share some miniature painting, some old and new, of mine her. Thx for your C&C. Big fan of the work from Tabletop world....
  18. peepster1976

    Mina Splinterheart (ReaperCon Exclusive)

    Very very nice paint job! Excellent the colorful clothes is fitting for a pirate! Gonna read/watch it more often, thx for the additionele painting lesson! Grtzz